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MS A 9

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A 9


15th cent. (?). Vellum. 26 × 18 cms. Ff. 22, paginated 1-44 in pencil. Three gatherings: 1-16, 17-32, 33-44. Double columns, except on pp. 37-40; ruling mainly in ink. Initials and capitals rubricated. Part of leaf 29-30 inner column (middle) cut out without loss of text. No scribal signatures. MS fully described by P. Grosjean, Ériu 10 (1926-8) 160-69, who distinguishes 4 or 5 different hands on pp. 22-3. It is possible, however, that the whole MS is the work of one scribe.

Title 'Acta Caroli Magni, S. Molingi, Becani etc.' on front cover, also marked 'No 16' and 'No. 10' and labelled 'A 9(1)' and 'G. IX'. Cover made from two leaves of vellum joined together near spine and lined with paper, which has been torn away inside front cover. Described by Grosjean (loc. cit.) as follows: 'The front cover is from a Latin Service Book, written in two columns, by a Xlllth or XIVth century hand, not Irish in style; portions of lessons for some day in the Octave of Epiphany can be made out: the ninth lesson beg. Nato uero regi. The back cover, which is in a court hand, of the XVIth century perhaps, rather English looking, is hardly legible'.

Latin marginal notes and titles appear to be in Colgan's hand. The following marginalia also occur: (a) 6-9, lower margins. Dá dtuigtheá a Muiris Mic Gearailt. 6 qq. Some of text illegible, (b) 34 i. Mairc darob soirbh an saoghal, amhoirn as mairc do ghebhadh. dambé ar srian risin saoghal, baeghal riar De gan denamh. 1 q. Cf. L. M'Kenna, Dán Dé (Dublin [1922]) no. VII, where this quatrain is incomplete. First published by Carswell in his translation of the Book of Common Order (1567); cf. C. Ó Lochlainn, Tobar fíorghlan Gaedhilge (Baile Átha Cliath 1939) 36. (c) 37, upper margin. 'Mei est incipere, Dei est fenire [sic]'. (d) Paper lining of back cover contains at least 8 qq. of poem beg. Soigthec balsuim bhrú [sic] Muire (cf. L. M'Kenna, Dánta do chum Aonghus Fionn Ó Dálaigh (Dublin and London 1919) no. IX) and possibly other material. Scribblings on pp. 1, 3, 12, 15, 17, 24, 25, 27, 31, 37, and inside back cover.


1 a. Irish version of the life of Charlemagne (Pseudo-Turpinus). Beg. Capitulum primum .i. ar ndul despuluibh ⁊ do deisgiblaibh Chríost arannaib an domuin mur innisdir. Ends (p. 16 b i) gurob annsin tairnic imtachta Serluis Moir ⁊ aridir(. . .). Ed. by D. Hyde from the Book of Lismore with variants from this and other MSS, Gabháltais Shearluis Mhóir (ITS XIX, 1917); see BM Cat. ii, 528-9.

17 a. Vita S. Finnchuonis (title in Colgan's hand?). Beg. Ardbrughaidh amra rogeineadh a nUlltaibh. Ends (p. 24 a i) with colophon: 'Conidh iat sin gnimradha geinemna Fínnchua ~ acatha ~ acongala ~ turusa . . . ~ rosgrib uile alebar mainistrec Buithe mic Bronuidh gur sgrib in brathair hua Buadhachain isin lebarsin Buithe ina lebur gerra fein .i. libur gerr i Buadhachain.' Cf. Plummer, Misc, hag. Hib. (1925) no. 36, and Grosjean, Ériu 10 (1926-8) 162-3.

24 a i. St Patrick on Cruachan Aighle. 'De S. Patritio' in margin (in Colgan's hand?). Beg. Is aen and dia tarta do Patraic isin duirpennait a Cruachain Aighle. Ends (p. 25 b 12) ⁊ curob misi fein bus brethem for feraibh Erenn insin losin. ⁊rl. Ed. Grosjean, Analecta Bollandiana 50 (1932) 346-57, from this MS.

25 b 13. Forma Confessionis (title in margin—Colgan's hand?). Beg. A oidia athair inmuin innisim mocair do Dhia. Ends (p. 27 a i) otanacc isin saegal so See Grosjean, Ériu 10 (1926-8) 164.

27 a i. Story about Eulalia. Beg. Aroile banns cal lanclúach Eulolia ahainm. Ends (p. 27 b m) as duine annacc annsa doman so he. Ed. P. Grosjean, Études Celtiques 2 (1937) 288-91, from this MS and BM Eg. 91.

27  b m. A rule of clerical life. Beg. Cidh as dech do cleirach. Ends (p. 28 a m) Miscais an cenntair, serc analltair ⁊rl. Ed. with glosses by Grosjean from this MS, ZCP 18 (1930) 300-303.

28  a m. 'Betha San Alexius and so go [b]récach (?) ór ní ['raib(e)' above line in different ink] a athair na righ Rómánach adamh' (title in later hand). Beg. Rí romanach dobi gan cloind aigi. Ends (p. 30 a ni) ⁊ tucadh la saire do annsin ⁊rl. Cf. Plummer, Misc. hag. Hib. (1925) no. 307, and RC 38 (1920-21) 133-43, 48 (1931) 124-9.

30 a m. 'De Sto. Molingo a tTigh Moling a ccuigedh Laighean' (title in margin—in Colgan's hand?). Beg. Fecht do Moling ocimtecht aseta. Ends (p. 30 b 7) ⁊ sgribter an line sin aco ⁊rl. A sentence omitted at p. 30 b 4 and added in upper margin has been partly cut away. Ed. from this MS by Grosjean, Études Celtiques 2 (1937) 286-8.

30 b 8. Twelve kinds of penance. Beg. Da cínél dhéc na haithrighi .i. saethar iar nuaingis. Ends (p. 30 b 14) fuiling ani nac ail léd ⁊rl. Ed. from other MSS, ZCP 6 (1908) 258 and Éigse 9 (1960-61) 222.

30 b 15. On true devotion. Beg. Don crabad fíre annso .i. uisce mar digh, biadh garb. Ends (p. 30 b 24) grádh duballta do Dhia ⁊ do duine ⁊rl. . . .

30 b i. On tepidity. Beg. Don fuarchrábad indso .i. aingidecht croidhi. Ends (p. 31 a 3) ⁊ aigid forbaile aigi do gnath ⁊rl.

31 a 4. Tract on death. Beg. Is e integ crich deiginec bethad gac enduine. Ends (p. 32 a ni) beith beo maille Crist sin ⁊rl. See BM Cat. ii, 532-3 and Analecta Bollandiana 45 (1927) 77 n. 2.

32 a m. On tears of penitence. Beg. Briathur andso o Ambrosius. Ends (p. 32 b m) amail doní in cédbaisde. Finitt.

32 b m. 'De S. Kiarano' (title in margin—Colgan's hand?). Beg. La dandeachaid Diarmait mac Cerbaill. Ends (p. 32 b i) cor do cuimniugad an sgeil sin do graifne in líne so ⁊rl. Ed. by Grosjean, Études Celtiques 2 (1937) 269-72, from this MS with variants from other MSS.

33 a. Homily on the soul's parting with the body. Headed 'In nomine patris ~ fili ~ spiritu sancti amen' in upper margin. Beg. [D]omine quis habitabit in tabernaculo tuo.....i. ro fiarfaig Daibíth mac Iosa in ri ⁊ in primfhaidh. Ends (p. 36 b i) ar ambia an tAthair ⁊ an Mac ⁊ an Spirat Naem. Finit. Amen. See Grosjean, Ériu 10 (1926-8) 166. Ed. from LB by R. Atkinson, The passions and the homilies . . . (Dublin 1887) 266 ff.

37 . Is doilgi lim innan teg. 9 qq. Ed. W. Stokes, Lives of saints from the Book of Lismore (Oxford 1890) 135-6.

37 .10. Deithnebur cuibrind in righ. 5 qq. Ed. from this MS by K. Meyer, ACL 3 (1905-7) 223.

37 .15. Ciamail sin a Ua Chorra. 3 qq. Ed. from this and other MSS by J. Carney, Éigse 1 (1939) 244-6.

37 .18. Mairg do duine, mairg do neoch. 4 qq. Ed. from this MS by K. Meyer, ACL 3 (1905-7) 221.

37 .22. Mithidh techt tar mo timna. 12+1 qq. See BM Cat. ii, 486-7.

37 .35. 'Angilus dixit' [foll. on same line after space by 'ni rochar doman ce'], (a) A Dhe a De cidh do-dén a Dhe. 2 qq. (b) A Dhe tuc dam topur ndér. 2 qq. Ed. from this MS by J. Carney, Éigse 1 (1939) 248 and Medieaval Irish lyrics (Dublin 1967) no. XXX.

37 , lower margin. Paidir innaesa cumaind. 2 qq.

38 . A cuirp notcaith fri crábad. 27 qq. Ed. from this MS by K. Meyer, ZCP 6 (1908) 264-6.

38 i. Brath níba beg abrisim. 24 qq. Ed. from this and other MSS by J. G. O'Keeffe, Ériu 3 (1907) 29-33.

38 ,  lower margin. In taineolach dichradh dall. 1 q.

39 . Denaigh cáin Domnaich Dhe dil. 26 qq. Ed. from this MS by J. G. O'Keeffe, Ériu 3 (1907) 143-7.

39 , lower margin. A Rí rinn, cidh dubh mo teach nó cidh finn. 1 q. Printed by Grosjean, Ériu 10 (1926-8) 167; cf. G. Murphy, Early Irish metrics (Dublin 1961) 54.

40 . Atlochar duit amo rí. 11 qq. Ed. by D. Greene and F. O'Connor, A golden treasury of Irish poetry (London etc. 1967) no. 43.

40 .13. A Crínoc cubuidh do ceol. 11 qq. For editions, see J. Carney, Éigse 4 (1944) 280-83 and Medieval Irish lyrics (Dublin 1967) no. XXIX; see also T. Ó Broin, Éigse 9 (1958) 1-3 and Greene and O'Connor, op. cit., no. 42.

40 .25. M'aenuran im airiclan. 14 qq. Ed. G. Murphy, Early Irish lyrics (Oxford 1956) no. 9.

40 .39. Madh ar Dia dech fa gradhaib. 1 q.

40 i. Madh comairle duit do ben. 1. q. See Grosjean, Ériu 10 (1926-8) 168.

40 , lower margin. Sagurt faíllech ima trath. 1 q. (?).

41 a. Tract on the first writers of Ireland. Beg. Na hughdair cetrobai i nEirind ar dus. Ends (p. 42 a m) is annso tra sunnrad gac ae ⁊rl.

41 , lower margin. Gach tulach uabair bidh fan. 1 q. Ed. from this MS by J. Carney, Éigse 1 (1939) 248.

42 a m. Udhacht MOrainn mc. Main do Feradhach Finn Fechtnac. Beg. Mac side ingine Loith mc. Deala. Ends (p. 43 b m) ar is dech deib Dia nime. Finit amen. See Best, Bibliography (1942) nos 2248-55.

42 , lower margin. Fuath mairb ar nduine ndaidbir. 1 q.

43 b m. 'De S. Becano' (title in margin—Colgan's hand?). Beg. Fledh mor doroni a mac do Diarmait mac Cerbaill. Ends (p. 44 a m) is araile for sed De. Dia d. b. a. b. See C. Plummer, Misc. hag. Hib. (1925) no. 77; add Keating, ITS IX (1908) 67; R. I. Best and H. J. Lawlor, The martyrology of Tallaght (HBS LXVIII, 1929) 102-6.

43 , lower margin. Tuas ata in flaithes buan beo. 1 q.

44 a m. On the efficacy of prayer for the dead. Short introduction, beg. Mac Meguidhir taisech i Fine Gald. Foll. by poem, Gid luath gac gadur glan gle. 3 qq. Ed. from this MS by P. Grosjean, ZCP 18 (1930) 300, and J. Carney, Éigse 1 (1939) 243-4. Title in margin (17th cent. hand) illegible.

44 a i. On Ireland before Christ. Beg. Ceasc. Cid sligi reehta ⁊ aimsir a ⁊ bitha robadur for feraib Eirenn. Ends (p. 44 b m) testa Diarmait mac Cerbaill ⁊ naem Ailbi. Finit.

44 b m. Tract which begins Nid ruire nad coice Concobar mac Nesa. Ends (p. 44 b 36) .i. o Ath Cliath co Drobais ⁊rl.

44 b 37. Bu diliu sa diliu in biadh. 1 q. Printed Grosjean, Ériu 10 (1926-8) 169; see also GJ 4 (1893) 193 and TCD Cat., 215.

44 b i. Misi Becan buan mo bladh. 1 q. 'Becanus Decanus' in margin (Colgan's hand?). Printed Grosjean, ibid.

44 , lower margin. Corgus uili isin geimred. 1 q., partly illegible. Cf. Grosjean, ibid.