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MS 16

Additions to the collection of Irish manuscripts at Mount Melleray abbey

Éigse 30 (1997 [1998]) 92-108

MS 16


[p. 106]

19th cent. Paper. 17 × 10.5 cm. Pp. 146, numbered (in pencil) 71- 142, 1-70 (skipping two pages between 67 and 68, and two pages after 70 (now numbered 70a and 70b); see below). Scribe: Minnie Prendergast (Pender) (pp. 18, 25 , 73 ), Salterbridge (p. 18) and Monovougga (p. 25), Co. Waterford, 1887 (p. 25), 1888 (pp. 73, 132, 137, 140).

Bound in boards (taken from ‘Commissioners of National Education Fourth Reading Book’) with crude cloth spine. Four gatherings of eighteen (pp. 70a-70b a singleton), gatherings i-ii misbound after iv; chasm between gatherings iii and iv. Machine-ruled, 14 lines. Irish script pp. 52-9, 65-79; phonetic script pp. 35-7.

Notes and jottings: (a) 19. Pencil-drawing of three women. (b) 22.9-10, interlinear. ‘Bridget Doyle Kildare.’ (c) 26. Geometric pencil-drawing of flower. (d) 26, lower margin, inverted. ‘Tri aois an tiomaire criac ó theacht na dile go deire an domhan 656 years.’


1. ‘Englishman Irishman Scotchman.’ An Englishman an Irishman and a Scotchman too one day. 8 stt., st. 2 defective.

[p. 107]

5.8. ‘The exiles return.’ Sons of old green isle pay attention for a while. 7 stt.

8.9. ‘Patrick Brady.’ My name is Patrick Brady I was born of a high degree. 7 stt. 10.11. ‘Isabella the barber's [MS barrers] daughter.’ When you hear my ditty. 8 stt.

15. ‘Little Jane and her Brother.’ Come little folks attend to me. 24 stt. ‘Minnie Prendergast / Salterbridge / Cappoquin / Co. Waterford / Ireland’ (pencil).

19. ‘Oro pro nobis: Song Piccolomini.’ Out of the dark and dreary street. Breaks off with st. 1.

20. ‘A cure for the chin cough.’ Beg. 4d worth of the oil. Ends with page.

21. ‘Nuts to crack.’ Notes on word-games.

22.x. Poets who o'er nature rave. 8 stt. ‘C. Hemmings / Minnie Pender July 11th 87 / Monovougga / Mt Melleray Cappoquin.’

26. ‘Be thorought [sic].’ Whatsoever you find to do. 2 stt.

27. Sing, o [my?] tongue devoutly sing. 8 stt.

31. ‘A new song on the mother's lament for her children / Written by Patrick Connelly.’ Oh Johnny my darling yow [sic] are going to leave me. 6 stt.

35. ‘The Irish Courtship.’ I am a young fellow that ran out of my land and means. 11 stt., macaronic.

38-57. Material copied from NLI MS G 1103, pp. 1-12.

58-64. Material copied from MS 15 (b), pp. 9.6 - 11.

65. ‘Aonach Bhearna na Gaoithe / The fair of Windgap / Tomas [MSTonas] an Cheodh.’ Bhídh diversion aorach air an aonach. 16 stt. ‘Crioc.’

70b.4. Nuair ridhaim [sic] go tigh an oil. 1 q., with English version: When to the ail house I repair.

71 . Acephalous, beg. here, A mhéirlig shallach na lúab. 12 + [chorus] 1 stt.; dialogue between Seán and a fox. (Scribal signature p. 73, lower margin: ‘Miss Minnie Prendergast Jan 29th 88’.)

77. Goguidhe ó gaog ca ndeanfad mo nea[d]. 9 stt. ‘Crioc agus deire.’

80. ‘A new song called the Scotch Brigade.’ On the banks of the Clyde stood a lad & his lassie. 4 stt.

82. ‘The risin of the moon / Air the wearing of the green.’ Oh then tell me Shawn O Farrell. 5 stt.

85. ‘Willie O.’ One day in my rambles and I going to a ball. 6 stt. Mentions ‘Cappoquin and the Blackwater side’.

[p. 108]

87. ‘O Brien.’ You sons of the Shamrock so witty. Breaks off with st. 6.

89. ‘Before the battle / words by Thomas Moor [sic].’ By the hope within us springing. 2 stt. Foll. (p. 91) by: ‘Wishes and wishes’. Oh know ye the wish of the true the true. 3 stt. Foll. (p. 93) by: ‘After the battle’. Night closed around the conquerors way. 2 stt.

94. ‘I'm a rough and ready fellow.’ I'm a rough and ready fellow. 4 stt.

96.11. ‘The green above the red / air - Irish Molly Ó.’ Full often when our fathers saw the red above the green. 4 stt. 99. ‘Rory of the hill.’ That [rake up near the rafters] why [leave it there so long]. 7 stt.

105. ‘O Donnell abu / A.D. 1594.’ Proudly the note of the trumpet is sounding. 4 stt., numbered.

107.11. ‘Watch and wait.’ Watch and wait boys watch and wait. 2 stt.

109. ‘The rakes of Mallow.’ Beauing, belling, dancing, drinking. 7 stt.

111. ‘Peggy O Raffert [sic].’ Oh could I fly like the green coated fairy. 7 stt. ‘end of this.’

113. ‘O Connell and the Irish tinkers in London.’ You sons of the shamrock give air to my ditty. 8 stt.

117.9. ‘Dreadful shipwreck.’ Of a terrible shipwreck we are told. 7 stt.

119.10. ‘The game of cards.’ You true sons of Erin draw near me. 7 stt.

123.10. ‘The Black Horse.’ Come all you airy bachelors a warning by me take. 6 stt.

125.8. ‘The shamrock shore.’ You muses nine with me combine. 5 stt.

128.6. ‘The glorious victory / 7 Irishmen.’ All you that love the shamrock green. 12 stt.

132. As long as Ireland shall pretend. 14 lines. ‘Tuesday June 5th 1888.’

133. So heaven ordains, love must to duty yield. 8 lines.

133.8. When the moon is round aggain [sic]. 4 stt.

135. ‘The smiles of Cherry Brandy.’ Come one and all my merry boys. 4 + (‘chorus’) 1 stt. ‘5/6/88.’

137.9. ‘The Bachelor.’ Lightly he strolled by the gay cliff brink. 5 stt. ‘14/6/88.’ Pp. 141-2 blank.