Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in The Royal Irish Academy

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Book of Lecan

Early 15th cent. Vellum. 11 7/9 X 8 3/8. Of the original ms. 311 leaves remain, nine of which are now known as T.C.D. H. 2. 17 (no. 1319), pp. 172-187, 192-3 (ff. 142-150, infra). In this catalogue the foliation printed in clarendon type is that of the Facsimile of the Book of Lecan published by the Irish Manuscripts Commission. To facilitate reference to the ms. original the various ms. numerations are given in every case in the following order:(a) old foliation recto, upper outer corner. (References in these notes are to this numeration.) ( b) late foliation, recto, centre of lower margin (as this coincides with Facs. foliation up to fo. 107 it is not given for ff. 1-107); (c) pagination. A pencilled pagination is ignored. (a) now runs 10-312 [recte 311], the number 288 being skipped in foliation; ( b) 1-302, one leaf being omitted from the foliation after fo. 107, but error rectified by omission of the number 141 later; (c) 23-622 [recte 626], two leaves being omitted from the pagination after p. 378 (ff. 198, 199, infra). It is improbable that ff. 142-150 (the T.C.D. leaves) formed ff. 1-9 of foliator a. Pp. 1-22 of paginator c are merely binder's flyleaves. As a is a foliation of the year 1612 (see infra) it shows the number and sequence of the leaves at that date. Ff. 1-9 have since been lost. (a) , (b), (c) ignore the chasms occurring after ff. 52, 62, 141 (now partly supplied by the T.C.D. fragment, which is itself defective after fo. 150), 230, and the displacement of ff. 173-182 (catalogued here in their proper place, acc. to Facsimile). In 1612 the ms. contained 311 leaves. The note occurring fo. 311 vb derives from foliator a's incorrect figure, and was presumably written by a himself: "5 Octobr. 1612. The number of all the leaves in this book are three hundred and twelve leaves. He. Perse.'' This was probably Henry Perse or Piers (d. 1623), grantee and assignee of Tristernagh, Co. Westmeath. In 1686 the book was in the possession of Trinity College, Dublin. Its subsequent historyit is noted missing in 1702 in T.C.D. Cat. D. 1. 6ending with its return to Ireland through the efforts of Colonel Vallancey, who persuaded the Abb Kearney, Superior of the Irish College, Paris, to present it in 1787 to the Library of the Royal Irish Academy, is detailed by the Marquis MacSwiney of Mashanaglas, Notes on the History of the Book of Lecan, Proc. R.I.A., xxxviii, pp. 31-50. Ff. 142-150 are noted by Gwynn, Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Trinity College, Dublin, xv, as forming part of 1319 (Sebright gift) since 1688, Laving originally belonged to Llwyd.

According to O'Curry (Acad. Cat., p. 879) the ms. has always been known as Leabhar Mor Leacain, because of its having been compiled at Lecan, in the County of Sligo, the residence of Gilla su Mr Mac Fir Bisig, chief of his name and hereditary poet and historian to Dubda, chief of Tr Fiachrach (Tireragh) and Tr Amhalgaidh (Tirawley).

The principal scribe is Gilla su Mac Fir Bisich, whose orait occurs frequently, e.g., fo. 41 rb: " Orait do Mac F(.)ir Bisich do scrib in lebarsa ina set oirida fine da ticfa na diaid co brath 7 re lind (Ruaid)ri I Dubda [ob. A.U. 1417] do scribad he." fo. 147v: "Orait do Mac Fir Bisich do scrib in lebarsa in fagmar do marbad Mac Dondchaid [=Matthew, son of Taichlech, acc. to O'Curry, ob. 1417, Annals of Connacht]." fo. 169 ra: "Orait do Mac Fir Bisich do scrib so do fen 7 da mac na diaid do deoin Dia in gemrad tar es Mic Donnchaid." fo. 202 vb: " Orait do Mac Fir Bisig do scrib in leabarsa do fein 7 da mac 7 gebe ga mbia gabad egnairc in te ro scrib." Marginal notes in red paint occur fo. 105 vb: "As mor maith an leabarsa ag Mac Fir Bisigh.'' fo. 162v: "Anocht aidchi Domnaigh 7 tairnig dath do chur ar in leabarsa uili 7 is mor cocad Condacht. Caecais on aidchi nocht co Lugnusnad. Mac F(.)ir Bisig scribsit.'' Gilla su was helped by two students of his own, Adam Cuirnn and Murchad Riabach Cuindlis. fo. 30vb: "Adam Cuirnn do sgrib do Gilla Isu Mac Fir Bhissigh .i. d'Ollamh O Fiachrach. Anno Domini. MCCCCXVIII." fo. 107 rc: "Murchad Riabach O Cuindlis qui scribsit da aidi (in Laigsechus add. in marg.) bodesin .i. do Mac Fir Bisig in foghmar do marbad Mac Donnchaid." fo. 162 vb : "Murchad Riabach O Cuindlis do scrib so da aide diles .i. do Mac Fir Bisig 7 ar mbennacht leis do thuilleadh.'' fo. 182 rb: "Murchad O Cuindlis qui scribsi[t].'' According to these scribal notes Mac Fir Bisig, ollamh to Dubda, chief of U Fiachrach, began his task of compiling the Book of Lecan before the death of Ruaidri [mac Domnaill] U Dubda, chief of U Fiachrach (ob. A.U. 1417), continuing his work in the autumn and winter of the same year, and possibly completing his transcription and the colouring of the whole by August, 1418. Ruaidri Dubda was succeeded in the chieftainship by his brother, Tadg Riabach, according to F.M. sub anno 1417. A note in the hand of Peregrine O'Clery, loc. cit. (ms. original in R.I.A.), adds, "Re linn an Taidg sin do scrobhadh Leabhar Oiris Leacain''. It is significant that, although Cuirnn 's principal contribution (ff. 10-30) is dated 1418, it is left uncoloured. Did it reach Mac Fir Bisig's hands after August 1418 when the main compilation (including Cuindlis's copy of Uraicept na nEces, ff. 151-162) had been completed?

The distribution of the three principal hands is as follows:Gilla su Mac Fir Bisich: ff. 31-79 v, 81-83 rb, l. 4, 93 r-150 v, 163 r-255 r, 264-311, and the nine leaves in T.C.D. (ff. 142-150, infra). Adam Cuirnn: ff. 10-30 (ff. 18-30 possibly at different time from rest), 80, 83 rb, l. 5-85 rb, l. 9, 86r-92v, 131 rb, l. 13-131 rc, 133, 148 vb, l. 26 to end of col., 181 ra, l. 31 to end of col., 255 va-263 r, 311 v-312 v. Murchad Riabach Cuindlis : 97 rd, ll. 9-43, 103 rb, ll. 5-18, 106 rc, l. 33-107 rd, 107 vc, l. 31-107 vd, l. 33, 108 rd, 140 ra, l. 16-140 rb, l. 12, 151r-162v, 165 rb, l. 18-165 rd, 182ra-182rb. It will be seen from this that Cuirnn and Cuindlis worked in close collaboration with their master, their only independent sections being ff. 10-30 and ff. 151-162. There is a considerable number of headings, additions (ff. 79 r, 79 v, 82 rb, 85 rb, 85 v, 192 v), and unimportant marginal jottings in later hands, e.g., fo. 22 r, "begins"; fo. 25 r, "here commences What was lost by teenhan (?)''; fo. 40 v, ''the end of what was lost [but there is no possibility of this part of our ms. having been lost]." Owen Connellan (ff. 30 vb, 55 vb, 109 r, and back flyleaf), Charles O'Conor of Belanagare (ff. 31r, 99 rd, 123 v), Eugene O'Curry (fo. 72 r) have added to the marginal jottings, while various notes in Latin throughout (ff. 85 rb, 102 va, 202 v, 310 v, 312 v) are attributed by O'Curry, Acad. Cat., pp. 887-8, to Ussher. O'Curry identifies notes, ff. 33 ra marg., 184 ra, as Colonel Vallancey's hand. Signatures occurring among these scribblings are: fo. 68rb, "Bridg . . Fitz . . . [possibly a relative of Sir John Fitzgerald, for whom see MacSwiney, Proc. R.I.A., xxxviii, pp. 33, 38]"; fo. 108 v, ''Mageocan''; fo. 172 rb, '' Semus Magheghan [perhaps the Abb mac Geoghegan, who wrote table of contents on back flyleaves]" fo. 303 r, "Tadg Ruad mac Fhir Bisig."

The ms. is in good condition, with the exception of some leaves stained by age and exposure, but the vellum varies considerably in quality (cf. ff. 10-30 with the ff. 31 ff.), and allows the ink to sink through in places. There are numerous repairs made before the ms. was written. The edges have suffered at the hands of a binder, late marginal notes being cut away. The writing is generally arranged in double column, 51 lines to a page. The ruling, guided by marginal prickings, is partly by dry point, partly in brown. The following columns are blank:ff. 30Vb m., 42vb i., 68 va i., 68 vb, 92va i., 92 vb, 99rd i, 102 rd, 109 rb i., 109 rc-d, 111vd m., 136 rb m., 162 vb m., 172 rb i., 172 v, 176 vb i., 192 vb i., 211 vb i, 212 ra (top half), 213 vb, 263 rb m., 263 v, 266 vb m., 305 vb. The ms. is ornamented by the application of crude but strikingly vivid vermilion and chrome paint to the capitals. The absence of colour from ff. 10-42, 80, 82-92, 131 rb, 133, 181 ra, 255 v to end of book would seem to indicate that these folios were not part of the original compilation. It is hardly a mere coincidence that Cuirnn's work is invariably on the uncoloured folios, likewise Mac Fir Bisig's own where Cuirnn is his collaborator. Did the collaboration of these two men fall somewhat later in point of time than that of Mac Fir Bisig and Cuindlis? Generally speaking, additions to the text throughout can be recognized by their lack of colour.

Apart from the signatures and the jottings in identified hands already noted there is nothing to indicate former ownership of the ms. except the class marks AAA 18, A 1 3, D 19 occurring on fo. 10 (fo. 1, infra ).According to Sir John Gilbert, these class marks ''are those which may be seen on all Ussher's mss., indicating four different arrangements which took place prior to 1688" (note initialled J.H.G., Acad. Cat., p. 884, cf. Gwynn, Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Trinity College, Dublin, ix), the Book of Lecan having "passed into the Library of Trinity College with the Library of Archbishop Ussher, of which it formed a part'' (J.H.G., loc. cit). Ussher would appear to have been in possession of the book in 1636, when he lent it to Conall MacGeoghegan, as stated by Michael O'Clery in his preface to the Irish Calendar (O'Curry, Acad. Cat., p. 883). It is not known when the book passed into Ussher's possession, but it is possible that he obtained it from the Piers family. A niece of Archbishop Ussher's married a grandson of Henry Piers of Tristernagh (see above). D.N.B., s. v. Henry Jones (article by Robert Dunlop).

The contents of the ms. include variant versions of Lebar Gabla, transcripts of the Naomsenchas, Historia Britonum of Nennius, Uraicept na nces, Cir Anmann, Book of Rights, Bans(.)enchas, Dinds(.)enchas, and genealogical and hagiographical material. It has a strong resemblance in content to the Book of Ballymote, and it can be proved that at one point at least the Lecan and Ballymote scribes copied directly from the same original (cf. Lec, ff. 211-212 with BB fo. 193).

Among the authorities mentioned throughout the book by scribes (or by authors) are Libar Glinni Da Lach, Libar na Fuachongbala, fo. 51 rd; Lebar Dine Da Leathglas, the books of Flann Mainistrech, fo. 77 vb; Saltair Caisil and Lebar Oileain Insi Duin, fo. 120 vb, ll. 14-5; Libar Sochair Lothra ata i meadon Libro Paluo, fo. 114 va, l. 2; Libar Lothra Ruadain, fo. 122 ra, Cin Droma Snechta, fo. 77 vb, 123 rb i:

The ms. is at present unbound, having been detached for the purpose of being photographed for the Irish Manuscripts Commission. The gatherings are irregular (and many single leaves are inserted), viz.: 1-9; 10-17; 18-27; 28-29; 30; 31-42; 43-52; 53-61 (58 being a single leaf); 62-71; 72-81 (75, 78 detached singles); 82-91 (84, 90 singles); 92; 93-101 (96 single); 102-111; 112-121; 122-131; 132-140 (133 single); 141-150; 151-162; 163-172; 173-183 (182 single); 184; 185-192; 193-202 (194, 199 singles); 203-212; 213; 214; 215-220; 221; 222-229; 230; 231-240; 241-249 (244 single); 250-259; 260; 261; 262; 263; 264-273; 274-282 (276 single); 283-293; 294-302 (301 single); 303-312. The tooled leather binding bears the name "Leabhar Leacain" on back of cover, and is the work of Geo. Mullen, Dublin, 1831, who washed, repaired, and rebound the ms. at that date (see front cover, inf. marg.). Former Acad. No. 42/6.


1 10 r [23]a. [Lebor Gabla.] Beginning wanting, owing to loss of initial folios of ms. Opens with final 5 qq. of [Findaid in senchas dia t], first line reading co Conall Cerndach meit ngell. Copy of B-version of text (Van Hamel's Ba, Thurneysen's BI). The lost beginning can be supplied from D. v. 1. Arrangement of sections is as follows:

1 10 r [23]a. [Fir Bolg.] Includes:

1 10 r [23]a 12. Prose tract on the division of ire.

1 10 r [23]a 20. Coic coicid Erenn ane, 7 qq.

1 10 r [23]a 34. Synchronisms of the Kings of the World with the Fir Bolg kings.

1 10 r [23]b 4. [Tuatha D Danann]. ("Gabil Tuaithe D Danann.'') Beg. Batar clanda Bethaich. Prose and verse. Includes the following poems :

1 10 v[24]a 3. Cinaed Ua Hartacand. In cloch forstait mo da sail, 1 q.

1 10 v[24 b 31. Heithur ard fouair midh, 4 qq.

2 11 r [25]b 1. Heriu co n-uaill co n-idhnaib, 18 qq.

2 11 v [26]a 1. Gabail Herenn nert nar fand, 3 qq.

2 11 v [26]a 14. Tuatha de Danaan fo diamuir, 11 qq.

2 11 v [26]a 38. Synchronisms of the Kings of the World with the Tuatha D Danann kings.

2 11 v [26]b 27. [Meic Mled.] ("Gabail Goeidhel 7 a comaimsirad.'') Beg. Goeidil tra tucsom a n-imthechta. Prose and verse. Includes the following poems:

3 12 r [27]b 1. Toisich na loingsi dar ler, 17 qq.

3 12 v [28]b 13. Ailiu iath nErenn, 20 ll.

3 12 v [28]b 42. Am gaeth i mmuir, 23 ll.

4 13 r [29]a 1. Iascach muir, 12 ll.

4 13 r [29]a 19. Suidem sund forsin tracht, 3 qq.

4 13 r [29]b 8. Ocht meic Galaim na ngaire, 4 qq.

4 13 r [29]b 50. Tascur mac Milead dar muir, 19 qq.

4 13 v [30]a 38. Raigne mac Ugaine. A meic in Augaine, 49 ll.

4 13 v [30]b 11. A eicsiu Banba co mbluidh, 3 qq.

4 13 v [30]b m. [Cruithnig.] Beg. Isin bliadain cetna sin tancatar Cruithnigh. Prose and verse. Incorporates the following poems :

5 14 r [31]a 17. Ard Lemnachta as tr si thess, 6 qq.

5 14 v [32]b 18. Eits[ed aes ecna] aibind, 78 qq.

6 15 v [34]a, [Meic Mled.] Includes :

6 15 v [34]a 1. Synchronisms, down to reign of Tigernmas.

6 15 v [34]a 18. Succession of the Kings of ire from Aengus Olmuccaid to Breissirig (sic), son of Art Imlecha.

6 15 v [34]a 30. Oengus Olmuccaidh atbath, 7 qq.

6 15 v [34]a 44. Supplementarv note on the succession of the Ulaid to the Kingship of ire.

6 15 v [34]a 54. Dun Sobaircce da sluag linn, 18 qq.

6 15 v [34]b 32. Prose account of the founding of Emain Macha.

7 16 r [35]a 28. A Emuin idnach oebaind, 46 qq.

7 16 v [36]a 10. Cimbaeth clethe n-c nEmna, 18 qq.

7 16 v [36]a 46. Prose account of the descendants of Eochu Buadach and of the division of ire by his son, Ugaine Mr.

7 16 v [36]b 10. Ugaine uallach amra, 14 qq.

7 16 v [36]b 38. Prose account of the descendants of Cobthach Coelbreg, son of Ugaine Mr.

8 17 r [37]a 18. Conaire coem cliamain Cuind, 24 qq.

8 17 r [37]b 10. Prose account of the Dil nAraide and Clanna Rudraige.

8 17 r [37]b 26. Senchan. Rofich Fergus fichit catha, 7 qq.

8 17 r [37]b 47. Fercertne. Ollum Fotla fechair gal, 8 qq.

8 17 v [38]a 8. Prose account of the descendants of Ugaine Mr (see supra), together with account of the revolution of the Aithechthuatha and restoration of the dynasty of Tuathal Techtmar.

8 17 v [38]b 20. Moelmuru Othna. Fland for Erind hi tigh thogaid, 83 qq.

9 18 v [40]b 8. Prose account of the origin of the Boramha tribute and of its final remission by Findachta.

10 19 r [41]a 17. Synchronisms.

10 19 r [41]b 14. Synchronisms of the Roman Emperors with the Kings of ire from Julius Caesar to Leo III, contemporary of Fergal mac Maile Din.

11 20 r [43]b 5. Flann Mainistreach (acc. to second last q. of poem. Reidigh damh, a De do nimh, 274 qq. Thurneysen's BI Version of Lebor Gabla ends here.

14 23 r [49]a. Synchronisms of the Kings of ire with the Provincial Kings and the Kings of Scotland, from Laegaire mac Nill, contemporary of Patrick, to Muirchertach mac Tairrdelbaig [ Briain]. Beg Laegaire mac Nill .iiii. bliadna for Erinn. This is Thurneysen's B II version of Lebor Gabla.

14 23 v [50]b 43. Herimhon is Eber ard, 81 qq. Headed "Incipit de regibis Hibernie ab Herimon usque Eochu Feidleach."

15 24 v [52]b 10. Flann. Ri Temra dia tesband tn, 37 qq. Headed "De regibus Hibernie ab Erimon usque Eochu Feidlech et incipit ab Eocho usque ad Laegaire mac Neill."

16 25 r [53]a 36. Flann (acc. to last q. of poem). Rig Temra taebaige iar tain, 51 qq. Headed "Do rigaib Erind iar cretim."

Here begins a second version of Lebor Gabla (Van Hamels Bb, Thurneysen's B III). It contains the following sections:

[Biblical and other traditions.]

16 25 v [54]a 43. Prose tract on the Conquests of ire ("Mnugadh Gabal nErenn 7 a senchais 7 a remend rigraidi annso," etc.). Beg. Hybernia insola possita est in occidente.

16 25 v [54]b 42. Finntan. Magoch macan Iafeth, 6 qq. Rsum of a.

17 26 r [55]a 5. Variant prose account of the descent of the Irish Colonists. With reference to the seventy-two languages spoken at the Tower of Babel.

17 26 r [55]a 18. Berla in domain dechaidh libh, 6 qq.

17 26 r [55]a 30. Account of the f our ancient divisions of Gaelic.

17 26 r [55]a 43. Ceithri ranna riter de, 5 qq.

17 26 r [55]b 8. Short tract on the names by which Gaelic was known in foreign languages.

17 26 r [55]b 14. In berla tobaide tricc, 5 qq.

17 26 r [55]b 24. Account of the settlement of Eber Scot in Scythia and the subsequent movements of his descendants before their arrival in Spain. Beg. Sr tr mac Esru.

17 26 v [56]b 24. Gilla Coeman. Goedel Glass o tait Goidil, 40 qq.

18 27 r [57]b 12. Rsum of the account of the colonizations of ire.

18 27 r [57]b 39. Colum Cille. Dena mo fressnes, a meic, 19 qq.

[Tuatha D Danann.]

18 27 v [58]a 30. Account of the Tuatha D Danann, beg. Nuada Argetlam tra ba r do Tuathaib D Donann .vii. mbliadna ria tiachtain doib i nErind.

19 28 r [59]a 3. Fland. Eitsidh, a eolcha, cen on, 41 qq. Headed "Do aigedaib Tuaithi De Danaan."

19 28 r [59]b 38. Tale, entitled "Imthechta Tuirill Biccre 7 a macc .i. Brian 7 Iuchair 7 Iucharba."

19 28 v [60]a 21. Etsid in senchas sluagach, 25 qq. Rsum of the preceding tale.

[Meic Mled.]

19 28 v [60]b 24. Tract detailing the names of the Milesian chiefs, their children, and their wives.

19 28 v [60]b 37. Secht mna mac Mleadh miadh ngle, 4 qq.

19 28 v [60]b 45. Tract giving the names of places deriving from connection with the Milesian chiefs.

20 29 r [61]a 41. Anmand na toisech delm tenn, 12 qq.

20 29 r [61]b 13. Further account of the Milesians.

20 29 r [61]b 25. Se meicc Mileadh miadh n-ordain,6 qq.

20 29 r [61]b i. Account of the succession of the Milesian monarchs.

20 29 v [62]a m. Iarel sar na clainde, 9 qq.

20 29 v [62]a i. Short tract on the reigns of Ethrel, son of the above Iarel and Connmal, son of Eber.

20 29 v [62]a i. Conmael cet flaith a Mumain, 6 qq.

20 29 v [62]b 11. Account of the reign of Tigernmas.

20 29 v [62]b m. Tigernmas mac Follaig aird, 14 qq.

20 29 v [62]b i. Account of the reigns of Cermna and Sobhairce and their successor Eochaidh Faebharglas.

21 30 r [63]a 11. Eocho foebur na fene, 7 qq.

21 30 r [63]a m. Short tract on the succession of Fiacha Labraind.

21 30 r [63]a m. Fiacha Labraind laech, 4 qq.

21 30 r [63]a i. Account of the reigns of Eocho Mumho and his successor, Oengus Olmuccaidh.

21 30 r [63]b 1. Oengus Olmuccaidh amra, 8 qq.

21 30 r [63]b m. Account of the reign of Enna Airgech and of his descendants.

21 30 r [63] b i. Ethrel mac Iareoil f(.)atha, 12 qq. On the succession of the Kings of ire from Ethrel to Sirna.

21 30 v [64]a m. Tract on the reign of Ollam Fotla and on his descendants down to Ailell, son of Slanoll, who was killed by Sirna, son of Dian.

21 30 v [64]b 1. Sirna saeglach saer in flaith, 6 qq.

21 30 v [64]b 13. Cath Mona Trogaide thair, 5 qq. Lebor Gabla (Van Hamel's Bb, Thurneysen B III) ends here.

21 30 v [64]b 24. Scribal colophon: "Finit. Adam O Cuirnn do sgrb do Gilla Isu Mac Firbissigh .i. d'ollam O F(.)iachrach anno domini meccexuiii.'' This colophon is repeated in a later hand.

22 31 r [65]a. Sex Aetates Mundi. A tract on the six ages of the world.

Cf. BB Facs., p. 3 (acephalous). Rawlinson, B 502, fo. 41a6 (Facs., p. 69), LU, p. 1 (acephalous and fragmentary).

Ed. from LU by Edmund Hogan, The Irish Nennius from LU, Todd Lecture Series VI (1895), p. 1ff.

26 35 v [74]a m. Donncuachbaid Fuathgaili. Reidich dam, a De do nim, 97 qq. Cf. ff. 11 rb, 27 va, 190 ra of this MS.

27 36 v [76]a m. Reigig dam, a De do nim, 305 qq.

30 39 v [82]b 7. Oengus (see last q. of poem). Adam athair sruith ar sluag, 103 qq.

31 40 v [84]b m. Giolla sa Mac Fir Bisich. A eicsi Banba na mbend, 60 qq.

32 41 r [85]b i. Scribal colophon :''Orait do Mac F(.)ir Bisich do scrib in lebar sa ina s(.)et oirida f(.)ine da ticfa na diaid co brath 7 re lind [Ruai]dri I Dubda do scribad he."

32 41 v [86]a 1. Gilla Modubda (see last q. of poem). Cuibdeas comanmann na rig, 51 qq. Headed " Comhanmanna righa Erend.''

33 42 r [87]a m. Hereamon is Hebear ard, 83 qq. Cf. fo. 14 vb 43 of this ms.

34 43 r [89]a, Senchas Naomh rend (in a later hand).

The arrangement of sections is as follows:

34 43 r [89]a 1. A catalogue of the mothers of the Irish Saints. Beg. Ondbahum no Gondbaum do Bretnaib mathair Padraic. Cf. BB Facs. 212 a 1.

35 44 r [91]a m. Genealogies of Mary, St. Joseph, and other Biblical personages, including three persons named Britus. BB Facs. 214 a.

35 44 v [92]c 36. The list of those who held office in Patrick's household. Cf. BB Facs. 215 b.

35 44 v [92]d 12. Flann. Munter Padraic na paiter, 30 qq. Metrical version of the foregoing.

36 45 r [93]a i. Pedigrees of the Irish saints. Beg. Padraic m. Calpraind m. Fodaidi. Acc. to a scribal note, fo. 42 r a d, this tract derives in part from Lebar Glinne Da Loch and in part from Lebar na Nuachongbala. Cf. BB 215 e.

47 56 r [115]a. List of Irish saints of the same name (''Comainmniugad Naem Erend"). Beg. Aedan Irluachra. Cf. BB 225 d. Ed. Brosnan, Archivium Hibernicum, i, p. 314 (from LL 366e 30).

49 58 v [120]a 1. Naemsheanchas naem indsi Fail, 181 qq. Some qq. have been cut away with the margin, fo. 50.

51 60 r [123]b 12. Account of the four saintly sons of Eogan mac Murchada. Beg. Ceathra meic Eogain meic Murchada . . . .i. Cormac 7 Beccan 7 Culan 7 Diarmaid. Cf. BB Facs., p. 233 a 8 (fragmentary and defective text).

52 61 v [126]b 11. Legal tract on the reciprocal privileges and obligations of the King of Cashel and his tributary lords. Fragmentary, owing to a lacuna in the ms. Beg. Rig Caisil conrad fond 7 grian i taeb no airchind fri mbraithrib 7 fria Ciarraidi, Luachra la Corc mac Luigdeach.

53 62 r [127]a. Genealogical tract headed (in later hand) "Incipit senchas Ugaine Mir 7 a chloinne.'' Beg. Diluuium factum est .xl. diebus 7 .xl. noctibus super tearrum. Cf. BB Facs., p. 67a. The tract contains the following sections:

53 62 r [127]a 1. Account of the Deluge.

53 62 r [127]a i. Account of the division of ire between Erimon and Eber. Beg. Hibeirnia indsola in occidente poisita.

53 62 r [127]b. 5. List of the Eremonian Kings of ire down to Laegaire, contemporary of St. Patrick.

53 62 r [127]c i. Genealogy of Erimon down to Ugaine Mr.

53 62 v [128]a m. Pedigree of Ugaine Mr, carried back to Milesius.

53 62 v [128]a i. Account of the descendants of Ugaine Mr down to Niall of the Nine Hostages with genealogy of Dal mBec Cuind and some particulars of the families descended from Niall.

54 63 r [129]b m. [U Nill.] Detailed account of the descendants of Eogan, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, viz.: Cenel nEchaeh; Fir Muigi Itha; Cenel Feradaig; (54 va) Cenel Muaen; (54 vb) Cenel Tigernaig; (55 ra) Cenel mBindig; (55 rb) Cenel Fergusa; (55 va) the families of Brdach.

55 64 v [132]b 8. Pedigrees of the descendants of Eogan, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, viz. : Niall g mac Nill Mir, chief of Clann Eogain; (56 ra) Clann Aeda Buidi. Cf. BB 48rc. The pedigree was defective in the common original of BB and Lec. A later hand has completed the pedigree here. Clann Suibni (56 rb) and Mac Suibni Connacht; Mag Lachlaind and Clann Lachlaind; (56 rc) Clann Duibindrecht; Ui Duibenaig; Sl Maili Duin; Clann Brain mic Nill; (56 rd) Sl Aeda Ollain; Fir Muigi Itha or Clann Conchobair; (56 va) Clann Cathasaig; Clann Ferchair; Fir Droma Ligen; Cenel Feradaig; (56 vb) Cenel Tigernaig; (56 vd) Cenel Muan; (56 ve) Cenel mBindig; U Cainigi; Cenel mBindig Telcha g; (57 ra) Clann Fergusa; (57 rb) Cenel mBindig Telcha g; Clann Aeda meic Fergusa; (57 rc) Clann Conaill Clocaig or Muinter Mailmochergi; Ui Duibdirma; An Brdach; (57 rd) Sl nAilella meic Eogain; Cenel nEchach in Chodaig; (57 re) Muintir Do[i]red; (57 va) Clann Conchobair Muigi Itha and Clann Drucan i nAird; Clann Furudran; Clann Cinaetha; Clann Flaithbertaig meic Conchobair; (57 vd) Clann Diarmada meic Conchobair; (57 ve) Clann Duibindrecht; (58 ra) Clann Loinsig meic Conchobair; ( 58 rb) Fir Droma Ligen; (58 rc) Tellach. Maeilbresail; Tellach Maelruan; (58 rd) Tellach Cathmail; (58 re) Tellach Cathluain; (58 va) Clann Cumain.

58 67 v [138]a i. Account of the gifts bestowed by St. Patrick on the sons of Eogan, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages. Beg. Rigi dorad Padraic do Muiredach.

58 67 v [138]c 1. Prose tract, entitled "Catha Cenel Eogain andso o Eogan mac Nell co Muirchertach mac Neill meic Domnaill." Beg. Muircheartach mac Earca tra .c. r Erend do Clainn Eogain.

59 68 v [140]a 17. Anni do ronsad do calma, 11 qq. Incomplete. On the battles of the Clann Eogain.

60 69 r [141]a 1. Account of the descendants of Maine, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages. Beg. Maine mac Neill Naigiallaig o taid Fir Theaftha .u. meic lais. Cf. BB Facs., p. 81 b 1. Failig Saraid bean Maine, 2 qq., occurs fo. 60 rb m.

60 69 r [141]b i. Pedigrees of the descendants of Maine, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, viz.: Sl nAeda Iarthair or Clann Tadcain; (60 va) [Ui Brain] Bregmuine; Sl Ronin; Mac Carrgamna; (60 vb) Mac Aeda; Ui hlndergi; cf. BB Facs., 82b 1.

60 69 v [142]b 9. Clann Tadcan in trenfhir thoir, 12 qq. Cf. BB. Facs., p. 83 a 1.

60 69 v [142]b 36. Account of the descendants of Fiacha, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages. Beg. Fiachu mac Neill Naigiallaig didiu tuirmidi ceathrar do chloind airegda aici.

61 70 v [144]a 17. Pedigrees of the descendants of Fiacha, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, viz.: [ Mailmuaid] ; U Briuin Cille Cruimthir; ( 61 vb) Mag Eochacan.

61 70 v [144]c 1. Pedigrees of the descendants of Laegaire, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, viz.: Caindelbain; (61 vd) descendants of Aed son of Laegaire, through Fearadach, fourth in descent from Laegaire, viz.: Clann Conaill, Clann Maili Duin, (62 ra) Clann Conaill Timmine, Clann Conrai, Clann Aengusa, Clann Fergusa, Clann Echtgaili, (62 rb) Clann Cathail, Clann Echtgusa, (62 rc) Clann [Fh]ianamla, Clann Conchobair, Clann Gormgaili, Clann Concalcaich (leg. Congalaich), (62 rd) Clann Diarmada; descendants of Enna, son of Laegaire, viz.: Clann Caelan, Clann Colmin, Clann Dima, viz.: U Conchrichi, (62 va) U Erraich, Tuachair, (62 vb) Mael [i F]ithrig, Corrai Midi, (62 v c) Cuana Chill Duma Gluindi, Failbe Thibrae; descendants of Aed, son of Laegaire, viz.: Cairpre; (62 vd) descendants of Lugaid, son of Laegaire, viz.: Clann Guairi. Tract breaks off fo. 71 v owing to a lacuna in the ms. The missing portion corres. to BB Facs., p. 87 c 17-95 a 18.

63 72 r [147]a 1. [Sl Muireadaig.] Pedigrees of the Sl Muireadaig, beg. here imperfectly Ua Chuind meic Cinaith meic Ubain [= BB Facs., p. 95 a 18]. The following pedigrees remain:(63 rb) Fallamain; (63 rc) Birnn; Clann Murchada meic Indreachtaig; (63 re) Clann Taidc meic Indreachtaig; (63 vb) Clann Murrthuili meic Indreachtaig; the descendants of Murgal mac Indreachtaig, (63 vd) Conchobair ( Conchobair Connacht), (65 ra) Mag Airechtaig; (65 rc) Clann Maelruanaig; (65 vb) Mac Diarmada of Mag Luirg, (65 vd) Mac Diarmada Ruad, Clann Diarmuta Gall, Clann Fhingin, Clann Fheargail, (66 ra) Clann Conchobair in Copan, Clann Cathail, (66 rb) Clann Donnchaid meic Thomaltaig, (66 vb) Mac Donnchaid, Taidc in Teglaig, (66 vc) Clann Diarmata Find meic Thomaltaig, (67 rb) legend concerning the birth of Mothlan, son of Conchobar mac Diarmata Find, (67 vc) account of Diarmaid's banishment of Ailgile successor of St. Ciaran and the consequent loss to his descendants of the Kingdom of Connacht, with the poem ( 68 rb) Hua Diarmada do daim duach, 3 qq.; (68 va) Clann Aeda meic Muirgiusa, Clann Uata meic Muirgiusa, (68 vb) U Diarmata. On fo. 68 v b 9 occurs the note: ''Do thinoilseam tra in geinealachsa Ua nDiarmata a croinicib na nGaeidel 7 a Saltair Cormaic hi Caisil 7 a Lebar Duine Da Leathglas 7 a leabraib F(.)laind Mainistreach 7 a Cin Droma Sneachta 7 a handalaib 7 a lebraib airisin,'' etc. (BB 103 a 7); (68 vc) Clann Conc[h]oba[i]r meic Muireadaig, viz.: Clann Flaind, Clann Bresail; (68 vd) Clann Condmaig meic Muireadaig; (69 ra) Sl Fothaid meic Muireadaig. (Ends at point corres. to BB Facs. 103 e.)

69 78 r [159]a 42. Pedigrees of Cland Briain (the descendants of Brian, son of Eochaid Muigmedoin), viz.: Clann Aengusa meic Earca Deirg meic Briain; (69 vb) Haindligi. (Ends at point corres. to BB Facs. 105A 19.)

69 78 v [160]b 1. [Sl Fiachrach.] Pedigrees of the descendants of Fiachra, son of Eochaid Muigmedoin. (''Sl Fiachra meic Eachach Muidmedon," entitled in later hand "Leabar Fiachrach annso sios o Gilla sa Mr"), viz.: (70 ra) U Beccon Midi, Cenel Airmedaig, Cenel nEnna, Cenel Feidlimid, (70 rb) Fir Ceara, U Dubda, (70 rc) Laegaire, (70 va) account of the death of Dathi, with poem, (70 vb) Ata fudsu ri find Fail, 9 qq., and pedigrees of the Sl nDathi, (71 rc) Mochain, (71 va) Cenel nAeda, (71 vb) Fiachrach Aigni, Heidin, (71 vc) Seachnasaig, (71 vd) account of Mullach Ruta which takes its name from Ruad, wife of Dath, ( 72 ra) pedigrees of Cenel nGuaire, (72 rb) list of the Kings of ire and Connacht of the race of Fiachra, with poem on the same subject, Ceathra rig dc o Cloind F(.)iachrach, 6 qq., (72 rc) pedigrees of U Fiachrach Muaidi, (72 vd) Dubda, Clann Taithlig Oig, (73 ra) Caemain.

73 82 r [167]c 1. Account of the cursing of Caemain by Garailt the Saxon and the resultant transference of the chieftainship of U Fiachrach Muaide to Dubda, In col. b is inserted a note in another hand (to stand after l. 25 here) on the inauguration ceremony of Dubda, as chief of his line.

73 82 r [167]c 35. Account of the petty Kingdoms within the territories of the Fir Ceara, Clann Cuain, Ui Amalgaid and Ui Fiachrach. Beg. Tricha ched Cheara tri riga fuirri .i. Muireadaich 7 Gormog 7 Tigernaich.

74 83 r [169]b 5. Imda gabln do Chloind Chuind, 223 qq. Addressed to Tadg Dubda in 1417.

76 85 r [173]b 10. Short tract interpolated in later hand on the Dubda family, beg. Brian Dubda ceitre bliadhna deg ar .xx. na righ et a g. This account is brought down to Cathal Dub.

76 85 v [174]a 1. Further tract in later hand on the Dubda family, giving particulars of an arrangement as to a division of land made between Donnchad Mr Dubda and Tailtech Muaide in 1392.

77 86 r [175]a 1. [Airgialla.] Genealogical tract headed "Leabhor Oirgiallach" (in later hand). Beg. Na hAirgialla thra at iat ata neasam do hUib Nil. Contains the following sections :

77 86 r [175]a 1. History of the Three Collas.

77 86 r [175]b 45. Short account of the location of the descendants of Conn.

77 86 v [176]a. 1. Derivations of the names Colla Uais, Colla Da Chrioch, and Colla Mend, with poem (77 va), Tri mac Eachach ard a mblad, 4 qq.

77 86 v [176]a 31. Account of the descendants of Colla D Chrioch with the genealogies of the following families:(77 vb) Clann Colmain, Clann Conchobair Corraig, U Breasail Airt, (77 vc) Ui Bresail Macha, (78 ra) Ui Baigillain, (78 rb) Sl Duibtiri, Clann Rochada meic Colla D Chrioch, (78 rc) Mag Uidir, (78 rd) Clann Magnusa, (78 va) U Eignig, Clann Tuathail meic Daimine; ( 78 vb) Mac Domnaill Clainne Ceallaig, Clann Sinaig, (79 ra) the family of Fearnd Maigi, (79 rb) Mag Matgamna, (79 re) U Niallin ( Hanluain), Clann Cearnaig, (79 va) Conchobair, Fir Rois, U Cruind, (79 vc) U Mith, (79 vd) Ui Eachach Mra, Clann Cremthaind.

79 88 v [180]e 1. Account of the descendants of Colla Meand, viz.: family of Mudorna, U Gairbgaela.

80 89 r [181]a 1. Account of the descendants of Colla Uais, viz.: Tuirtre, (80 rb) Floind, (80 vb) Fiachrach Arda Srtha, ( 81 ra) U meic Cuais, U Beargaidi, (81 rb) Clann Somairli, ending (81 rc) with a list of the saints of the race of Colla Uais.

81 90 r [183]d. Airgialla a Hemain Macha, 29 qq. On the genealogies of the descendants of the Three Collas.

81 90 v [184]a 32. Genealogies of the U Maine of the race of Colla D Chrioch, viz.: (81 vb) Clann Cremthainn, U Nadsluaig (U Finain), (81 vc) Clann Cearnaig, Clann Aedagain, (81 vd) Clann Flaitheamla meic Dluthaig, Domnaill, Clann Bresail, Clann Fiachra Finn, Clann Amlaib, Ui Maeilalaid, (82 ra) Cinl Crimdain, Cinel Fathaig, Ui Lomain Findabrach, U Cormaic Maenmuigi, (82 rb) Cinel nAeda, Sl nAnmchada, (82 rc) U Ceallaig.

83 92 r [187]a 1. Tract on the rights, tributes, and customs of U Maine. Ed. O'Donovan, Tribes and Customs o f Hy Many, p. 62 ff.

84 93 r [189]a, [Laigin]. Genealogical tract entitled ''Miniugad Senchusa Laigin," and (in later hand) "Leabhor Laighneach." Beg. Ailill Aine meic Laegairi Luirc meic Ugaine Moir. Cf. BB Facs., p. 119 b. Includes genealogies of the following families:Dl Cairpri Arad, (85 ra) U Duibidir, (85 rb) Dail Cormaic (U Labrada), U Ochrai, (85 va) U Lomthuili, U Buidi, (85 vb) U Maeluidir, (85 vd) U Librein, Treana, Cuirc, U Labrada, (86 ra) Dl Mesin Corb, (86 rd) Garrchon, ( 86 vc) Dl Niacorb.

87 96 r [195]a 1. Copy of the will of Cathair Mr, beg. Is he andso timna Chathair Mir fora cloind. Cf. BB, Facs., p. 127b. Pr. O'Donovan, Book of Rights, pp. 192-204, 10.

87 96 v [196]a 1. Genealogies of the descendants of Cathair Mr ("Minegud senchasa mac n-aireaga Cathair"), viz.: (87 vb) U Bairrche, ( 88 va) the Monaich of Ulster, (88 vc) Cland Ruairc, (88 vd) U Crimthannain, (89 rb) Clanda Rosa Failgi, (89 vb) Clann Cinaetha, Clann Colcan, Clann Colcan o Thig Cainen, (90 ra) Clann Rotaidi, Clann Cholcan a Lifi, U Riagain, (90 rb) Clann Mailchenn, Conchobair Failgi, (90 rc) Dimmosaich, Duind, Timine, (90 va) U Eineachlais, (90 vc) U Ceithig, ( 90 vd) Sil Fiachach Baiceda, (91 va) U Maine, U Aitheachda, (91 vb) U Mailigarba, U Mincheni, U Briuin Chualand, U Mailchaindich, U Cendsealaig, Sl Mella, (93 ra) Sl Cormaic, (93 va) U Felmeda, U Felmeda Thiri, (93 vb) U Onchon, ( 94 rb) Sl nEogain, (94 rc) Sl Forandain, Sl nOnchon, Sl Maeluidir, (94 rd) Sl nAilteni ( Drona), (94 va) U Cuanan, (94 vb) U Feargusa, (94 vc) Clann Fiacha meic Ailella.

94 103 v [210]d 1. Genealogies of the descendants of Maine Mal, brother of Cathaoir Mr, viz., U Mail (95 rb) forsloinnte of U Mail, U Teig (95 vb) forsloinnte of the Laigin.

95 104 v [212]c 1. Prose tract, beg. Docraiti mor robui for Laignib i n-aimsir Conchorb. Account of the expulsion of the Munstermen from Leinster by Eochaid Findfuath nAirt son of Feidlimid Reachtmar and Laigsech Ceandmar son of Conall Cearnach and the resultant award of land to them by Cuchorb, King of Leinster, in Fotharta and Laiges. Ends with the poem Fothart for trebaib Choncorb, 16 qq. Ed. M. E. Dobbs, ZCP 16, p. 395.

96 105 v [214]a 10. [Fotharta.] Genealogies of the Fotharta, viz.: Fotharta Fea, (96 vb) U Chulduib, U Ercain, (96 vc) U Breasail of U FaiJgi, (97 a) Fotharta Maigi Itha; (97 b) Cland Cin Chulduib meic Ecnach; (97 c) Fotharta Maigi Itha.

97 106 r [215]c 34. [Laiges.] Genealogies of the families of Laiges in Leinster, viz.: (97 vb) Laiges Raimne, Laiches Reta, (97 vc) Bendtraige, (98 a) Cland Finain, U Meic Liag, (98 b) Dal Cairpri Ditha, (98 c) Forsloindte Dal Cairpri (Tacraige), Glasraige Arad.

98 107 r [217]d 1. [Osraige.] Genealogies of the Dl mBirnd or Osraige, viz.: (98 vb) Deaga Thamnacha, (98 vd) Cland Dubthaig, ( 99 b) U Eirc, U Raithnend, (99 va) na Rigda, (99 vb) Clann Taidc, (99 vc) U Chetrend, (99 vd) Clann Uargusa, Clann Dungaili, Clann Sheachnasaich, U Daimine, Clann Conglais, (100 a) Clann Eladaich, Clann Srapan, U Bairrchi meic Niacorb.

100 109 v [222]a. 1. [Dsi.] Genealogies of the descendants of Fiacha Sui[g]de, son of Feidlimid Reachtmar, viz.: (100 vc) Dsi Muman (U Faelan), (101 a) U Brigdi, U Rossa, (101b) U Fer nGair, (101 c) U Aengusa, (101 vc) na Disi, (101 vd) Clann Eogain Bric, U Dicholla and U Rossa, (102 b) U Brigde, including a list of seven bishops of this race, (102 c) Clann Aengusa Gai Buaifig, (102 d) U Muca of Cill Cuile; (102 va) Clann Andgan, U Conamla Tigi Da Beooc of Disi Muman, U Loairn of Leth Duba na nArad, (102 vb) U Cormaic, U Aengusa, Corco Raeda (i.e., in Coraind).

103 112 r [227]a 1. [Muscraige.] Tract on the settlement of the Muscraige of Mag Breg in Munster and the inauguration of Conaire Mr at Tara, Beg. Do thoideacht Muscraigi a Muig Breag .i. doluid Gnathal mao Conruith.

103 112 v [228]. 3. Genealogies of the families descended from Aengus Musc: (103 vb) Muscraide Mitaine, (104b) Muscraide Tire, with (104 c) an account of the three sons of Forat, viz.: Fuirg, Muindech, and Meachar, contemporary with St. Patrick, and of (104 va) the Clann Cearnaich meic Muindig, (104 vb) Clann Raibne meic Muindig, (104 vc) Clann Tuathail, (105 a) Clann Tigearnaich meic Blaithmeic, Clann Duibindrechtaig meic Blaithmeic, Clann Rechtabrad meic Folachtaig, (105 b) Muinter Brain, Muinter Annudain, Clann Mugroin, Clann Aengusa meic Rechtgaili; (105 c) Cland Artgail (Muintir Laegairi), Muinter Duibeoin, Muinter Mailmesa, Muinter Lonain, (105 d) Muinter Cobthaich, Muintir Mailmugna, all belonging to Clann Artgaili, Clann Muirrthili, Clann Lachtnain meic Artgail[e] ; (105 va) Clann Murchon meic Muirgiusa, (105 vb) Clann Fogartaig meic Folachtaig, Clann Duibduin, (105 vc) Clann Dondgalaich, (105 vd) Clann Chongaili, Clann Fearadaig, all descendants of Muindech, Ui F(.)arga (Clann Corcran), Muintir Bearga, (106 a) Muinter Gabadain, Clann Floind Maigi Molla, Cland Floind Brodgaili, Clann Ferrdomnaig meic Beccain, (106 b) Sl nAegucain, Clann Cernaich meic Duibdachain, Clann Indercaich, all descendants of Fuirg; Muscraidi Airther, (106 c) U Chaindich; Muscraidi Trethirne, (106 vb) Cuirc, chief of Muscraide Treithirne, Muscraidi Tri Maigi, (107 a) Muscraidi Airther Femin U Drona, (107 b) Muintir Chuirrin, Muinter Sechnasaich, Cenel Findchada, (107 d) U Caindig; (107 va) U Daigri of Muscraige Tire, Muinter [Fh]lannchada, U Merchain, (107 vb) U Cuilindain, U Blaithmeic, (107vc) Muscraide Tr Muige; further genealogies of the descendants of Muindech, son of Forad, viz.: Clann Carrthaig meic Muindig; (107vd) Corco Duibne, (108a) U Conaing, U Chorcrain, U Nuidin, Sl Flaind, (108 d) Corco Duibne, (108va) Aes Coinchind, Failbe (fo. 108 v inf. marg.), very rubbed, (108 vb) Cor [c] o Baiscind, U Deicci, (108 vd) Cenel Guaingle, Ui Conairge, (109 a) U N, (109 b) Corco Baiscind, pedigree of Huidrui, bishop of Cill Roin and Achad Find; fo. 109 rc 23 occurs a poem on the descent of the three Cairpres from Conn. Fochen in dam donfainic, 4 qq.

109 118 (108) r [239]d. 8. [Fr Alban.] Account of the Fir Alban ("Miniugud Senchusa Fer n Alban"). Beg. Da mac Echach Munreamair .i. Earc 7 Olchu. Genealogies of the Fir Alban. viz.: (109 vb) pedigree of Constantin, son of Colum, King of Scotland (110 b) Clann Loairn Mair, Clann Chomgaill, (110 c) Clann Aengusa, Muinter Mhaelfhindain, (110 d) resumed genealogies of Muscraide Mitaine (Sl Oengusa Tuirbich), Muscraide Tre, Muscraide Tri Maige, (110 va) Eraind.

110 119 (109) v [242]c. Account of the descendants of Luighith, son of Ith. Beg. Luigith .i. hIth. Robo lugu na athair uair rob hIth ainm cach fhir dib. Genealogies of the following families, Corco Laide, (111 vb) Sl Aengusa Bulgae (acc. to Saltair Caisil and Lebar Oilean Insi Duin), (112 c) U Badamna, (112 va) U Aengusa, (112 vc) na Cairpri a Cliachan Muig, (112 vd) Conchobair Corca Laide Cuili, Bairi Arann, (113 b) account of the seven ancient divisions of Corco Laide ruled by Gilla Michil, Conneid, Laegaire, Haengusa, Fithchellaig, Dungaile, Dub Da Leithi; (113 c) pedigree of Heters[c]eoil.

113 122 (112) v [248]a 1. Account of the three Fothads, headed ''Sic inuenitur hi Saltair Chaisil.'' Beg. Na tri Fothaid .i. Fothad Airctheach 7 Fothad Cairptheach .i. Fothad Canand 7 Fothad Dolus. Genealogies of their descendants, including Uaithne Tire.

114 123 (113) r [249]a, Leabhor Ulltach (later hand). Account of the descendants of Ir, son of Milesius. Pedigrees of the following personages of the Clanda Rudraidi: (114 b) Congal Clairingneach, Fergus Mor, Conall Cernach (with alternative pedigree acc. to Cn Droma Snechta), (114 c) Cealtchar mac Uitheochair, Aengus Belderg, Laegaire Buadach, Athirne, Eirrgi Echbel, (114 va) Fachtna Fathach, Carbad Cennliath, with the poem Seacht meic Carbaid croda in chreach, 9 qq., (114 vb) list of the Kings of ire of the race of Ir, with the poem (115 b) Seacht primrig for Erind ain, 5 qq.

115 124 (114) r [251]c. Pedigree of Conall Anglondach eponymous ancestor of Conaille Muirthemne and genealogies of his descendants, (115 vb) U Mathgnai.

115 124 (114) v [252]c m. Account of the descendants of Conchobar mac Nessa with the poems Maicne Chonchobar in rig, 5 qq., (116 a) Conchobar mac Nessa, Rombai laithi rordu rind, 8 qq.

116 125 (115) r [253]a 35. Account of the descendants of Fergus mac Rosa taken from Saltair Chaisil (see fo. 121 d). Genealogies of the families of (116 va) Orbraide, (116 vc) Benntraide, (116 vd) U Cairpri Eba, (117 a) Corco Sogain of Bentraide; (117 b) pedigrees of Fergus himself (three alternatives), (117 c) of Flann Feorna, and genealogies of Flann Feorna's descendants, viz. : ( 117 d) Clann Dunchada, (117 va) Clann Mailcoba, Clann Cathasaich, Clann Echach, Clann Aililla, Clann Aengusa, Clann Murtaili, Clann Artgaili [Clann Maili Tuili], Clann Rechtabrad; Clann Duncada meic Colmain, (117 vb) Clann Concobair, Clann Donngaili, Clann Duib Da Broine, Clann Duib Da Thuili, Clann Duib Da Lais, U Dunchada Bic, (117 vc) U Duibli; U Congair, Clann Fhaebarda; U Concaith, Clann Congamnai, Clann Concoingelt, Clann Duibindrecht, (117 vd) Clann Cellaich, Clann Uargalaich (two families of the same name); U Glaisne (Clann Baethaillich), U Congusa, U Baethellaich, (118 a) U Edalaig, U Conbrain, U Rethach, Clann Leadain, (118 b) U Carraidi, Clann Colmain, U Muirgelaich, U Feitheamail, U Tomain, (118 c) U Comraidi, Clann Fiancuiri, Clann Fhianardai, Clann Fiandaei, Clann Milaei, Clann Tochraidi, Clann Donngaili, Cland Coilcind, (118 d) Cenel nAngain, U Muirdemair, U Abartaich, U Aine, U Baethanaich, U Gemil, Clann Arrthaich, (118 va) Clann O[d]rain meic Aine, Clann Chonchobair, U Concuan, Clann Irgalaig, (118 vb) Clann Duibchonnaim, U Snedgaili, Clann Forgaill, (118 vc) Clann Conallaich, U Bain, Ui Ailchine, Clann Baethgaili, Clann Gentine, Clann Fhir D Chrch, (118 vd) Clann Aimirgin, Clann Sceallain, Clann Fidchuiri, Clann Indartgaili, Clann Dubain (Clann Rig), (119 a) Clann Colmain, Clann Aimriti, U Eangain, Clann Chethirnaich, ( 119 b) Clann Findchada, U Athairrne, U Cholla, Clann Sarin, (119 c) Clann Martan, Clann Enna meic Duibi, U Corbain, (119 d) U Conniuin, U Ingtigern, U Eochairn, U Fidabrat, (119 va) U Comnand, U Meic Lingi, U Brocan, U Branchon, U Caireta, (119 vb) U Daigri, U Dubgosa, Clann [Fh]aelchon, Clann Luigne, (119 vc) Clann Setna, Clann Garban, Clann Uachtaich, Clann Macaine, (119 vd) Clann Eltcon, Clann Daigri, Clann Tenaich, Clann Enchoraich, Clann Hueri, U Aegloga, (120 a) U Duibshidhi; U Luchta, Clann Aindgeadha, Clann Laisre, Clann Fhloind, Clann Fhocartaich, Clann Eidlig, (120 b) Clann Fhlanngusa, Clann Coimdelaich, Clann Dimosaich, Clann Airechtaich, U Dullain, U meic Conmind, (120 c) U Meic Deceat, U Diarmada, U Snuadan, U Conlaind, U Torna, [U Uidireanaich], Clann Forbasach; (120 d) U Flandain, U Thibraidi, U Duban, U Chrundmail, (120 va) U Cairthaind, U Conblai, U Aithr, (120vb) U Meic Thail, (120 vc) Corca mRuad nDithcolla, (120 vd) Ciarraid[e] Oic Beathra, Ciarraide Cuirchi (U Cuirp), U Dubthaig, (121 a) U Lannain, U Enda, U Dubain, U Fidaig, U Dulmna, (121 b) Alltraide, U Chrundmail, Clann Elathaich, (121 c) Clann Eignig, U Conairge; ends (fo. 121 rd 38) with the words, Hic plurima praetermitto quamvis Saltair Chaisil tenet.

121 130 (120) r [263]d 38. Genealogies of the families of Corcamruad of the race of Fergus mac Roig. Beg. Conchobar 7 Lochlaind da mac Maileachlaind, (121 vb) U Nadfraich, (121 vc) Muinter Minan, Ui Baith, (121 vd) Conchobair Corcamruad, (122a) Lochlaind.

122 131 (121) r [265]b 12. Tract on the filiations of the Muinter Arga. Headed ''Miniugad shenchasa Corcamruadh." Beg. Tigearnach mac Arga meic Samragain a quo U Thighearnaig.

122 131 (121) v [266]a 1. Genealogies of the descendants of Fergus mac Roig, viz.: (122 vb) Cenel nEdne, Conmaicni Culi Tolad, (122 vc) Muinter Crechain, Conmaicne Rein, (123 a) chiefs of Muinter Eolais (imperfect); (123 b) Muintir Angaili (imperfect), Cuind (imperfect), chief of Muintir Gillgain, (123 c) Crecraide; (123 va) Dl mBuindi, Arai, (123 vb) U Meic Liag, Dil Cairpri Arad Cliach, (124 a) Sl Moga Ruith meic Fergusa, U Causain, (124 b) U Cuscraid.

124 133 (123) v [270]a 1. Mog Ruith rigfile gan gai, 37 qq.

125 134 (124) r [271]a 1. Genealogies of the families of Corco Oiche, with the poem (125 b) Ba mol midend midlaidi, 8 qq.

125 134 (124) r [271]b 21. Tract on the descendants of Conall Cernach, beg. Ateat clanda fileat fri lochaib Erne siar

125 134 (124) v [272]b 6. Genealogies of Dl nAraidi, (126 c) U Eachach Coba, (126 d) Clann Aeda, Mag Oengusa.

126 135 (125) v [274]a 1. Genealogies of the tribes of Laigis of Leinster, descendants of Lugaid Laigseach, son of Conall Cernach, viz.: ( 126 vb) Laigis Raimne, (126 vc) Laigis Reta. Tract breaks off imperfect, fo. 127 rb 9.

127 136 (126) v [276]a 1. Genealogies of the Dl Fiatach ("Minigud Senchasa Ulad so .i. Dl Fiatach"), (127vb) Mac Gilli Muiri. Cf. 139 rb below for repetition.

129 138 (128) r [279]a 13. Account of the tribes which pre-ceded the U Eachach (''Forshloindti a nEachach") and the Ulaid ("Forshloindti Ulad").

129 138 (128) r [279]b 15. History and genealogies of the Monaig of Ulster, Clann Ruairc, etc.

129 138 (128) v [280]b. 1. Account of the descendants of Ir, son of Milesius, preceded by note, p. 280, col. 2 (''Aithminiugud senchasa Ulad andso doreir Lebair Duin D Leathglas 7 Lebair Dairi 7 Lebair Duini Geimin 7 Lebair Sabaill Padraig 7 na n-eolach n-arsanda aircheana''). Beg. Hir filius septimus. Includes (130 a): Is mor do milib ftchit, 6 qq.

130 139 (129) r [281]b. Pedigree of the chief of Cenel nDeaman.

130 139 (129) r [281]b 48. History of the Ulaid ("Miniugad Senchusa Ulad") Repetition of ff. 127 va-128 vb, supra.

131 140 (130) r [283]b 11. On the forsloinnte of U Eachach. Repetition from fo. 129 ra 13 ff.

131 140 (130) r [283]b 40. Pedigree of Feargus mac Rosa Roig. Cf. fo. 117 rb.

131 140 (130) v [284]a 1. Pedigree of Cuchulainn.

131 140 (130) v [284]b 1. History of the exiled descendants of Feargus and of the descendants of Cealtchair mac Uitheochair.

131 140 (130) v [284]c 9. Pedigrees of St. Findia of Cluain Iraird, St. Brenaind, Bishop Erc of the race of Feargus. With historical notes on the descendants of Conchobar Mac Nessa and extract from his poem Robai laithi roirtiu rind, 2 qq. Cf. fo. 116 ra 15.

131 140 (130) v [284]c 51. Genealogies of Dl nAraidi, descendants of Conall Cernach.

132 141 (131) v [286]a 3. Genealogies of Clann Ruairc of the Monaig.

132 141 (131) v [286]a 38. Genealogies of Dai mBuindi.

132 141 (131) v [286]c. Genealogies of Cenel nDeamain. Cf. 130 b.

133 142 (132) r [287]a 46. Genealogies of Cenel Findain.

133 142 (132) r [287]b 12. Genealogies of U Earca Chein, viz.: U Eogain meic Cruind, Clann Cail, (133 vb) Clann Eanna meic Eogain, (133 vc) U Suanaig, (134 a) Clann Ceallaig, Sl Fingin, (134 b) Clann Uargusa, Clann Uarabai, Clann Laitir Clain Torc, ( 134 c) U Coibdeanaig, Clann [Fh]urudran, Clann Muireadaig, (134 d) Cenel Crimthainn, (134 va) Cenel mBruindia i Conaillib, Cenel Conaill Gulban, (134 vb) Cenel mBairrf(.)ind, Cenel Fiachra Bic meic Maine, (134 vc) Cenel Fiachrach, (134 vd) U Eirc, Clann Aeda Uallaig.

135 144 (134) r [291]c 46. Genealogies of U Earca Chein ("De f(.)orsloindtib ua nErca Chein"), viz.: Cenel Talain, (135 vb) Dal Fochain Ichtair, (136 a) Cland Cainnig, (136 va) Crothraigi and Buaingine, Dal Coirb Fobair, (136 vc) Clann Cruind meic Luigdech, U Inneada, (137 c) Clann Leathlobair, (137 d) Clann Maelduin of Sl Fiachnai with pedigree of Congal Claen, etc.; (137 vc) Clann Baetain, (137 vd) Sl Cellaig, (138 b) Sl mBaith, (138 c) Clann Echach meic Conla, (138d) Clann Cellaig, (138 va) Clann Mailin, (138 vb) Clann Connla meic Caelbaid. Ends imperfectly, fo. 138 vb.

139 148 (138) r [299]a. Leabhor Breatnagh (in a later hand). Beg. Britania insola [a Bretoni] filio Isicon dicta est. The text is a composite one, incorporating two recensions of the original (Van Hamel's L1 and L2 versions). There is a gap, owing to the loss of one folio, after fo. 141, but this gap can be filled by the copy in BB Facs. 203 ff. The text ends imperfect on 145 ra (= TCD, H 2 17, p. 178 a).
Ed. A. G. Van Hamel, Lebor Bretnach (Irish MSS. Commission, Dublin, 1932).

145 rb, H.2.17, p. 178 b (in an unknown hand). Dialogue of Colum Cille with a youth at Carric Eolairc. Beg. Imaccallaimm Coluim Cille. Ed. Meyer, ZCP ii, 313-7, from T.C.D., H.3.18, p. 555.

145 va, H.2.17, p. 179. Tecosca Cormaic (here headed: "Cairbri Lifeochair rothothlaig in tegoscsa fora athair .i. for Cormac mac Airt"). Meyer used this text, with others, for his ed. R.I.A. Todd Lecture Series, xv (1909), p. 2 ff. Text breaks off fo. 146 v (p. 181), col. 4, l. 13, at a point corres. to ed. Meyer, p. 36, 18, but resumes fo. 147 r (p. 182), col. 4, l. 45, and breaks off finally fo. 147 v (p. 183), col. 1, at a point corres. to ed. p. 38, 19.

146 v, H.2.17, p. 181, col. 4, l. 15. The Sayings of Fithal. Beg. Tosach acra achmosan. Breaks off, fo. 147 r (p. 182), col. 4, l. 44, at a; point corres. to ed. Thurneysen, Zu irischen HSS. und Literaturdenkmlern (Kgl. Gesellschaft der Wissensch. zu Gttingen, Abhandl. Phil.-Hist. Klasse, xiv, no. 2), 1912, p. 19, l. 24. Cf. R. M. Smith : The Senbriathra Fithail and related texts, Rev. Celt., xlv, p. 1.

147 v, H.2.17, p. 183, col. 2. Gnomic sayings, beg. Maith dan eacna. Ed. R. M. Smith, Rev. Celt., xlv, p. 89.

147 v, H.2.17, p. 183, col. 2 m. The Triads of Ireland. Beg. Ceand Erenn Ard Macha.

148 v, H.2.17, p. 185, col. 1. Dialogue of the Two Sages, beg. Agnai mac Uithir. Ends imperfect, fo. 150 v (p. 193), suith usce i fn blasa .i, blas fna (= 23 E 13, p. 21, l. 15).

151 151 (142) r [305]a 1. Auraicept na nEigeas. Short version of the text. Cf. BB Facs., p. 314a ; YBL, col. 500. For other copies see ed. George Calder, Auraicept na nces. Edinburgh, 1917. Cf. Thurneysen, ZCP 17, p. 277.

163 163 (154) r [329]a 1. List of the saints of ire, with account of their descent from famous personages of ancient times. Beg. Patraic mac Alpraind ar slicht Britain meic Feargosa Leith Deirg.

164 164 (155) r [331] col. d 31. Glossary of obscure Irish terms. Beg. Ur .i. tosach er .i. uasal.

166 166 (157) r [335], col. a 37. Tract on the letters of the alphabet. Beg. Trachtad annso arna thairring a leabraib laidianda 7 a proiceapt Presine [Priscian] 7 a diamraib breithrib Donaide [Donatus].

166 166 (157) r [335],col. c 23. Tract setting forth the merits of St. Brigid. Beg. Gach ni thra rochuindged Brigit forsin Coimdig do beirthea di.

166 166 (157) r [335],col. d 36. Short account of how St. Adamnn freed women from military service. Beg. Dia roibe Adamnan feacht and ac imtheacht Muigi Breag 7 a mathair fora muin.

166 166 (157) v [336]a 17. Legend of Cormac mac Airt and the two witches from Scotland. Beg. Dia roibe Cormac mac Airt meic Cuind Chetchathaic iar fuinead ngreine i Temraid.

166 166 (157) v [336]b 34. Legend of St. Ite (here Midi). Beg. Midi ingen Chindfaelad m. Cormaic m. Conchobair. At end occurs the poem Isican | ailairim (sic) am disf(.)eartan, 6 qq.

166 166 (157) v [336]d 9, Tract on the genealogies of the twelve Apostles and on the manner of their deaths (''Do bungenelaig na n-apsdal").

167 167 (158) r [337]a 28. Account of the divisions of ire made between Eogan Mr and Conn Ctchathach. Beg. Luid Eogan Mr iarsin do gabail rigi na Muman 7 a oidi lais .i. Dairi Barrach. Ed. V. Hull, ZCP 19, p. 59.

167 167 (158) r [337]b 6. Account of the birth of Fiacha Muilleathan, son of Eogan Mr mac Aililla Uluim, and of the Siege of Druim Damgaire. Beg. Doluid Eogan. Mr mac Aililla Uluim do chath Muigi Mucraime.

167 167 (158) r [337]b 44. Account of the fosterage of Niall mac Eachach Muidmedoin and Corc mac Luigdeach by Torna. The exile and return of Corc to Munster. Beg. Ro b Niall mac Eachach Muidmedoin ro bo rig for Eirind in tan doluid Corc mac Luigdeach tairis. Ed. V. Hull, ZCP 18, p. 420.

167 167 (158) v [338]a 13. Account of the Creation and of the descendants of Adam and Eve down to Abraham. Beg. In principio creauit Deus caelum et terram .i. dorigni dia nem 7 talam ar tus 7 ni fuil tosach na foircend fairseom fesin.

168 168 (159) r [339]a 1. Tract on the legal rights, privileges, etc, of the Irish poets. Beg. Treide dleagar don ollamf(.)ilead andso sis i . teinm laega 7 imos forosnad 7 dicheadal do chennaib.

168 168 (159) v [340]b 31. Tract on the seven ecclesiastical orders, beg. Seacht ngraid eagalsa thra .i. liachtreoir iarsani thoirithnigeas he a liachta do gabail um Chaisc.

169 169 (160) r [341]b 1. Tract on the derivation of the names of letters in the Ogam alphabet. Beg. Atbearait aroile dona hudaraib nach o dainib ro hainmniged feada i n-ogaim.

169 169 (160) v [342]a. 1. Tract on the five principal dynasties of the world before the rise of the Roman Empire. Beg. Coic primflatha robadar forsin doman roim flaitheas na Romanach.

169 169 (160) v [342]a 47. Cath Airtig. Beg. Rof(.)odail thra Cumscraid Meand Macha mac Concobar a f(.)erand dia braithrib .i. di claind Rudraide 7 do cloinn Chonchobar aircheana. Ed. R. I. Best, riu 8, p. 170.

170 170 (161) r [343]a 42. A short Calendar, giving festival days of the Irish Church.

170 170 (161) v [344]a. Dia moir dom imditen, 79 qq. Headed, ''In ochf(.)oclach h Emin."
Pr. Kuno Meyer, ZCP 8, 198-217, from Laud 615, 122-27.

171 171 (162) v [346]b m. Geibid in mbiaid, maith in mod, 37 qq. On the merits of the recitation of the Beatitudes.

172 172 (163) r [347]a 49. Cummn. Sluaigead so re Sil Adaim, 19 qq.
Pr. O. J. Bergin, The Irish Review, II, 248-51.

172 172 (163) v [348]. blank.

173 221 (212) r [441]a 1. [Cir Anmann.] Beg. Art Aenf(.)ear cid dia da. Shorter recension of text. Cf. BB Facs., pp. 249a-255 a. Ms. I, Advocates' Library, Edinburgh, pp. 5-8 a (MacKinnon Cat.). A longer recension from H.3.18 (T.C.D.), 565.a, is the basis of ed. Stokes, Irische Texte, Dritte Serie, 2 Heft, p. 285 ff.

176 224 (215) r [447]a 1. Genealogical treatise consisting of the following sections:
Tract on the succession of the Kings of Connacht from the time of Meadb to Niall, son of Eochaid Muigmedon. Beg. Is iad so rigraid Connacht tareis Aillela 7 Meadba.

176 224 (215) v [448]a 27. Pedigree of Conall Chruachna, King of Connacht, contemporary of Feidlimid Rechtmar.

176 224 (215) v [448]b 1. Pedigree of Goll of the race of Morna, account of his ancestor Magach Muirisce, and some account of the history of the descendants of Mrna.

177 225 (216) r [449]a 30. Genealogy of the U Earca Chin. In col. a something has been erased.

177 225 (216) r [449]b 1. Series of short articles showing the inter-relation of Irish families. Pr. T. Raithbheartaigh, Irish MSS. Commission: Genealogical Tracts, I, p. 133 ff. Includes notes on:

[Eoganachta] Descendants of Fiacha Muilleathan, viz.: U Deadach, U Fidchluic, U Forann of Fir Maige.

Descendants of Echaid Coba, Dl nAraide, U Echach, Corco Oiche.

Descendants of Orbsiu Mar, Ua Mochan, U Torna, Alltraite.

Descendants of Fergus [mac Rig], Menraidi, Orbraidi, Beantraidi, Dal Cethirn, Dai Condaich in Corco Duibne, Dal mBuindi, na Ceathra hAraid, Sogain ; Mascraidi in Disi Breg, etc.

Descendants of Nada Aircedlam, Sl nAirced rois, Fir Nuadad.

[Dl Cais.] Pedigree of Tairrdealbach, descendant of Echaid Bailldearg; descendants of Caisin, son of Cas, Cland Cuilen, Cenel Dungaili, U Dobarchon, Cland Echach.

Note stating that Beantraide and Orbraide meet in Lug mac Eithleand meic Fear[gusa].

Meandraidi in Deisi Muman from Meand, son of Fear[gusa].

Descendants of Feidlimid Reachtmar, Corco Roeada in Connacht, (177 v) Curandraidi, Caelrigi, Corco Eala, Corco Chroissine.

Pedigree of Eochaid Ailtleathan, descendant of Feidlimid Rechtmar.

Pedigree of Aed Molt Gabaich, descendant of Conall Eachluath, from whom descend Cenl Fearadaich Tulcha c of Dal Caiss.

Genealogy of U Fiachrach in Tuaisceirt, from Echaid Muidmedon.

Descent of the Conaille.

Descendants of Torna, Corcamruad, O n[D]ithcolla, Ciarraidi Chuirchi, U Lannain, Ciarraidi Oic Beathra in Connacht; U Dubthaich, Sortraidi, Ciarraidi of Sliab Cua.

Descent of Garbraidi from Eterscel.

Descent of Rothraide from Mog Ruith.

Note on the three sons of Ros Ruad.

Descent of Dai nUidne.

Note on Corco Ele, Corco Thenead, and Corcamruad Alta.

Cattraidi, Note on.

Descent of U Chuanach, in Sechtmad, Araid, Arad Thire, U Threna descert Chliach.

Arai, Cathraigi.

Descent of Orbraide and Beandtraide from Rudraidi.

Note on the land possessed by U Cormaic in Laigin.

Genealogy of Clann Caeroc.

Note on Echaid son of Enna Cendsealaigh.

Genealogy of Cenel nOchra (178 r).

Descent of the families of Corcamruad, the Four Araid, viz.: Tratraidi, Artraidi, Descert Cliach, U Fidban, Ciarraidi, Conmacne, Bidbraidi, Bendtraidi Corco Ulain, from the six sons of Feargus.

Descent of U Mescill, U Dochlu, Laigis Raeda, Laigis Chuili Buichli, etc.; Laigis Raimne, Dublaigis, Laigis Tulcha Breogaind, Laigis Ua Cuiline, from Laiseach Cendmar.

Note on Teathra, wife of Forcall Manach.

Descent of Ua Eirc Uisque.

Note on Mal Maineand, Duibdaruad, Cadain, chiefs of Conmaicne Mara.

Note on Gormacain, Tolairc, Toralaich, and Carmacain, chiefs of Conmaicne Dine Duna Mir.

Descent of Conaill Chuile.

Descent of U Mail of Osraide.

Pedigree of Buide, descendant of Cormac mac Concorp.

Descent of Cenel Cendlain.

Descent of the Gaileanga Becca.

Descent of Sil nElathaich of Laigin.

Note on the name Cuchorb.

Descent of the U Diarmada with extent of their territory, and account of the Cenel nEchach Find Fath nAirt (Cenel nEachach Bile, Tellach nEchach 7 Imchlairi of Locha Erne 7 Cenel Imchomais i nAilbe and Saerclanda Fotharta).

Descent of Corco Chuirnd Chailli, Corco Cuirn in tuaiscirt and Corco Chuirn Meda.

[Airgialla.] Note on Ua Niallain (U Anluain), Cland Chernaich (U Lorcain), Ua Breasail (U Cheallachain). Note on the Sl Colla Mend.

Genealogy of U Ceallaich Dithruib.

Descent of the Conmaicne.

Descent of the Garbraidi.

[Eogunachta.] Descent of U Chathbhad Chliach. (178 v) descent of U Chreamthaind, U Dedaid, U Broccain, U Ailella, U Derduib, descent of Cenel Sodeilbi.

Note on the descendants of Meadb Leithdearg, viz.: Artraidi in Fir Breg, Boandraidi in Deisi Breg, Bonandraidi in Airgialla.

Note on the origin of the Boroma.

Note on Tarbga, daughter of Echomon, mother of Find mac Gleoir and Find Ua Baiscne.

Descent of Corco Duibne (sic), Corco Temrach, Corco Duib in the Southern Deisi.

Descent of Muinter Doired of Domnach Mr Maigi Itha and U Ocan Tulcha Oc from Feargus mac Eogain meic Neill.

Descent of the Nossraidi Gulban Guirt and Cairpri in Conmaicne Rein.

Note on Cuach, daughter of Caelbad mac Colmain.

Common descent of Clann Shnedandlain of Ath Da Laarg and U Cuain Chilli Delga.

Descent of U Bruin na Sinda.

Descent of U Maelduib and U Chon Crithid.

Descent of Cenel Dobtha, and Corco Sechlaind in Connacht.

Descent of Cenel Nechtain.

Descendants of Cairbri Conrith, viz. : Ui Briin Ratha in West Connacht, U Dadlaich, U Cheind Eidich, Ui Duind, U Findocc Ch[n]uig Thuaga, U Laidin Lecaid, U Challannan, U Cenndubain, U Flaithbertaich na Toibrin.

Descent of Ui Chanandain i nUaithib la Deircdeirc.

Descent of Cenl Nechtain (see supra).

Descent of Cenel nAengusa, U Allmarain being the hereditary chieftains.

Descent of the dynasty of Rith Cruachan.

Descent of Fir Umaill.

Descendants of Conall Cremthaind, viz.: U Maine, U Aililla, U Illaind, U Fice, U Garban, U Maili Duin of Clonmacnoise, U Domnallain of Fir Tulach, U Charraicc, Muinter Muiricen, Muinter Mail Chein.

Genealogy of U Chremthaind Chuile 7 Muigi Dairine.

Tribute due from King of Laigin to chief of Ui Failge.

Descent of Cenel nDeada and Cenel meic Cuirir (179 r).

Note on the six sons of Eber Find.

Note on the six sons of Erimon.

Pedigree of Beccan.

Note on the murderer of St. Odran.

Descent of the Callraid Laithim and of Nuadan, their hereditary chieftain.

Note on the sons of Colla Meann.

Note on Beara, wife of Eogan Mor.

Note on Indearb and Eogan Mor, children of Ailill Olam.

Pedigree of Conair[e] Mr.

Descent of Luigni Connacht, Luigni Midi, Cianachta Beci Midi, Gaileanga in Choraind.

Descent of Dl Maigne in the Disi of Munster.

Note on Meas Buachalla, mother of Conaire Mr.

Descent of the Luidridi.

Descent of the Gabraide.

Descent of Find Baiscni of the Orbraide Droma Imnocht (Corco Luachra) and of the Bendtraigi of Corco Luachra.

Descent of the Beandtraidi Fhine, Beantraidi Laigin and Beandtraidi Thire, U Eachach in the Crich Ua nAengusa.

Note on Eithneand mac Fhercithich.

Descent of U Maine Condacht, U Cremthaind Cloindi Fearadaich from Fiacha Sraiftine.

Note on the three sons of Muireadach Tireach, son of Fiacha Sraiftine.

Descent of the Neachtraide.

Note on the four sons of Eogan, son of Niall Naigiallach.

Note on the three sons of Mog Nuadat and the descent of the Rothraidi.

The descent of the Aibride.

Descent of the Nuidride of Mide.

Note on Pupa Papa.

Descent of the Luigridi of Ulaid.

Descent of the Caelraidi.

Descent of the Baenraigi of the Cruithne.

Descent of the Luaigne of Tara.

Descent of the Bladraidi of Dai Riada.

Descent of the Curidi.

Descent of Corco Dimae.

Descent of Corco Fuindche from Enda Uindche.

Descent of Dal Maignend from Maignend Gall.

Descent of Dail Meic Con.

Descent of Dal Luigne Leathduib of the rna in Dail Maigne.

Descent of Dal Mugaidithi.

Descent of the Cerdraidi Beirri.

Note on Laegaire (son of Laegaire mac Neill), who was killed by Patrick (179 v).

Note on the six sons of Deadad.

Descent of Muscraidi Mitaine and Muscraidi Thiri.

Descent of Cuirc and Dondacain.

Descent of Muscraidi Threithirne.

Descent of Erna Meadoin Muman, Corco Duifne, Erna Duine Cearmna Theas.

Note on the battle of Dam Cluain, where Brian, son of Eochaid Muigmedon fell, and on his burial in Tulcha Domnand.

Note on the descent of Uaithne Thiri and Uaithne Chliach.

Descent of Cenel Aeda Croin, Cenel Aeda Echrais, Cenel Cathail, and Cenel Fiachrach.

Descent of Ui Aicher and Mec Carrthaich.

Descent of Corca Moga in Connachta, descent of the Carn Eret in Megraidi, origin of name Fir Maigi of the Ulaid or Cianachta, descent of the Medraidi of Connacht.

Descent of Sil Fiachrach Tes and Tuaid.

Note on the seven sons of Aed Slane with their descendants.

Story of the banishment of Corc, son of Lugaid, through the instigation of his stepmother Dael and the descent of Leamnaigi of Scotland, Eoganachta Lacha Lein and Cuircne Midi from him.

Descent of the Graeraidi, Corco Dula and Mendraidi.

Origin of the Lamraidi.

Note on the twelve holdings of Arai Cliach.

Descent of U Airt.

Note on Cumar Diabalmuine of Ciannachta Gleanna Gaimen.

Note on the sons of Domnall mac Fiachrach Sraiftene.

Note on the Three Collas (180 r).

Pedigree of Aincel, son of R Breatan.

On Deirdre's children.

Descent of U Deada Thamnaidi, etc.

Note on the death of Eterscel Mr and the eric-fine levied on Laigin on account of his death.

Descent of U Deada Bicc.

Descent of Labraid Lamfhota from Cairpre Niafer.

Descent of Dal Ceiti of Munster.

Pedigree of Foirbri of the race of Lugaid mac Itha.

Descent of the Five Dealbnai; note on the five sons of Lugaid, Enna Teith, Enna Airctheach, Gno Mor, Gno Beg and Dealbaeth, ancestor of the Dealbnai.

Note on Sadb, daughter of Ailell and Meadb.

Note on Meadb's two sons, Sanb and Ceat.

Descent of Mac Gilli Chellaich and Heidhin.

Pedigree of Horsa and Hengist down from Iafeth through Saxi from whom descend the Saxons.

Note on Etain, wife of Eochaid Aireman.

Note on the descendants of Breogan (180 v).

Note on the interdependence of various family stems.

Note on Aengus Gaibuaibtheach.

Pedigree of Diarmaid, fourth in descent from Flann, son of Mailechlainn, King of Meath, cotemporary of Brian Boru (181 r).

Pedigree of Rudraigi, son of Sithrige, King of Ireland.

Pedigrees of the following personages : Dardan, Britus, Laimidon, Laitin, Aigmenon, Britus mac Isicon, Iruath, and his wife, Ligda, Tisamaineis, Silbi, from whom descend the Romans, Cruithne.

Note on the descendants of Ogman, son of Fiacha Find.

Note on Cairpri Mr and Cairpre Bec, sons of Echaid and on Cairpre Crom, son of Cairpre Cerp, Cairpre, son of Faelan, Cairpre, son of Snedgus, Cairpre, son of Dinascad.

Pedigree of Duineochaich, son of Echaid Ele (chief of South Ely), 14th in descent from Feidlimid Rechtmar. Headed, "Genealach Ele Descirt."

Descent of Muinter Leargusa in West Connacht, Mninter Fothaig, Muinter Chulachain, Muinter Thomaltaich, Muinter Ubain.

Pedigrees of Deadad, son of Sen and Tigernach Tedbandach, brother of Sen (181 v).

Descent of Partraidi Chera, Partraidi in Lacha, and Partraidi Shlebi.

Pedigree of Radnall of the U Setna, chief of Partraide.

Note on the Seven Maines.

Note on the Clann Duind Desa and their occupations.

Note on the linguistic capabilities of the various conquerors of ire up to Milesian Invasion.

Note on Anne, mother of the Blessed Virgin.

List of the families belonging to the Fir Sceindi of which Mag Riabaich was chieftain.

Note on Finmaith, daughter of Baedan, chief of Corco Duibne.

Note on the four sons of Aengus Treach and their descendants. Followed by pedigree of Saerbrethach of the race of Aengns.

Descent of Clann Chuain and Clann Aililla meic Threichim.

Note on the five sons of Enna Airctheach, son of Lugaid. Followed by pedigree of Cu Gamna, 9th in descent from Conall Echluath.

Note on the inauguration of the King of Munster.

Note on the extent of the territory of Corco Eathrach.

Descent of the U Thorna, U Conchobair Chiarraidi (182 r).

Note on Cu, son of Feargus mac Rosa.

Pedigree of Concobar, son of Cathfad.

Note on the descendants of Nad Boidb of the race of Cathair Mar.

Note on the descendants of Eochaid Timine, son of Meadb, daughter of Breasal.

Note on the interrelation of various families.

Pedigree of Ragnall of the Manaig family ("Genelach Manach 7 Monach").

Pedigree of Breas, Balar, Indeach Mr, Tuiri Tortbemneach, Tren, Loiscend Luath, Eochaid Ribuidi, of the Fomoraig race ("Genelach na Fomorach") ( 182 v).

Short tract on the provincial kings, beg. Rig Caisil .i. a icht amail chraibeach, a muinter amail beochu a rigi amail chuil.

Descent of the free tribes of ire from the three sons of Ecnaid Muidmedon, from Cathair Mar and Ailill Olum. Definition of the term "forshloindti."

Note on the tribes composing Clann Chuind, Sl Fiachach Sui [g] de, and the extent of their territory, etc. (183 r).

Notes on the interrelationship of various Irish families.

Descent of the Eoganach[t] of Luigni Chondacht of which Mac Gilli Earraith is chief.

Descent of the ''Senerna mor na(?) Muman.''

Note on Eochaid mac Luchta.

Pedigree of Foirbri, descendant of Breogan mac Bratha.

183 173 (164) v [350]a. Account of the colonizations of Ireland. Beg. Cia cetfear dogob Eiri. Ni anse, Parrthalon.

183 173 (164) v [350]a 37. Cormac. Mac nach lium liter formsa, 3 qq.

183 173 (164) v [350]a 46. Oiged Chuinn Cetchathaich. Beg. Eochaid Belbuidi mac Feidlimid Rechtmair brathair Cuind. On the death of Conn at Tara by the hand of Tibraide. Ed. Bergin, ZCP 8, p. 275.

183 173 (164) v [350]b 36. Account of the settlements of the Aithechthuatha. Beg. Fodailsed aithechthuatha iar sin fo Eirinn.

184 174 (165) r [351]b. Cath Boindi. Beg. Rig rogob rigi for Erind feacht n-aill .i. Eochaid Feidleach.

185 175 (166) r [353]a, l. 9. Cruacha cathair Cloindi Cuind, 48 qq. Written in 1395 (see final q. of poem). Metrical version of the foregoing tract.

185 175 (166) v [354]a, l.43. Further account of the Aithechthuatha. Beg. Aitheachthuatha Heirend andso .i. Semandraid, Rathraidi, Beandtraidi. Ends (fo. 186 r a) with the poem Saerclanda Erind uili, 12 qq.

186 176 (167) r [355]b. Gnomic sayings headed "Aibidil Luigni mic [hEr]emoin." Beg. Cach breitheam a baegal.

186 176 (167) v [356]b. Da f(.)laith dec lodar ille, 20 qq. On the Milesians.

186 176 (167) v [356]b 47. Synchronisms of the Kings of Assyria with the Kings of ire ("Comaimser rig Asar re rigaib Erind so"). Beg. Isin bliadain deireanaig ria ndilind tainic Cesair i nEirind. The account is brought down to the time of Laegaire mac Nill.

190 180 (171) r [363]a, l. 33. Mac Firbisig (in a later hand). Reidig dam., a De do nim, 94 qq.

191 181 (172) r [365]b. Story of Finn and Grinne. Beg. Luid Find Ua Baiscne do thochmorc Graindi.

191 181 (172) v [366]a 8. Short tract on the Milesian invasion. Beg. Luid longos do chenel lafed mac .ix. a tirib Grec. Ed. V. Hull, ZCP 19, p. 156. T. Raithbheartaigh, Genealogical Tracts, I, p. 195.

191 181 (172) v [366]a, l. 42. Short tract on Neasa and birth of Conchobar mac Neasa.

191 181 (172) v [366]b, l. 8. Account of "Seantond Beirri," otherwise the "Cailleach Berri." Ed. V. Hull, ZCP 19, p. 175.

191 181 (172) v [366]b l. 16. Account of Ciarnid, beloved of Cormac mac Airt. Concludes with the poem Ciarnad cumal Chormaic coir, 3 qq.

191 181 (172) v [366]b, l.37. Feargos Gai do Bais (sic) mac Fothaid Airgthig. Mac Lugach co meid ngartai, 3 qq. With prose introduction.

192 182 (173) r [367]a, l. 1. Account of a parley between Mac Con and Ailell Olum at Cend Abrad and the ensuing battle between them at Ath mBeannchuir. Beg. Rigda rolaad in comdalsa do denam ag Mac Con i Cind Abrad.

192 182 (173) r [367]b, l.36. Account of the gifts paid by the King of Cashel to tributary chiefs with a reference to the cause of the battle of Cend Abrad. Beg. Fritholad Rig Coisil fri thuathaib .i. a ndleagaid de.

192 182 (173) v [368]b, l.11. Cailleach Beirri brig co mblaid, 13 qq. On the mothers of various famous Irishmen, Fintan, Manandan, etc.

193 183 (174) r [369]a, l.1. Ababn a baidathair, 5 qq. With an introduction detailing the circumstances of composition of this poem which is addressed to Feidlimid mac Crimthain.

193 183 (174) r [369]a, l.18. Account of the death of the prophets of the Old Law, Manasseh, Jeremias, Eidsiel, Daniel.

193 183 (174) r [369]a, l.36. Seacht caecaid uidead co mbrig, 6 qq.

193 183 (174) r [369]b, l.8. A Legend of Colum Cille and Brandub King of Leinster. Beg. Is he thra Colam Cilli do chuir cach ndochar do Leith Cuind co tarla fair techt i n-ailithre.

193 183 (174) v [370]a, l.7. Account of the origin of the various invaders of Ireland, Parthalon, Neimead, the Firbolg and Tuatha De Danaan. Beg. Parrthalon et Neimead da mac Agnomain. Pr. T. Raithbheartaigh, Genealogical Tracts, I, p. 197.

193 183 (174) v [370]a, l.38. Pedigree of Find mac Cumaill and account of the captains in charge of and battles engaged in by the Fenian troops. Beg. Find mac Cumaill meic Suailt.

193 183 (174) v [370]b, l.10. Short account of the exploits of Cecht, son of Ailell and Meadb, and the expulsion of the Fir Bolg from the district extending from Fid Chetmisi [in Connacht] to Limerick. Beg. Cecht mac Oililla ocus Meadba dalta do Deadad.

193 183 (174) v [370]b, l.20. Short tract in which Christ is compared to a mighty tree. Beg. Crand ingnad indistear isin leigend a uachtar uas f(.)irmaimint 7 a chtar talmain.

193 183 (174) v [370]b, l.41. Account of the parentage of St. Ciaran. Beg. Don .uii.mad aicme do Lathairna Molt do Chiaran.

194 184 (175) r [371]a. [Leabhar na gCeart.] Beg. Seacht n-urgarta rig hErind andso. Cf. BB, fo. 147.

202 192 (183) v [384]b (in a late hand) Airdrigh nimhi mar thuguis don dall a radharc, 1 st.

203 193 (184) r [385]a. [Banshenchus.] Beg. Eva bean Adaim is iside ced bean in beatha. Ed. M. C. Dobbs, Rev. Celt., xlvii, xlviii, from this ms.

208 198 (189) r [395]a. Gilla Modubda [Ua Caiside] (1147). Adam aenathair na ndaine, 273 qq. Composed in the year 1147.

213 203 (194) r [405]a. [Sl nbir.] Genealogical tract, beg. Ebear a quo dicitur Hibernia ut alii putant .u. filios habuit. The tract contains the following sections: List of thirty Kings of ire of the race of Eber, from Conmael to Duach Dalta Deadad, acc. to the Psalter of Cashel, with an account of the accession of the rainn to the Kingship of Munster, and the succession to the throne of Munster down to Ailill Eolam. The section finishes fol. 213 va with an account of the distribution of the Eberians throughout ire.

213 va. Genealogies of the descendants of Eber acc. to the Psalter of Cashel (headed "Incipit Psalterium Caisil genilach Sil nEbeir''), viz.: the descendants of Mog Nuadat; Laigenain; descendants of Aengus mac Nadfraich; the chief of the Eoganacht of Cashel acc. to the Psalter of Cashel.

214 va. Luchred, son of O Ciarda. Cu cen Mathair maith a cland, 17 qq. On the pedigree of Cathal mac Findgaine meic Con gen Mathair, chief of the Eoganacht of Cashel.

214 vb. Metrical comments on the chiefs of the Eoganachta, viz.:
ed Beandan bruth rigi rig, 1 q. On the chief of Eoganacht Lacha Lein.
Dungal Raithleand riu a chuirnd, 1 q. On the chief of Eoganacht Raithleann.
Faelgos Nad Fraech faebda cland, 1 q. On the Eoganacht of Cashel.
Amalgaid Enda Gart, 1 q. On the Eoganacht of Ane.
Oengas Croibdeag cathach rig, 1 q. On the Eoganacht of Gabra.
Eogan an caut maith maer, 1 q. On U Cairpri.

215 ra. Account of Eogan Taidleach, otherwise Eogan Fitheach (Fithecthach) and Mog Nuadat, relating how he saved the men of ire from famine.

215 ra. Account of the division of territory between the sons of Ailill Fland Beg, with some account of their descendants.

215 rb. On the division of ire between Conn and Eogan.

215 rb. Account of the division of Munster made by Ailill Olum between Cormac Cas, his own son, and Fiacha Muilleathan and the arrangements as to the succession to the Kingship of Munster made by Ailell.

215 va. Pedigrees of the chiefs of Eoganacht Airter Cliach, (215 vc) Eoganacht Ua Cathbaid and of U Eachach, (216 rb) U Meic Brocc, ( 216 rc) U Meic hIair, (216 rd) Eoganacht Caisil (Cenel Fingin), (216 va) U Failbi (Clann Dungaili), (216 vc) Cenel Conaill, Clann Cerbaill, Clann Laegair[i], Clann Chaelbuidi, (216 vd) U Muireadaig, Ceartraigi Tulcha Gosa, [U] Cairpri Luachrai, (217 rb) U Cathbad, U Fiachrach Eli (of U Cathbad), (217 rc) U Daigri, (217 rd) Gubraide, U Cormaic, U Liathain, (217 va) Cenel Dallain, (217 vb) descendants of Conall mac Eachach Liathain and (217 vc) Buirith mac Eachach Liathain, U Meic Brocc, U Meic Caille, (217 vd) U Taisig, (218 ra) U Cuirb, U Enda, U Fidgenti, (218 rb) U Cormaic, (218 rc) U Cairbri, ( 218 rd) U Lapai, U Meic Eirci, Fir Tamnaigi, U Eirc, (218 va) U Laegairi, U Erc Uisci, (218 vb) U Setnai, U Cathbad.

218 vc. Tract setting forth various names renowned among the descendants of Eber, renarration of the accession of the rainn to the throne of Munster, the derivation of the name of Ailill lum and the division of ire between Conn and Eogan, the names of Ailill's many sons. Beg. Clann Nuadat Declaim meic Eachach Faebair meic Conmail meic hEibir F(.)ind.

219 ra. Account of the birth of Corc mac Luigdeach. "Do Geineamuin Chuirc meic Luigdeach."

219 rb. Nae meic dec Aililla Uluim, 54 qq. On the descendants of Ailill Olum.

219 vb. The genealogies of the Dealbna Mor, Cenel Clothchon, (220 ra) Cland Dondgosa, Clann Breithemon meic Comgaill, Clann Ealcmair, (220 rb) U Meic Locc, U Airg, Clann Chainigi, U Gramma, (220 rc) Cenel Gaind, Ma[c] Cochlain, chief of Dealbna Mr (beg. wanting), (220 rd) Dealbna Thiri Da Loch in Connacht (Maconrai).

220 va. Brief history of the settlement of the Dealbna in Leath Cuinn. "Do thiachtain na nDealbnai ilLeath Cuind."

220 va. Dealbaeth Mor mac Cais meic Conaill, 15 qq. Metrical version of the foregoing tract.

220 vb. Tract on the descendants of Tadg mac Cin and account of the Battle of Crinna. The following poems are quoted: (221 rb) Luig Tadc mac Cein i Raith Chro, 4 qq. Cinaeth. Forsin n-aenchloich i Raith chro, 4 qq.

221 va. Cinaeth olach. Huallach do luid Tadc i treasaib, 24 qq. Metrical version of the foregoing tract.

221 vb. Account of the fashion in which Tadg mac Cin settled in Muma. Incomplete; a space on fo. 221 vb i and fo. 222 ra being left for the continuation of the text. Cf. the similar gap in this text indicated by a space in BB fo. 193.

222 ra. Toisc dia tainic Tadc mac Cein, 13 qq. On the settlement of Tadg mac Cin in Meath.

222 ra i. Account of the sons of Tadg mac Cin and their descendants.

222 rb. Genealogies of the descendants of Tadg mac Cin, viz.: (222 va) Ciannachta of Meath, Tuath Tuirbi (U Cormaic), Clann Cindf(.)aelad, (222 vb) Ciannachta Glenna Gemin (U Concobair), (222 vd) Saidne, (223 ra) U Diabalmuine, (223 rb) Luigni Connacht, ( 223 rc) Gailenga Breg, (223 va) Gadra, (223 vb) Cearbaill of le, (224 ra) Gaileanga Breag, (224 rb) Gaileanga of le, (224 rc) Gailinga in Choraind, etc.

224 va. Genealogies of Dl Cais (''Craebchoibneasa Dal Cais") of which Briain was chief, including (225 ra) Sl Donnchaid meic Briain, pedigree of Uilliam, twelfth in descent from Donnchad, son of Brian Boru, pedigree of the Briain family (two alternative versions), (225 vb) Clann Mathgamna meic Murchaid, Mac Muircheartaig in Enig, (225 vc) Clann Taidc Glae, Cland Duindchuan, (225 vd) Clann Cennetig meic Duindchuan, (226 ra) Clann Chonaing meic Duindchuan, Cland Coscraid, (226 rb) Senchan, U Beollain, (226 va) Clann Mathgamna meic Tairrdealbaig, Clann Ailgile, Clann Finain, Clann Floind meic Urclasaig, (226 vb) Cland Ailgili, (227 ra) Cland Eachach meic Tairrdealbaig, (227 va) Caisn, (227 vb) Mac Conmara, Cenel Dungaili (U Grada), (228 ra) U Dobarchon, Clann Eachach, Clann Aengusa, Aes Iarforgos (U Dedaid), (228 rc) Sl Fearrdomnaig, Clann Ifearnnain (U Cuind), Cenel mBaith, (228 rd) U Rongaile, ( 228 vb) U Nenna of the Dis Descertach, U Rosa of the same place, Cenl meic Cairthaind Duib.

229 ra. List of the Kings of the Dil Cas acc. to the Psalter of Cashel. Beg. with Cairthind Mr mac Blait, who was king of Thomond in St. Patrick's time and ends with Dondchad Cairbrech [ Briain]. Note follows (229 rd) on the cursing of Cormac Coichin mac Cairthaind Fhind by St. Odrn in consequence of which the Kingship passed from his line. Conall Caem mac Echach Bailldeirg was blessed by St. Ruadn of Lothra.

229 va. Genealogies of the Cland Briain Eatharlach, descendants of Dondchad, son of Brian Boru, (229 vb) Cland Taidc meic Briain.

230 ra. Da mac dec do chin o Chas, 40 qq. On the Dalcassians.

230 va. Mac Liag. Da mac dec Ceindeitig chaid, 8 qq. On the twelve sons of Ceinniteeh, father of Brian Boru.

230 va. Forf(.)acaib Blathmac do Thairrdealbach, 4 qq. On the Sl Tairrdealbaig.

230 va. I nInis ita mo chreach, 10 qq.; q. 10 imperfect.

230 vb. Tract on the tributes due to the King of Cashel from his territories. Beg. Ceart rig Caisil o crichaib. Ends imperfectly (fo. 230 vb) owing to a chasm in the ms.

231 231 (222) r [461]a, Dindshenchas (headed in a later hand "Leabhar Dinnseanchois"). Acephalous, owing to lacuna in the ms.
Begins imperfectly in the middle of the poem on Dun Gabail Tochmarc ingine Guill glais. Eleven qq. remain. First line here runs Anmand taiseach tuc anoir (ed. = Gwynn, Metr. Dindsh. II, p. 80, l. 33). The text is that of Version C (see Thurneysen, Heldensagen, p. 43). The following complete sections occur. Prose section precedes the poem in each case:

231 ra m. Bealach n[D]uirgein. Duirgen ingir in cach ard, 6 qq.

231 rb m. Baireand Charman. Boireand Carmain cid dia ta? 11 qq.

231 va m. Duiblind. Ingean Roduib chais chalma, 6 qq.

231 va i. Fornocht. (231 vb m) Find. Fornocht do dun, a Druim Den, 7 qq.

231 vb i. Ath Cliath. (232 ra) Ath Gliath fedaid lib co leic, 8 qq.

232 ra m. Beand Edair. (232 rb) Cid dorcha dam am leabaid, 28 qq.

232 va m. Dun Crimthaind. Ma dochuaid a n-echtra n-ain, 18 qq.

232 vb i. Raith Chnamrais. (233 ra m) Fuil leam do Laignib cach lo,13 qq.

233 ra i. Maistiu. (233 rb m) Ro bai bron for banntrocht mban, 9 qq.

233 rb i. Roeiriu. (233 va) Fuil folach os grian gan gai, 3 qq.

233 va m. Mag Mugna. Mugna, moi gnia feda fail, 4 qq.

233 va i. Belach Chonglais. (233 vb m) Rochuala sealg, sreathaib gal, 4 qq.

233 vb i. Ath Fathad. (234 ra) Monuar ni fortathaid. Rhetoric spoken by Fadad and Etan.

234 ra m. Ath Fadhat. Liath Lurcan luam gaiscead ger, 5 qq.

234 ra i. Bealach nGabrain. (234 rb) Inmain dam in Gabran glan, 5 qq.

234 rb m. Sliab Mairge. Marg mac Giuscaid co ngne nglain, 5 qq.

234 rb i. Ard Leamnachta. (234 va m) Seanchus Aird Leamnachta loir, 9 qq.

234 va i. Loch Garman. (234 vb i) Ri na loch in lochsa theas, 51 qq.

235 va. Loch Da Chaech. Tancadar sund | aeidig a cen, 9 qq.

235 va i. Port Lairgi. (235 vb m) Fuil sund aigi do churp rig, 10 qq.

235 vb i. Mag Raigne. (236 ra) Adchuala deigfhear damach, 8 qq.

236 ra m. Mag Feimin, Mag Feara, Mag Fea. Feimin aniug cid fasach,13 qq.

236 rb m. Tond Clidna. Geanand mac Triuin, toram ndil,14 qq.

236 va i. Clidna cendfhind, buan in bed, 10 qq. (relates to the preceding section).

236 vb m. Carnd Hi Neid. Leacht Breisi co mbuadaib, 18 qq.

237 ra m. Crota cliach. Sunda seafain Cliach side, 5 qq.

237 rb. Ceand Abrat. Ceand Abrat, alaind sliab sen, 19 qq.

237 va m. Ceand Cuirrich. Cuirrech Lifi cona li, 6 qq.

237 vb m. Teamair Luachra. An Luachair dono, in Luachair, 12 qq.

237 vb i. Sliab Mis. (238 ra) Mis, ingen Maireda muaid, 5 qq.

238 ra m. Tibra Seangarmna. (238 r b) Tibra Seangarmna fo snas, 32 qq.

238 va m. Find Glais a Luachair Deadad. Ro hort Blathnad ingen Mind, 3 qq.

238 vb. Srub Bruin. Tothus drecht dronamnas, 37 ll.

238 vb i. Maitean do Choin na Cearda, 11 qq.

239 ra m. Loch Lein. Dleagar do lind Locha Lein, 13 qq.

239 rb m. Carnd Fearadaich. In carnd adchiu co ndecair, 7 qq.

239 rb i. Luimnech. (239 va) A fhir fhodlas sos na sean, 17 qq.

239 vb. Sligi Dala.

239 vb m. The five chief highways of ire. Beg. Coic primroit Erenn. Cites Airne Fingin meic Luchta as authority. (239 v b i) Buaid Cuind rigroid rogaide, etc.

240 ra m. Seanchus ca ln ros farfaid, 25 qq. On the foregoing.

240 rb m. Sinand. Sinand, ca habur dia ta, 15 qq.

240 va m. Cuan Leochan. Saerainm Sinda sagid uaim, 14 qq. On the same.

240 vb m. Sliab nEchte. Seanchus Eachtaide aine,17 qq.

241 ra m. Ath Cliath. Diamad me no chindead ind, 8 qq.

241 rb. Meadraide. Meadraide mac Torcain moill, 17 qq.

241 va m. Loch Riach. Loch Riach, ca Riach isa loch? 17 qq.

241 vb m. Mag nAidne. Mag nAidne co murear mor, 10 qq.

242 ra m. Maenmag. Moenmag ca Maen ota in mag, 11 qq.

242 rb m. Loch nDeircdeirc. In lindsea luaidim cach lo, 27 qq.

242 vb. Raith Chruachan. Eistid a churu im Chruachain, 22 qq.

243 ra m. Carnd Fraich. (243 rb) Carnd Fraich, ca hadbar dia fuil, 32 qq.

243 vb. Ath Luain. (244 ra) A fr theid a Mag Medba, 26 qq.

244 rb i. Turloch Silinde. Turloch Silinde seo anne, 5 qq.

244 va. Findloch Cerai. Ader frib co fuain iar n-an, 6 qq.

244 va i. Mag nAe. A fhir, dia thes a Mag nAe, 6 qq,

244 vb m. Mag Mucroma. Mag Mucrima molos cach, 10 qq.

245 ra. Duma Sealga. Duma Selga sund sin muig, 28 qq.

245 va m. Mag Luirg. As eol dam im theasbas do, 9 qq.

245 vb. Loch Ce. Loch Ce, cid imar mebaid, 7 qq.

245 vb i. Loch Neill. Luaidem Loch N eill, nasad gle, 8 qq.

246 ra m. Loch Deichead. Adfeted laich, linaib sluag, 9 qq.

246 rb. Loch Con. Loch Con, cia nach fidir, 6 qq.

246 rb i. Neimthind. (246 va) Dreco ingean Chalcmail chruaid, 7 qq.

246 va m. Ard na Riag. Ard na Riag, roid a fhoros,10 qq.

246 vb m. Inbear Muada. Inbear mBuada sloindtear sin, 8 qq.

247 ra. Do dindaib Ua nAmalgaid. Seanchos Chairnd Amalgaid fheil, 12 qq.

247 rb. Mag Muirisce. A fhiru Muirisc na marc, 14 qq.

247 va. Mag Tibra. Mag Tibra, treab co caime, 12 qq.

247 va i. Sliab nGam. (247 vb) Gaoi, gilla Eireamanon oirrdric, 4 qq.

247 vb m. Corond. Sundar obid Corand cain, 6 qq.

247 vb i. Carnd Conaill. (248 ra) Findaid in seanchus dia ta, 27 qq.

248 va i. Loch Rai. (248 vb m) In lindsea luadit ethair, 27 qq.

249 ra i. Creach Mael. A dream sa nach duairc i ndail, 8 qq.

249 rb m. Druim Cliab. Sunda robae Curnan cas, 10 qq.

249 va. Loch Gili. Ingean Romra Gili glan, 8 qq.

249 va. Loch nEirne. (249 vb) Loch Eirni, ard a oscar, 19 qq.

249 vb i. Eas Ruaid. (250 ra) Oclach thainic co h Aed Ruad, 11 qq.

250 rb. A fhir do-deachaid fo thuaid, 16 qq. On the same subject, i.e. Eas Ruaid.

250 rb i. Duibthir. Duibthir Guairi, gnim da fuil, 6 qq.

250 va m. Mag Slecht. Sunda nobid, 14 qq.

250 vb m. Lia Nothain. Ata sund fo chairthi cruaid, 15 qq.

251 va m. Carnd Furbaide ocus Eithne, Ata sund Carnd U Chathbaid, 11 qq.

251 rb m. Ath Liag Find. Ath Liag Find, ca lia dia ta, 12 qq.

251 va m. Druim Criad. (251 vb) Druim Criaid, ceiti cet cuan, 30 qq.

252 ra m. Tuag Inbir. (252 rb) Tuag Inber alaind, gaeth glas, 37 qq.

252 vb. Beand Bogaine. Fuil dam aichi aigi, 22 qq.

253 ra m, Sliab Beatha, Adchiu sliab ndeorad i cen, 6 qq.

253 ra i. Ath nGabla 7 Urard. (253 rb) Ath nGabla claechloigfid ainm, 9 qq.

253 rb i. Coiri mBrecain. (253 va) Coiri Brecain fhail a fuil, 23 qq.

253 vb. Beand Foibne. Eol dam fri foirbi searcaid, 9 qq.

253 vb i. Ard Fothaid. Ard Fothaid, in fedabair, 5 qq.

254 ra. Mag nItha. I[n] mad itam sund 'nar socht, 7 qq.

254 ra i. Aileach. (254 rb) Cia thriallaid nech faisnes sheanchais Oilich ealtaich, 69 qq.

255 ra. Aileach Fridreand faiche na rig rigda in domain, 73 qq. On the foregoing.

255 va i. Carraig Leithdeirg. (255 vb) Leithdearg, taibridis ar tuir, 6 qq.

255 vb m. Mag Coba. Amra an mag amriagaid fir, 4 qq.

255 vb i. Ard Macha. In mag sa imriagaid ar n-eich, 27 qq.

256 rb. Leacht Aeinfhir Aifi. Leachtan sund aeinfhir Aife, 8 qq.

256 rb i. Carnd Mail a Muig Ulad. Aibind a tarrla ar m'airi, 34 qq.

256 vb m. Raith Mor Muigi Heini. Raith Rogein a h[a]inm ar sin, 3 qq.

256 vb i. Beand Boirchi. Boirchi buadach, ba buaid fhir, 3 qq.

257 ra. Beand Boirchi (alternative version). In eol daib an s[en]chas sean, 4 qq.

257 ra m. Tailltiu. A chaema crichi Chuinn chain, 42 qq.

257 va m. Slab Fuaid. Findaidh uaim co segda suairc, 11 qq.

257 vb. Sliab Calland. As eol dam inni da fhuil, 8 qq.

257 vb i. Sruthair Matha. (258 va) Sruthair Matha, maigid lib, 4 qq.

258 ra m. Odba. Sund daadnacht Odbu uais, 6 qq.

258 ra i. Indber Cich Muine. Indber Chich Muine, cid cres, 6 qq.

258 rb m. Moin Tiri Nair [Ms. Inair]. Meabair leam ini dia fhuil, 3 qq.

258 rb. Fich mBuana. Darad Buan, [in ben] nad ban, 6 qq.

258 va. Loch nGabar. Loch Da Gabar, gnim dia fhuil, 4 qq.

258 va. Lus Mag. In eol daib in dia fuil, 5 qq.

258 va i. Beand Chogail. (258 vb) Seanchas Codail cuimnig dam, 7 qq.

258 vb m. Tlachtga. Tlachtga, tulach arda uas, 14 qq.

259 ra m. Mag mBreagh. Seacht meic Breogain brig can bron, 7 qq.

259 ra i. Mag Lena. (259 rb) Inmain i[n] fert, fichtib sluagh, 6 qq.

259 rb. Muc mic D Th, tlachtmad torcc, 6 qq. On the same.

259 rb i. Cleiteach. (259 va) Cleiteach an drai dilis daith, 6 qq.

259 va m. Cearrna. Ge beind sund nar suide seal, 24 qq.

259 vb m. Claenloch. Sund [do]deachaid Claen ar ceal, 4 qq.

259 vb i. Iraros. (260 ra) In eol daib fri dearbus, 21 qq.

259 va i. Mag Fhindabrach. (260 rb) Diamad me rachindead thair, 6 qq.

260 rb i. Lia Lingadan. As eol dam inni dia fuil, 4 qq.

260 va. Gaireach. Baile arallsad gair can gaei, 3 qq.

260 va m. Luibneach. Sund do coscrad an cetach, 4 qq.

260 va i. Leacc Thoillgind. Leac Thoillgind, tuachaill an t-ainm, 9 qq.

260 vb m. Inber mBicne. Aigeadh Bigni, baidh dia fuil, 3 qq.

260 vb i. Loch Sda. Sund da baithead an sd sean, 3 qq.

260 vb i. Traigh Thuirbi. (261 va) Traig Tuirbi, toraib a ainm, 4 qq.

261 ra. Brig Leith. Meabair lem inn dia fhuil, 7 qq.

261 ra i. Teathba. (261 rb) Barad Teathba don tir thuaid, 4 qq.

261 rb m. Loch nAinninn. Loch nAindind os Midi muaidh, 13 qq.

261 va. Druim Suamaig. Druim Suamaig sunn dar saide, 12 qq.

261 va i. Dun meic Neachtain Sceine. (261 vb) Neacht Indbir Sceine ra scail, 2 qq.

261 vb m. [Bile Tortan.] Bili Tortan darochair, 20 qq. Attributed to several persons. There is no prose introduction here.

262 ra. Odras. Odrus uais [ind] ingen, 17 qq.

262 va i. Mag Leigi. (262 rb) Seancas Leigi, luaigid sin, 19 qq.

262 rb i. Seg Mosad.

262 va. Breifne. Findtan. Breifne ca hadbar dia fhuil, 14 qq.

262 vb. Loch Laiglindi. Findtan. Loch Laiglind, loch na tonn, 7 qq.

262 vb m. Loch Ceand. Loch Ceand, cid na cinn dia ta? 7 qq.

262 vb i. Mag nDumach. (263 ra) Tir Fhailgi, fod na fhian, 17 qq.

263 ra i. Cnucha. Cnucha, cnoc os lind Lifi, 6 qq.

263 263 (254) r [525]b and v. Blank.

264 264 (255) r [527]a. [Lebar Gabla.] Beg. In prindcipio creauit Deus celum et terram. Arrangement of sections is as follows :


264 264 (255) r [527]a, l. 1. Biblical history ending with the descent of Parrtholan and Neimead from Magog mac Iapheth. Includes the following poems:

267 267 (258) r [533]a, l. 1. Athair chaich coimsich nime, 50 qq.

268 268 (259) r [535]a, l. 35. Magoc mac an Iathfeth, 6 qq.

268 268 (259) v [536]a, l. 48. History of the descendants of Fenius Farrsach.

268 268 (259) v [536]a, l. 12. List of the seventy-two languages from which Gaedel Glas composed the Irish tongue.

268 268 (259) v [536]b, l. 1. Berla in domain dechthar lib, 6 qq.

268 268 (259) v [536]b, l. 16. Account of the four ancient divisions of Irish.

268 268 (259) v [536]b, l. 31. Ceithri renda raitear de, 5 qq.

268 268 (259) v [536]b, l. 42. Short tract on the names by which Irish was known in foreign languages.

269 269 (260) r [537]a, l. 1. In berla teibidi tric, 3 qq.

269 269 (260) r [537]a ,l. 12. Goirthigernn ainm in berla, 2 qq.

[Meic Mlead.]

269 269 (260) r [537]a, l. 16. History of the ancestors of the Milesians prior to their arrival in Spain, partly biblical.

270 270 (261) r [539]b, l. 37. Ocht meic Golaim na ngaire, 4 qq.

270 270 (261) v [540]a, l. 1. Cennfaelad. Doluid Milig asa Sceithia, 24 qq.

271 271 (262) r [541]a, l. 30. Gilla Caeman. Gaeideal Glas o tait Gaeidil, 43 qq.


271 271 (262) v [542] a ,l. 21. Short tract on the Pre-Milesian invasions.

271 271 (262) v [542] a, l. 31. Fintan. Eiriu ce fhiarfaidear dim, 12 qq.

271 271 (262) v [542] b ,l. 6. Account of the antediluvian colonizations of ire by Banba, acc. to the Cn Droma Snechta, etc.

271 271 (262) v [542]b, l. 42. Cappa is Laigne i[s] Sluasad grind, 7 qq.

272 272 (263) r [543] a. l. 9. Account of the coming of Ceasair to Eire. Includes the foll. poems.

272 272 (263) r [543]b, l. 19. Ceasair canas tanicsi, 5 qq.

272 272 (263) v [544]a, l. 32. Ceathracha trath don tuir thend, 13 qq.

272 272 (263) v [544]b, l. 24. Cain roind do roindseamar eadroind, 4 qq.


273 273 (264) r [545]a, l. 7. Tract on the conquest of ire by Parthalon. Includes the foll. poems:

273 273 (264) r [545]b, l. 44. Seachtmad gabail rodusgab, 7 qq.

274 274 (265) r [547]a, l. 1. A chaema Chlair Chuind chaiming, 25 qq.

274 274 (265) r [547]b, l. 21. Ceathrar mac fa gribda glor, 7 qq.

274 274 (265) v [548]a, l. 28. Eochaid Floind. Robo maith in muintear mor; 17 qq.

275 275 (266) r [549]a, l. 24. Parrthalon canas thanic, 22 qq.

275 275 (266) r [549]b, l. 40. Tuan mac Cairill roclos, 5 qq.

275 275 (266) v [550]a, l. 3. Short account of the Second age of the world, from the Deluge to Abraham.


275 275 (266) v [550]a, l. 19. Prose tract on the coming of the Nemedians to ire, the attacks of the Fomorians, the arrival of the Fir Bolg, etc.

276 276 (267) r [551]b, l. 42. Eiriu oll oirnit Gaeidil, 35 qq.

276 276 (267) v [552]b, l. 36. Toghail tuir Chonaing co ngail, 15 qq.

277 277 (268) r [553]a, l. 19. Genealogies of Parthalon, Nemeadh, the Fir Bolg and the Tuatha De Danaan.

[Fir Bolg.]

277 277 (268) r [553]b, l. 15. Account of the Fir Bolg.

277 277 (268) v [554]b, l. 24. Mac Liag. Findaig in seanchus dia ta, 26 qq.

278 278 (269) r [555]a, l. 38. Tanaidh Maoilconaire. Firbolc badar sunna seal, 12 qq.

278 278 (269) r [555]b, l. 23. Colam Cille. Dena mo f(.)reisnes, a mec, 20 qq.

278 278 (269) v [556]a, l. 33. Coic coicid Erind aine, 7 qq.

[Tuatha De Danann.]

278 278 (269) v [556]b, l. 10. Account of the conquest of Eire by the Tuatha De Danaan. Incorporates 278 vb m., the quatrain An cloch forsdait adam s(.)ail.

278 278 (269) v [556 ]b ,l. 39. Tuath De Danand na sed soim, 11 qq.

279 279 (270) r [557]a. Further account of the Tuatha De Danaan incorporating 279 ra i. Do loisc cach lech dib a luing, 3 qq.

280 280 (271) r [559]a. Eochaidh Floinn. Eiriu co nuall co n-idnaib, 18 qq.; ed. Gustav Lehmacher, ZCP 14, p. 173 ff., from fo. 2 of this ms.

280 280 (271) r [559]a i. List of the Kings of ire of the Tuatha De Danaan race.

280 280 (271) r [559]b, l. 11. Tanaide Eolach. Tuatha De Danaan fo diamair, 11 qq.

280 280 (271) r [559]b i. Pedigree of Nuada Airgedlamh together with an account of his descendants.

281 281 (272) r [561]b, l. 30. Eitheoir ard fofuair mid, 4 qq.

281 281 (272) v [562]a, l. 14. Flann Mainistrech. Eistig a eolcha can on, 41 qq.

282 282 (273) r [563]a. Synchronisms of the Tuatha De Danaan Kings of ire with the Assyrian Emperors.

282 282 (273) r [563]b, l. 20. Eochaidh O Floinn. Eisteat aes eagna aibind, 77 qq.

[Meic Mlead.]

283 283 (274) r [565]b, l. 9. Account of the Conquest of ire by the Milesians. Ends fo. 288 rb. Includes the following poems:

284 284 (275) r [567]b. l. 3. Seacht mna mac Milead mod n(.)gle, 5 qq.

284 284 (275) r [567]b, l. 41. Am gaeth a muir, etc.

284 284 (275) v [568]a, l. 12. Iascach a muir, etc. Foll. by a short account of the first landing of the Milesians in ire.

285 285 (276) r [569]a, l. 18. Ailim iath nErenn, etc.

285 285 (276) r [569]b. Fintan. Teamair Breag cid ni dia ta, 11 qq.

285 285 (276) r [569]b, l. 40. Treabsad modaid, rig rochead, 5 qq.

285 285 (276) v [570]a, l. 10. Meic Breogaind buaid ar mbunaid, 3 qq.

286 286 (277) r [571]a, l. 4. Lugaid mac Itha. Suideam sund uas an tracht, 3 qq.

286 286 (277) r [571]a, l. 19. Sund ruc Aimirgin in mbreith, 6 qq.

286 286 (277) r [571]a, l. 40. Roighne Roscadhach. A meic ain Ugaine, etc.

286 286 (277) v [572]a. An account of the dynasties of ire from the Milesian Conquest to the reign of Dath Mac Fiachrach.

286 286 (277) v [572]a, l. 20. Se meic Milead miodh n-ordan, 6 qq.

286 286 (277) v [572]b. Bas Ebhir tre uair n-aimnert, 1 q. Sin chath for Tendus na treb, 1 q. A eicsi Banba co mblaid, 3 qq.

287 287 (278) r [573]a, Account of the Picts.

287 287 (278) r [573]b, l. 11. Ard Leamnachta is tir sea theas, 6 qq.

287 287 (278) v [574]a, l. 21. I n-aimsir Eireamoin eargna, 7 qq.

287 287 (278) v [574]a, l. 36. Note on the colonizations of ire.

287 287 (278) v [574]b, l. 12. Account of the death of Eireamon at Rath Beothaigh.

288 289 (279) r [575]a, l. 8. Hirial osar na cloinde, 9 qq.

288 289 (279) r [575]a i. Eithrial mac Hireil roclos, 4 qq.

288 289 (279) r [575]b, l. 13. Flann Mainistrech. Taisich na loingsi tar lear, 18 qq.

288 289 (279) v [576]a, l. 12. idem. Anmand na taiseach delm tend, 12 qq.

288 289 (279) v [576]b, l. 16. Conmael cet f(.)laith a Mumain, 6 qq.

289 290 (280) r [577]a, l. 37. Tigearndmus mac Ollaig aird, 14 qq. Foll. by an account of the reign of Eochaid Echgothach.

289 290 (280) r [577]b, l. 40. Dun Sobairce dian sluag lind, 17 qq. On the reign of Cearmna and Sobairce.

289 290 (280) v [578]b. Eochaid faebar na feni, 7 qq. On the reign of Eochaid Faebarglas. Prec. by a short prose tract.

289 290 (280) v [578]b, l. 32. Fiacha Labraind laech, 4 qq. On the reign of Fiacha Labrainni as told in the preceding prose tract.

290 291 (281) r [579]a, l. 22. Oengus Olmucaid amra, 8 qq. On the reign of Oengus Olmucaid as told in the preceding prose tract.

290 291 (281) r [579]a, l. 40. Aengas Olmucaid atbath, 7 qq.

290 291 (281) r [579]b, l. 8. Notes of the reigns of Enna Airgtech, Roitheachtaich mac Main, Seadna Art, Fiacha Finnscothach, and Muinuimun.

290 291 (281) v [580]a. Notes of the reigns of Aildeargoid, Ollamh Fotla, Findachta mac Ollaman, Slanoll mac Ollaman, Geidi Ollgothach, Fiacha Cendfindain, Bearndgal mac Geidi, Ailill mac Slanuill.

290 291 (281) v [580]b, l. 15. Ferchertne. Ollam Fotla feochair ngal, 9 qq.

291 292 (282) r [581]a, l. 10. Sirna Saeglach saer in flaith, 6 qq. On the reign of Sirna Saeglach as told in the preceding prose tract.

291 292 (282) r [581]a, l. 23. Cath M ona Trogaidi thair, 4qq. Foll. by notes on the reigns of Roitheachtaich mac Roain, Eilim Ollfhindachta, Giallchadh mac Ailella, Nuada Find Fail, Breasrig mac Airt Imlig.

291 292 (282) r [581]b, l. 15. Synchronisms of the foregoing Kings of ire with the rulers of the Medes. Foll. by an account of the reign of Eochaid Opthach.

291 292 (282) v [582]. Account of the reigns of Finn mac Bratha, Seina Indarraich, Simon Breac, Duach Find, Muireadhach Bolgrach, Enna Dearg, Lugaid Iardonn, Sirlamh, Eochaid Uaircheas, the brothers Eochaid and Conaing Beceaclach, Art mac Luigdeach, Oillill mac Airt, Eochaid mac Ailella Find, Airgedmar, Duach Ladgraich, and Lugaid Laideach.

291 292 (282) v [582]b, l. 32. Account of the founding of Eamhain Mhacha.

292 293 (283) r [583]b, l. 8. Eochaidh Flinn. Eamain idnach aibind, 46 qq.

292 293 (283) v [584]b, l. 23. Cimbaeth cleithi n-oc n-Eamna, 18 qq.

293 294 (284) r [585]a, l. 15. Account of the reign of Macha Mongruadh, founder of Eamhain Macha.

293 294 (284) r [585]a, l. 20. Account of the reign of Rechtaich Righdhearg.

293 294 (284) r [585]a ,l. 26. Account of the reign of Ugaine Mor.

293 294 (284) r [585]b, l. 15. Eochaidh Flinn. Augaine uallach amra, 11 qq.

293 294 (284) r [585]b. Account of the reigns of Cobthach Caelbreg, son of Ugaine Mor, Labraid Loingsech, Melgi Molfach, Mac Corp, Oengus Ollam, Irereo, Fear Corb, Condla, Ailill Caisfiaclach, Adamair Flidais, Eochaid Ailtleathan, Fergus Fortamhail, Aengus Tuirmeach.

293 294 (284) v [586]b, l. 24. Conairi caem cliamain Cuind 16 qq.

294 295 (285) r [587]a, l. 10. Account of the reigns of Conall Collamrach, Nia Segamain, Enna Airgtheach, Crimthand Coscrach, and Rudraide. Includes the quatrain by Eochaidh [ Floinn] Tri sair Erend aircanad, ibid., l. 34.

294 295 (285) r [587]a, l. 44. Senchan Toirpest. Rofich Feargos fichi cath, 7 qq.

294 295 (285) r [587]b, l. 11. Account of the death of Rudhraidhe in Airgedgleann in the reign of Ptolomeus Alexander; account of the reigns of Indadmar, Breasal Bodibad, Lugaid Luaidne, Congal Clairingneach, Duach Dalta Deadaid, Fachtna Fathach and Eochaidh Fedleach.

294 295 (285) v [588]a, l. 2. Account of the reigns of Eochaid Aiream, Edersgel Mor, Nuada Neacht, Conaire Mor, Lugaidh Riabnderg, Conchobar Abradruad, Crimthand Niadnair, Cairbre Cind Cait, Fearadach Findfeachtnach, Fiatach Find, Fiacha Findolaich, Elim mac Conrach.

294 295 (285) v [588]b i. Saerclanda Ereand uile, 12 qq.

295 296 (286) r [589]a, l. 24. Account of Tuathal Teachtmar and the Boroma Tribute.

295 296 (286) r [589]b, l. 31. Fider ocus Dairf(.)ine, 14 qq.

295 296 (286) v [590]a, l. 14. Account of the battles fought between Tuathal Teachtmar and the Aithech-Thuatha.

295 296 (286) v [590] b, l. 16. Account of the battles fought between Tuathal Teachtmar and the Laigin.

296 297 (287) r [591]a, l. 10. Account of the battles fought between Tuathal Teachtmar and the Munstermen.

296 297 (287) r [591]b, l. 16. Account of the battles fought between Tuathal Teachtmar and the Connachtmen.

296 297 (287) v[592]a. Maolmura Othna, Fland for Erind a tig Thuathail, 82 qq.

297 298 (288) r [593]b, l. 9. Account of the infliction of the Boroma tribute and the purposes to which it was applied.

297 298 (288) v [594]a, l. 6. Tuathal Teachtmar teachta in talman, 22 qq.

297 298 (288) v [594]b i. Augaine a n-athair uile, 99 qq.

299 300 (290) r [597]a, l. 8. Teamair teach Tuathail, trein in tech, 27 qq.

299 300 (290) r [597]b ,l. 18. Cid toiseach dia roibi boroma Laigen, 30 qq.

299 300 (290) v [598]a, l. 26. Account of Tuathal Teachtmar's death at the battle of Monaid an Chatha.

299 300 (290) v [598] inf. marg. Tuathal dian fine ferann, 5 qq.

299 300 (290) v [598]a i. Account of the reigns of Mal mac Rochraidhe, Feidhlimid Reachtaidh, Cond Cetchathach, Conaire mac Mogha Lama, Art Aenfher, Fergus Duibdedach, Cormac mac Airt, Cairbre Lifeochair.

299 300 (290) v [598]b, l. 32. Breasal Belach. Denaid duind bar comairli, 7 qq.

300 301 (291) r [599]a, l. 10. idem. A Fhind, ind ergi re baid, 6 qq.

300 301 (291) r [599]a, l. 36. Find [mac Cumall]. Moling luath, Ceallach, Braen bil, 5 qq.

300 301 (291) r [599]b, l. 12. Moling Luath. Rotfia a mBroc Ros, 30 qq. Each of the foregoing poems is preceded by a prose account.

300 301 (291) v [600]a, l. 20. Finn mac Cumail. Ros mBrocc indiu is conair chuan, 17 qq.

300 301 (291) v [600]b, l. 30. Enan na Fuarboithi. Ros mBroc baile buireadach, 6 qq.

301 302 (292) r [601]a, l. 12. Find [mac Cumall]. Mor in gnim dorignead sund, 31 qq.

301 302 (292) r [601]b, l. 33. Account of the battle of Cnam Ros.

301 302 (292) v [602]a, l. 9. Account of the reigns of the three Fothadhs, Fiacha Sraibthine, the three Collas, Muireadhach Tireach, Caelbad mac Cruindbadrai, Eochaid Muidmedon, Crimthand mac Fidhaich, Niall Naigiallach, Dathi mac Fiachrach and Laegaire mac Neill.

302 303 (293) r [603]a, 1. 19. Gilla Caeman Gilli Samthaindi. iriu ard inis na rig, 157 qq.

303 304 (294) v [606]a, l. 37. Fland [Mainistrech]. Augaine mor mac rig Erend, 60 qq.

304 305 (295) r [607]a, l. 44. Boroma Laigen na learg, 25 qq.

304 305 (295) v [608]a. Rig rogob Teamair na treab, 23 qq. Incomplete.

304 305 (295) v [608]b. Blank.

305 306 (296) r [609]a .Account of the reigns of the Christian Kings of ire from Laeghaire mac Neill down to Ruaidri Conchobair. (''Do flaithis Ereand ocus dia n-aimsearaib na rig o flaithius Loegaire mec Neill co haimsir Ruaidri meic Thairrdealbaig hi Conchobuir.'')

305 306 (296) v [610]. Account of the reigns of Tuathal Maelgarb, Diarmaid mac Feargusa Cerrbeoil, Domnall and Forigus, the sons of Muircheartach [mac Earca], Eochaid, son of Domnall, Ainmire, son of Setna, Baedan mac nIndeada, Aed mac Ainmirech. Written as part of the foregoing text.

305 306 (296) v [610]b, l. 31. Legend of the death of Cumascach, son of Aed mac Ainmirech.

306 307 (297) r [611]a ,l. 7. Maedoc Ua Dunlaing. Fileat sund ascada rig, 8 qq.

306 307 (297) r [611]b, l. 34. Bran [Dubh]. Tiagaid teachta uaind co hAileach, 5 qq.

306 307 (297) v [612]b, l. 32. Aedan. Itchiu-sa na mergi, 8qq.

307 308 (298) r [613]a, l. 13. Atchondarc aislingi ingnad, 5 qq.

307 308 (298) r [613]a, l. 32. idem. Denaid dund bar cadach, 4 qq.

307 308 (298) v [614]a, l. 17. Legend of Aed mac Ainmirech and Colum Cille.

308 309 (299) r [615]a, l. 25. Account of the reigns of Aed Slaine, Colman Rimead, Aed Uairidnach, Maelcoba Clereach, Suibne Meand, Domnall mac Aeda mic Ainmirech, Diarmaid and Blathmac, the sons of Aed Slaine, and Seachnasach, son of Blathmac.

308 309 (299) v [616]a. Seachnasach. Denaid dun bar comairli, 3 qq.

308 309 (299) v [616]a, l. 21. Account of the reigns of Cendfaelad and Findachta Fleadach, foll. by an account of the remission of the Boroma Tribute.

308 309 (299) v [616]a i. Moling. Cuice seo rodalusa, 5 qq.

308 309 (299) v [616]b, l. 11. idem. Inmain, a Crist grind gluair, 4 qq.

308 309 (299) v [616]b, l. 32. Tuathal mac Ailella. Tirchan dund, a Tuathail, 2 qq.

309 310 (300) r [617]a. Moling. I n-ainm meic naTrinoite, 4 qq. Foll. by an account of Moling 's share in the remission of the Boroma Tribute, which contains the following poems:

309 310 (300) r [617]a i. idem. Findachta for Aib Neill, 7 qq.

309 310 (300) r [617]b , l. 20. Dribur drabar | cearca is capaill, 6 qq.

309 310 (300) r [617]b, l. 38. Moling. Crist conich mo chli, 7 qq.

309 310 (300) v [618]b. Adamnn. Aniu cia chenglaid cuaca, 12 qq.

309 310 (300) v [618]b, l. 34. Moling. A Choimdi chumachtaich, 6 qq.

310 311 (301) r [619]a, l. 7. idem. Fa dirsan do F(.)indachta, 1 q.

310 311 (301) r [619]a, l. 9. Adamnan. Findachta mac Dunchada, 1 q.

310 311 (301) r [619]a, l. 11. Moling. An bern for mbith Findachta, 1 q. The tract on the Boroma tribute ends here ("Forcenn na Boroma'').

310 311 (301) r [619]a, l. 13. Account of the reigns of Loingseach mac Aengosa, Congal Chind Magair, Feargal Flaitheamda mac Mailiduin.

310 311 (301) r [619]b, l. 3. Culretan mac Oengusa, Atagar cath for derglann, 3 qq.

310 311 (301) r [619]b, l. 9. Nuada Ua Lomthaili. Dedith laithi Almaine, 3 qq.

310 311 (301) r [619]b. Account of the reigns of Fogartach mac Neill, Cinoeth mac Irgalaich, Flaithbeartach mac Loingsich, Donnchad mac Domnaill, Aed Ollan mac Feargaile.

310 311 (301) v [620]. Succession of the Kings of ire and of lesser chiefs, also of the Abbots of Armagh from the time of Aed Allan down to the death of Tighernan Ruairc of Breifne in 1172.

311 312 (302) r [621]a, l. 25. Eri gh, inis na naemh, 83 qq.