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MS G 17

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in National Library of Ireland

G 17

Forus Feasa ar Éirinn

17th cent. Paper. 31.8 × 20 cms. Pp. [8]+258+[18]. Scribe : Eóghan Ó Caoimh who wrote the ms. in the year 1696 for Donnchadh Óg mac Donnchaidh . . . í Mhathghamhna at Cathair Dhá Dhamh (p. 239 ) now Caherdaha, West Muskerry, Co. Cork. Scribal entries indicate that he began to transcribe it on the 24th June, 1696 (p. 7 ) and he finished it on the 22nd September of the same year (p. 239 ) ; scribal entries in Latin occur on pp. 141 , 221 . The scribal pagination, 1-214, begins on p. 25 of the modern pagination (i.e. at the beginning of Part I). Errors in the scribe's numbering occur at pp. 85 , 88 , 145 , the subsequent pages being numbered 85 , 90 , 145 respectively. A modern pencilled pagination has been adopted in the present catalogue. The two fragmentary items on pp. 247 , 257 in the handwriting of Edward Llwyd (Lhuyd) show that the ms. was in his possession and the following note in Welsh in his hand appears at the foot of p. 122 : Hyn a arverir etto yn ycheldir Pryden [A° 1703], 'This is still used in the Highlands of Scotland' ; at the top of p. 123 is another note in the same hand : velhy etto yn yr ycheldir, 'thus again in the Highlands.'

The ms. is bound in leather which is worn away in some parts. There are four unnumbered blank leaves after the front cover and nine before the back cover and there is evidence that a certain number of leaves has been cut or torn away at the front and at the back. Phillipps MS. 6461 is written on the first blank page. The ms. was in the possession of Charles Vallancey and the following note in his hand is pasted on the inside of the front cover : In the name of God Almighty Amen 24 June 1696. The History of Ireland by Seathrún Ceating or Keeting—priest and Doctor of Divinity of Ireland. This is the original Keating by which I detected many interpolations in O'Connor's Translation. C.V.

Marginal notes in Vallancey's hand appear on pp. 37 , 44 , 48 , 59 , 62 , 63 , 99 , 105 . See G 117 for another copy of this text written by the same scribe in 1694.


1 - 5 List of kings of Ireland from Slainge mac Deala to Rughrí Ó Conchubhair.

6 Blank.

7 Séathrún Céitinn. FORUS FEASA AR ÉIRINN. An Eipistil chum an léaghthóra, p. 7 . Liber Primus, p. 25 (1). Liber Secundus, p. 141 (117). Genealogies, p. 222 (197). See ed. Dinneen, I.T.S. vols. iv, viii, ix, xv.

239 Scribal colophon :Ag sin críoch an leabhair so arna sgríobhadh lé hEóghan Ó Caoimh ar furáliomh Dhonnchaidh Óig mhic Donnchaidh mhic Conchúbhair mhic Donnchaidh mhic Seain mhic Conchúbhair Dhuibh mhic Dómhnaill mhic Diarmada mhic Seain mhic Diarmada Óig mhic Diarmada Móir í Mhathghamhna. Et as é uair fár chríochnaigh mé an leabhar so an 22 Iá do September san bhliadhain d'aois Chríost 1696 a cCathair Dhá Dhamh. Sirim ar gach léaghthóir mo leisgéal do ghabháil tré gach dearmad ⁊ tré gach drochsgríbhinn dá bhfuil san leabhar so do bhrígh gur luas Iáimhe ⁊ easbhaidh eólais as cionntach riú.

240 Cathán Ó Duinnín. Headed Duain Chatham ann so. Beg. Eisdig ré coímhneas bhúr ccath, 125 qq. Genealogical poem on the descent of the Uí Eachach.

247 VOCABULA CANTABRICA HIBERNICIS ET BRITANNICIS CONSONA. Fragment (the letter A) of a list of comparable Basque and Celtic words by Edward Llwyd. He marked out the nine following pages (248-256) for this list, but except for 8 entries under B and one under G the rest is blank.

257 A description by Edward Llwyd of a ms. (apparently B.M. Harl. 5280).

258 Blank.