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MS 5

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Mount Melleray Abbey Co. Waterford

MS 5


[p. 18]

19th cent. Paper. 20-20.5 × 15.5-16 cm. Pp. 164, scribal pagination 29-194; 69 and 77 also numbered 70 and 78 respectively; numbers 112-19 repeated in later hand; for missing pages see below. Scribe: Micthael Úo Cronín (Michael Cronin?) (pp. 118 , 130 ), Gortnaleaha [par. Ballymacelligott, bar. Trughanacmy, Co. Kerry] (see below). Watermark 1819.

Bound in full cloth. ‘Irish manuscripts’ in gold on spine. Two endpapers front and back. Stamp of Mount Melleray Library inside front cover and on versos of second front and back endpapers. First front endpaper, recto: ‘L-436’ (stamped) and title ‘The Key-Shields of the Mass by Rev. Geoffrey Keating D.D.’ Apparently gathered in fours (confirmation occasionally impeded by binding): gatherings missing front and back; vi wants additional leaf (pp. 71-2) between 1 and 2, with loss of text. 16-20 lines; catchwords. Small hole: (1) pp. 69-70 (between lines 17 and 18) without loss of text; (2) pp. 89-90 (line 10) with loss of some letters. Stab holes.

Notes and jottings: (a) 30.8-9. Repetition of words from text. (b) 31, upper margin. Traces of erased writing. (c) 35.7-8. ‘[? Holy] Shilling [? stealing].’ (d) 53.13. Scribbling. (e) 57, upper margin. ‘A’ repeated, and scribbling. (f) 57, lower margin. ‘P’ and ‘e’ repeated. (g) 59.4. ‘[...] Cronin of [? Gortnaleaha]’ partly erased. (h) 61, outer margin, transversely. ‘Timothy Cronin of Gurtnaleha.’ (i) 87, lower margin, inverted. ‘Concluded.’ (j) 89, upper margin. ‘Timothy Cronin of Gurtnaleha.’ (k) 95, lower margin. ‘a’ and ‘g’ repeated. (l) 101, lower margin. ‘John.’ (m) 105, upper margin, inverted. ‘John [? Cronin].’ (n) 120, upper margin. ‘John Croni[n] / JJ.’ (o) 124.4-6, interlinear, inverted. ‘[...] [? Cronin] / Cr.’ (p) 126, outer margin. ‘John Cronin of / John Cronin of Gurthnalehy’ repeated upper and lower margins. (q) 127, lower margin, inverted. ‘John Cronin Gurtnalehy.’ (r) 127, upper margin. ‘John Cronin of Gurthnalehy.’ (s) 128, outer margin, transversely. ‘James Cronin.’ (t) 130 , outer margin, transversely. ‘Michael Cronin / Cronin.’ (u) 134, lower margin. ‘John Cronin.’ (v) 135, lower margin. ‘a i s’ and repeated letters ‘e’ and ‘g’. (w) 138, outer margin, transversely. ‘John Cronin / John Cronin of Gurtnaleahee.’ (x) 138, upper margin and lines

[p. 19]

1-2 (interlinear). Scribbling. (y) 144, outer and upper margins and continued on p. 145 upper margin. ‘Demand I promise to paiy [sic] / John Cronin the sum / of 50 pounds.’ (z) 144.5, inverted. ‘auld.’ (aa) 144, lower margin. Scribbling. (bb) 145, lower margin. ‘ia’ repeated. (cc) 164, lower margin. ‘John Cronin.’ (dd) 168, upper margin. ‘Cronin.’ (ee) 170, upper margin. ‘John Cronin of Gurthnalehy farmer’, repeated p. 171 upper margin. (ff) 172, outer margin, transversely. ‘John Cronin.’ Jotting (t) possibly scribal.


29. [EOCHAIRSCIATH AN AIFRINN.] Beg. acephalous mar aon re pcanaibh [sic]; ionan san re a radh;do dhean iodhbart do bhuaidhibhdo phocanaibh dhuit (corresponds to P. O'Brien (ed.), Eochair-sgiath an aifrinn (Dublin 1898) 32.29-30). Breaks off (p. 194) ⁊ an tan do bhi aga ttarrigsin do: go labairsionn go tuirseach truadhmhealacha[dubhairt] (corresponds to ed. O'Brien, 111.21-2). (Scribal signatures: p. 118 , lower margin, ‘Micthael Úo Cronín ann so siash mar [...]’; possibly also p. 130 , see above.) Lacuna in text between pp. 70 and 73 (see above) corresponds to ed. O'Brien, 52.17-53.18.