Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy

D ii 3


The Stowe Missal, D ii 3 (8-9 centt. (?), vellum, 5 5/8 X 4 1/2 ), contains, on ff. 65 v. - 67 v., material in Irish which may be noted briefly here. The ms. itself (for which see Kenney, Sources for the Early History of Ireland I, 692 seqq.), being a Latin ms., falls outside the scope of this catalogue. Scribes not known : for emendator Máel Caích, see infra.


65 v. Old Irish Tract on the Mass. Beg. Ind altoir fiugor ind ingrimme immaberr. Pr. Thes. Pal. ii, 252-255. Cf. 1230, 252.

67 v. Spells against injury to the eye, thorns, and disease of the urine. Pr. Thes. Pal. ii, 250.

In addition to these two items there occur, among the liturgical rubrics in the hand of the 9th cent. (?) emendator Máel Caích and others, some rubrics in Irish which are printed in full, Thes. Pal. ii, 251.