Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in King's Inns



18th cent. Paper. 31.5 x 20 cms. Pp. 2+93 (pp. [1]-91; pp. [1, 42-4, 46-8, 50-52, 54-5, 76-89, 92-3] not numbered)+51 (blank). Leaf torn out at beginning and at end. Page-numbers, line-numbers, initial capitals, and running titles in red ink. No scribal signature. The same hand occurs in transcripts of a number of poems in NLI G 24, but its identification as being that of Aodh Ó Dálaigh (NLI Cat. ii, 20) may be regarded as doubtful. Bound in leather (tooled, somewhat rubbed and slightly damaged).

Note by Edward O’Reilly on verso of first leaf: ‘This MS. contains Historical poems relating to the origin of the Irish nation by Mulmurry, Gilla Kevin, Eochy O Flin & other ancient poets who lived shortly after the Introduction of Christianity in Ireland see O’Flaherty’s Ogygia passim’. ‘No. 4’ in pencil in upper outer corner of p. [1]. Variant readings from the Book of Ballymote and other manuscripts given with some poems, together with references to O’Flaherty’s Ogygia.


[1] m. Maolmaire Othna. Canam bunudhas na nGaedhil. 62 qq. Note on author (from O’Flaherty’s Ogygia) in margin of p. [1].

8 i. idem. Fland for Eirind hi tigh togaidh. 60 qq. Lower half of p. 15 and all of pp. 16-17 blank. P. 18 contains author’s name and first two lines of this poem also. Rest of p. 18, all of p. 19 and upper half of p. 20 blank.

20 i. idem. Tríath os tríath Tuathal Techtmhar. ½ q. Pp. 21-7 and upper part of p. 28 blank.

28 m. Giolla Caoimhin. Gaodhal glas o taid Gaoidhil. 43 qq. Marginal variants in pp. 28-9.

33 i. idem (Giolla Caomghin). A eolcha Eirind airde. 47 qq.

39. idem (Giolla Caoimgin). Eriu ard innis na righ. 27 qq. Marginal variants in p. 39. Pp. [42]-56 blank.

57. Cennfaoladh. Do luidh Miledh asin Scitia. 24 qq. Marginal variants in p. 57.

60. Flaithri mac Fithil. Mian Corbmaic tighe Teamhrach. 12 qq. Note on author (from O’Flaherty’s Ogygia) in margin of p. 60.

61 i. Cormac mac Cuillenain. Oilioll Olom amradh in gein. 8½ qq.

63. Giolla Modhuda ua Caiside. Eire ógh inis na naoimh. 92 qq. (incl. three of 6 lines each). Note on author in margin of p. 63.

73 i. Congal filiu Echaidh Fedhligh a quo Luaighni Themhrach. Eol dam agail Erca gnim. 8 qq.

75. Ferceirtne File. Ollamh Fodla fecair gal. 8 qq. Marginal variants.

[76]. Eochadh ua Floind. [C]etrar mac ba griobhtha glór. ½ q. Rest of page blank.

[77]. idem. [A] caomha chlair Chuind caoimhsing. ½ q. Rest of page and two following pages blank.

[80] m. idem. [É]ire oil oirdnid Gaoidil. ½ q. Rest of page and five following pages blank.

[86]. idem. [É]iriu go nuaill go niodhnoibh. ½ q. Rest of page and following page blank.

[88]. idem. [T]aoisigh na loingsi tar lear. \½ q. Rest of page blank. P. [89]: idem. [T]aoiseach na longsi tar ler. ½ q. Rest of page and following page blank.

91. idem. Dun Sobarche dian sluaigh lind. ½ q. Rest of page and following page blank.

[93]. idem. Eistigh aos eccna aoibhind. 5 qq. Remainder of manuscript blank.