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MS 25

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in King's Inns

MS 25

Irish Dictionary

19th cent. Paper. 20.5 × 16 cms, approx. Title-page (with verso blank) + pp. 76 (numbered in pencil) + binding-leaf. In three sections of slightly different sizes: pp. 1–16, 17–56, 57–76. No scribal signature, but the manuscript is the work of three or four different hands. Bound in cardboard, with number '165' marked on spine; double columns. Printed slip inside front cover: 'Wallis's Irish Vocabulary, wherein the modern words are explained by ancient words, in which are included the most difficult words in the Brehon Laws and other ancient Manuscripts, written originally in Louvain in 1717'. Foll. lower down by manuscript slip: 'This Irish Synonymy was written by Fr. Wallace, of the Order of S. Francis'.


Title-page : 'Nuafhocloir bogchruaidhe ina ccuirthear cruadhfocail air chail eigin d'fhoclaibh connaircle no boga na Gaoidheilge ar na sgriobhadh air uird Aibghitre, leis an Athair Froinsias Ualis leughthoir diadhachta a ccolaiste Naoimh Antoin o Phaduai, a mbliadhain d'aois Christ, 1706'. Beg. Ab, no aba, luam, mar sin adeirthear. Luamh Lios Moir .i. Ab Lios Móir. Ends (p. 76 col. 1 i) Ursa tighe. Earchaill. Finit. Col. 2 blank.