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MS 13

Additions to the collection of Irish manuscripts at Mount Melleray abbey

Éigse 30 (1997 [1998]) 92-108

MS 13


[p. 103]

19th cent. Paper. 20 × 13.5 cm. Pp. 44, now numbered in pencil; occasional scribal pagination (upper margins pp. 12, 13, 15, 22, 27, 28) is, apparently, reproduction of that of exemplars. Scribe: Seaghan Ó Muiraoisidh (p. 2), Muine-an-tSouic (p. 2).

Paper wrappers. Single gathering of twenty-four, wanting 13 (with loss of text) and 17 (no loss of text, stub survives between pp. 30 and 31). Machine-ruled, 20 lines; English script pp. 1-2.4, 9-33. Wrappers loose and separated; pp. 1-2, 15-16, 23-4, 41-2, 43-4, loose and torn. Manuscript in fragile condition. Notes and jottings: (a) Front cover. Traces of writing, illegible. (b) Inside front cover. Notes (in English) on pronunciation of lenited Irish consonants. (c) 22.5. ‘foot.’ (d) Inside back cover, pencil. ‘John / John.’


1 . ‘Aonach Bhearna na Gaoithe. / The fair of Windgap.’ Prose introduction beg. The fair of Windgap the subject of the following song. Ends (p. 2.5) he was also called Tomas an Cheodh. Verse beg. Bhídh diversion aorach air an aonach. 10 stt. (Scribal signature p. 2 .) Foll. (p. 7 .10) by: When Thomas Moran had. Breaks off. Remainder of page, and p. 8, blank.

[p. 104]

9. ‘To the public / the many editions of the Pious Miscellany that have been hitherto printed . . . .’ (P. 11 blank.) Verse headed (p. 12) ‘An ainim an Athair, agus an mhic agus an spioraid Naomhtha amen / Duain Iosa’. A mhormhic chatarach chailce na soillse aoibhin. Breaks off incomplete (p. 22.4) with st. 14 line 7. Defective; mainly written as prose.

22.5 Religious text. Beg. acephalous, naomtha, ionus go stiureoch siad na criostiughthe air shlidhe a slanuighthe. Breaks off (p. 24) othfralamid e chun an creideamh do leathanugha air son ar nAthair an p[. . .]. Resumes (p. 25), smuain si ort fein anois. Breaks off incomplete (p. 28.4) Anois se mo chomhairle dhuit tu fein.

28.5. [Tadhg Gaelach Ó Súilleabháin. ‘Carbhúl Muire.’ Is tréithlag mo chealltair i gcanntlamh na gcás.] Beg. acephalous, Mo thaidhbhsi do threasguir me. 8 lines + (‘an ceangal’) 1 st.

29. ‘Duain Chriost / adapted to the tune of “Seadhan O Daoir an ghleana[”], or that of “Urmhic na croinne.”’ Iosa mhic Mhuire a righe ghil na righth [sic]. Breaks off incomplete (p. 30.15) with st. 4 line 6.

30.16. [Pádraig Denn. A dhuine bhocht dhaill atá gan chéill.] Beg. acephalous, Gloire air neamh ni bh-faighir go bráth. Breaks off incomplete (p. 33.3) with st. 12 line 3. Remainder of manuscript blank.