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MS 12

Additions to the collection of Irish manuscripts at Mount Melleray abbey

Éigse 30 (1997 [1998]) 92-108

MS 12


[p. 101]

19th cent. Paper. 15.5 × 18.5 cm. Pp. 66, now numbered in pencil, pp. 61-3 with scribal pagination 13-15 (see below). Scribe: John

[p. 102]

Morrissey (Seadhan Ó Mrioseadh/Ó Muireasidh ) (front cover , pp. 14 , 15 , 35, 60), Muintseabhaic (Mhuine-an-tS[ouc?], Munatouke) [Co. Waterford] (front cover, pp. 14, 15, 60), 1874 (p. 35).

Copy-book (‘National School Copy Book / Sixteen sheets Quarto - Price One Penny. / These books while in use are not to be taken out of the School-Room, except on a Saturday, and are then to be returned on the following Monday. / Manufactured for Her Majesty's Stationary Office, By Frederick Pilkington, 89, Middle Abbey-street, Dublin, Bookbinder to the Queen’). ‘This Manuscript Contains [? old] / Prophesies, one in particular / by Mac Auliff chiefe of Duh[allow] / Tairngaire Mhic Amhlaoimh triath Duithche Eall[ai]dh / The prophesy of Mac Auliff chief of Duhallow / Seadhan Ó M[u]ireasidh Mhuine-an-tS[ouc?]’ front cover. Paper wrappers. Single gathering of thirty-two, wanting 1 and 32 (no apparent loss of text); pp. 61-6 loose extraneous leaves, taken from another manuscript in order to complete text here. Covers loose. Ruled in pencil; 13-18 lines.

Notes and jottings: (a) Front cover. ‘Thomas Morrissey Munatouke in the Parish of [Mo]dliego [sic] in the County Waterford if this Copy [paper cancelled] Book be lost or stole I pray the finder will send it home to Thomas Morrissey of Munatouke.’ (b) Front cover. ‘Richard Morrisey.’ (c) Front cover, transversely. ‘Andrew Morrissey Munatouke 21 May / he [. . . (?) write] the same [. . .].’ (d) Inside front cover, pencil. ‘Feby 7 - 1876 - Augt 5’ with calculations of days absent, and wages [?]. (e) 1.1-2, interlinear, pencil. ‘the.’ (f) 29.5, pencil. ‘Mary.’ (g) 55, lower margin, pencil. ‘Thomas Morrissey Monotouke / No more at Present.’ (h) 60.7, pencil. ‘Mrs Anne.’ (i) 60, lower margin, inverted, pencil. ‘Ardee.’ (j) Inside back cover, inverted, pencil. Financial calculations. (k) Back cover, inverted. ‘Thomas Morrissey / Munatouke / Ballinamult / County Waterford / Ireland.’ (l) Back cover, inverted. ‘T[. . .] / Maurres [? Connery] / C.’ (m) Back cover, inverted. Calculations.


1. Transcript (mainly ‘Tairngire Mhic Amhlaoimh’, beg. (p. 4) An chead áen, lucht léighin gan daingion air bith) of part of Nicholas O'Kearney, The prophecies of SS. Columbkille, Maeltamlacht, Ultan . . . (Dublin and London, 1856) in following order: 176-87, 193-201, 188-92, 202-5, with (pp. 42-60, 64-5) selection of annotational material from 36-91. (Scribal signatures: ‘John Morrissey Munatouke’ (pp. 14, 60, lower margins),

[p. 103]

‘Seadhan O Mrioseadh Muintseabhaic’ (p. 15, lower margin), ‘November 10th 1874 / John Morrissey’ (p. 35.y-z).)

61. ‘Memorare, The prayer of Saint Bernard.’ Beg. Remember, o most pious virgin Mary! Ends with page now and at the hour of death. Amen. Amen.

62. ‘A prayer against the the [sic] Cholera or other Sickness / It was revealed to a venerable priest at Rome, that whoever would repeat this prayer with devotion would escape the cholera or other Sickness.’ Beg. O Jesus divine Redeemer! be merciful to us. Ends with page have mercy on us, we beseech you, Amen. Amen. Amen. Foll. (p. 63) by: ‘Do teasbanag do shagart naomhtha aig an Róimh an té dhéarfach an phaidir so le caoinduthracht no debhótion go nimeóch se saor ó'n cholera agus ó tinnis 'gus aicídídh eile’. Beg. O Iosa fhuasguilóir naomhtha bídh trócuireach orruin. Ends with page dein trocuire orruin guidhmíd tu. Amen. Amen.

64-5. See p. 1. P. 66 blank