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MS G 34

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in National Library of Ireland

G 34

Irish Glossary

17th cent.? Paper. ff.[I]+86+[2]. 14.5×9.5 cms. with some folios of lesser dimensions (see ff. 27, 37, 42, 53, 55, 72, 73). There is neither subscriptio nor date in the ms. but the hand—which is a good one—appears to be 17th cent. and Phillipps Catalogue (no. 9747) classifies it as such. The watermark—a shield charged with a lion rampant crowned and surmounted by a cross crosslet—does not appear in Heawood, Watermarks in Paper, 1950.

The ms. was at one time the property of Henri Mac an tSaoir who wrote on the inner margin of fol. I : Ag so leabhar Henri mic An tsaoír 1790. Bound in half-leather (Bretherton ligavit 1850 inside front cover), the words Ms. Expositor Verborum Hibernice are gilt-lettered on the spine. There is one blank leaf after the front cover (there were two but only a portion of one of them now remains) and two before the back cover. Inside the front cover the following is written : The printed no. is in the Catal. of Mss. at the no. on a leaf once in this book underneath which is Phillipps MS. 9747. The following numbers G. 3/3/0, 731 appear on the fragment of the second fly-leaf and again on fol. I. The foliation is scribal.

The Glossary contained in this ms. does not appear to be a direct derivative of any single extant glossary but its relationship to O'Clery's is closer than to any other. It would appear to have been used by Edward O'Reilly in his ms. supplement to O'Clery's printed version contained in G 33 supra.


1 IRISH GLOSSARY. Headed (in later hand) Expositor. Begins Abadh .i. trosgadh fileadh ría náoir. Ends fol. 86v uaighréir .i. réir iomlán. Cf. T.C.D. H. 4.18 for a later (1766) copy of this glossary.