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MS G 201

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the National Library

G 201


17th cent. Paper. 110 ff. The volume consists of two fragments of two different manuscripts, first fragment (ff. 1-73) 9.5×7cms, second (ff. 74-110 [scribal 1-41, mostly faint, with ff. 21, 32, 33 now missing]) 8.5 × 7 cms. Scribes unidentified. A one-time owner recorded his owner­ship (of first fragment only ?) on f. 66v: 'Brian Ó Cairbre is muisd[ir] don leabúr so gan bhréig'. Scribblings on ff. 30v, 79v upper margins. Edges of opening folios of first fragment (medical material) worn causing loss of text, writing faded in several places in second fragment (historical material).

Bound in white half-vellum with marbled endpapers and six blank leaves after front cover and before back cover; 'Materia Medica. Annals. Poem' and '20' labelled on spine. Formerly Robert Mac Adam and Bishop Reeves collections (sale-catalogue no 847). Comyn ms 20.


1 r Materia Medica. Acephalous. Beg. here [Cinamonium .i. in cainel te from G 11, p. 22a] sa 3. ceim7 [tirim] sa [2. ceim]. As mor cal- maigios an dileaghadh ⁊ comhfurtachtaighios an croidhe. Breaks off f. 73v with Salvia .i. an saitsi . . . Urbuith air fion ⁊ foiridh an tsean- casachtach followed by catchword Saluna corresponding to G 11, p. 61b. Contains 163 articles in less expanded form than the older usual copies, for which see above, fasc. i. p. 71. Several of the articles in the present copy have English titles in the margins.

74 r(lr) Genealogy. Headed 'Craobhscaoileadh Sleachta Neachtain Ui Dhomhnaill ó Neachtain anuas'. Beg. Neachtain mac Toirrdhealbhaigh an Fhíona Righ Chenel cConaill, inghean Néill Mhoir Ui Neill mathair an Neachtain sin. Ceithre meic dheg aige Rudhraighe agus Toirrdheal- bhach Cairbreach da ri Chenel cConuill. inghean Uí Chathain mathair Rudhraighe. Cf. The O Clery Book of Genealogies, ed. Séamus Pender, Analecta Hibernica (1951) no. 18, p. 9, art. 121. The cor­respondence, however, ends f. 75v (=op. cit., p. 10, art. 129) and is here followed (f. 75) by genealogy of Conn son of Toirrdhealbhach Cairbreach and the complete pedigree (f. 76v) of his descendant Aodh Buidhe mac Cuinn. This is immediately followed (f. 77v. 4) by a list of the kings of Ireland, their regnal years and obits, from Niall Naoighiallach to Míl Easbáine, finally tracing the latter's descent to Adam. Ends f. 85v. 3. Remainder of page blank.

86 r(14r) 'Dubhthach Óg O Duibhgeanáin.' Leanam croinic Clann Dalaigh. 42 + 43 qq. Endsf. l00r m. Remainder of page and f. l00v blank.

101 rm (30rm; space left for heading ?) List of Ó Domhnaill chiefs ('Do thighearnaibh Chloinne Dalaigh annso,' f. 101vi) with summary account of their rule and year of death (1207-1537) preceded by annalistic entries concerning some of their ancestors. Beg. Conall Gulban mac Neill Noíghiallaigh ó ttad Cenéll Conaill do mharbhadh la seantuathaibh Maighe Slecht . . . aois Chriost an tan sin 464. Breaks off f. 110v (41 v) with O Domhnaill .i. Aodh Og mac Aodha Ruaidh meic Neill Ghairbh meic Toirrdhealbhaigh an Fhiona (f. 110ri) . . . ⁊ don tír thoir mar an ceadna .i. Clann Aodha Buidhe ⁊ an Rúta ⁊ (. . . re . . .).