Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy

23 F 21


? cent. Vellum. Ca. 11 3/10 X 8 1/5. Pp. 18, numbered regularly 1-17, [18]. There are no scribal signatures, but the ms. is the work of several hands. The main portion of this ms. ends imperfectly at p. [16] ; it contains, for the most part, eulogies of members of the Butler family. Pp. 17, [18] measure 14 X 9; two leaves of paper containing a translation into English of these pages have been added at end. Ms. has vellum flyleaves, blank. Bd. in half-leather, inscribed in gilt on back, "Irish MS."; Betham MS., vol. lxxii.


1. Torna Mac Máoilín. Fada re coimed clu Roisderd. Verse and prose (3 qq.+ 10.11. prose+ 2 qq.+ 20 11. prose + 9 qq.). Preceded by invocation.

3. Mosa cach clu Buitlérach. 20 qq.

4. m. Domhnall Mac an Baird. Do bheannaigh Día dún meic Píaruis. 10 qq.

5. Eoghan mac Donnchada Mheigcraith. Ni heasboidh acht crádh croidhe. 41 qq.

5 i. Scribal quatrain, beg. Ait mo roinn gan rann oile.

6. Triall gach einfhir gu cuirt tTeabóid. Verse and prose (14 qq. + 6 11. prose + 6 qq. + 6 11. prose + 10 qq. + 33 11. prose). Followed by some lines in praise of Máire, pre­sumably the wife of Teabóid, the subject of this eulogy.

8. Forais airdrigh iath Connacht. Ca. 59 qq.

11. Grillaisa 0 Dalaigh. Damh fein choiglim an chathui 50 + 4 qq.

14. Domnall Mac an Baird. Rath fa croidhe chumas Dia. 39 qq.

14 i. Giolla Brigde Mac Bruidheadha. Cia re n-egonainn m’esbaidh. 4 qq.

15. A mic Lughaidh tolaib snas. 12 qq.

[16.] Guirfead mesi altran clann uaim. Ca. 56 11. Imperfect at end. Preceded by invocation.

17. An agreement between 0 Domhnaill and Tadhg mac Cathail Óig Ó Concubhair (1539) on the conditions upon which the latter held Sligo and his territory in Connacht. Beg. Asse so cor 7 cundradh aratuc 0 Domnaill bardacht tShligigh do Thadhg mac Cathail Óig I Concubhair . . . Followed by names of witnesses. Two sheets of paper following this leaf contain a translation.

[18.] blank, except for some numbers and the names “O’Donell” and “Sligo,” and the words “Is se so deinntiobhar mic Cathail Oig” (all reversed).