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MS G 13

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in National Library of Ireland

G 13

Medical (fragment)

16th cent. Vellum 30 × 22 cms. A bifolium badly stained and mutlilated at corners with illegibility and loss of text, apparently the outer leaves of a gathering. Scribe unidentified. Written in double column. The average number of lines to the page is 48. Bound in brown boards. Formerly Phillipps MS. 17706 and listed in his Catalogus under 'MSS. Ex Bibl. variis'.

This is a fragment of a commentary on some Aphorisms of Hippocrates, containing 11 aphorisms mainly dealing with various imposthumes.

Begins here...f tan bis fo na maethanaibh fre<...> Galen cuigi sin. Breaks off bis ar mirag muna fa hadhbal mor hi gurob lugha.

(Revised description of contents by Aoibheann Nic Dhonnchadha, 2003)


[1]r. [Commentary on LIBER PRONOSTICORUM HIPPOCRATIS CUM COMMENTO GALENI, Part 1.] Acephalous. Beg. here (in commentary on Acuta exisdente pasione collectio si afuerit in ypocondriis, RIA MS 452 (23 P 10 i), p. 7a37) [Gidh eadh] ainm[nigid] na [leagha n]ua [. . .] dona nescoid[ib] amail ata nescoid 7 an uair (f. 2ra1) [= Liber pronosticorum diuini Hippocratis (Venice 1483), f. 55ra23]. Breaks off (in commentary on Putredo ea laudatur que alba est 7 equaliter per totum 7 cetera, f. 1va35) with f. 1v do naduir maillerisan cuis doni e amail ata comtromacht g [. . .] [= Liber pronosticorum, f. 56va55]. 12 chapters comprising commentary on Part 1.33 (acephalous), 34 and 35 combined, 36 and 37 combined, 38-43, 44 (conflated with 45), 45 (conflated with 44), 46 (incomplete). Corresponds to RIA 452, pp. 7a49-11a19 (with Latin lemmata, cited in full in RIA manuscript, abbreviated here). Order of leaves: 2r, 2v, 1r, 1v.