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MS G 459

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the National Library

G 459


17th cent. Paper. 20 × 14cms. 68 pp. with scribal pagination. Scribe: Conchabhar Ó Luinín, 1676 (p. 65 , same scribal date on p. 31 ), under which is written 'aon do leabhraibh Stiabhna RÍghis arna sgriobhadh leis fein san mbliadhuin 1719'; hand throughout the manuscript is, nevertheless, Ó Luinín's.

Bound in half-leather with Rossmore book-plate affixed inside front cover and 'Rossmore Library Monaghan' in ink; relevant printed slip from O' Reilly sale-catalogue (signed 'Rossmore') affixed on endpaper; slip bearing '26' (number in sale-catalogue) on p. 1 . edges in first 16 pages frayed causing loss of text in some; much discolouring in first half; subtraction of dates in 17th cent, and other numbers on 65 .


1 'A nainm Dé.' Eachtra MHIC AN IOLAIR SUNN (in hand of E O' Reilly?). Beg. Rí ro ghabh flaitheas ⁊ forlamhus for chríochaibh na Sorcha go sonnradhach feacht naill .i. Risdeard mhac Seón mic Matúfuil. Ends (65 ) air féin et ar an Sorcha go coitchionn o sin amach. 'Gonadh ui sin eachtra Mhic an Iolair ⁊ feall Ridire an Gaisgidh air a dearbratair go nuighe sin. Finis. Conchabhar O Luinín 1676.\' \'Ag sin duit a Thordhealbhaigh Ui Gábhan', 28 , low. marg. Pp 66-8 blank.