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MS A 7

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in University College Dublin

A 7


15th cent. Vellum. 31.5 × 22.5 cms. Ff. 49, interleaved with tissue paper, now numbered 1-49 in pencil; no previous foliation. Bound in loose vellum cover, so that original gatherings, 5 in number, are preserved. Scribe: Ruaidhri hua Luinin (f. 48 d i) for Cathal Mac Magnusa Meguidhir who died in 1498 (AU). Ruling by dry point; ornamental initials. Cover bears title 'Martyrologium Cathaldi Maguir sive Aengussius Auctus' and further down, 'No. 7'. Now preserved in case bound in black leather bearing title in gilt and labelled with press-marks G. vii and A 7 (twice). MS was consulted by Stokes for his edition, Félire Óengusso Céli Dé (HBS XXIX, 1905), where it is described, pp. xii-xiii; but text and glosses have not been published in full. Used by Ó Cléirigh in Martyrology of Donegal (1630) and Colgan in Acta Sanctorum (1645).

F. 5 r, lower margin, in Colgan's hand: 'Ex libris conventus Dungallensis'. Between ff. 15-16 a slip of vellum has been inserted to bear the end of a note; on the verso are scribblings in English and Irish including (a) 'Na heicsi sna cealla. . . . Finit, misi Gearóit. Emanúel' and (b) 'Do thsosaigh Aodh Mac Canainn ar obair an seachtmad la deg do mí februari 162[2]'. Foll. by note in English mentioning days on which [Aodh Mac Canainn] was absent in 1622-4. 'Trúagh sin alebhráin bhric bháin: tiucfa' on f. 33 r i (inverted). Late marginal and interlinear notes throughout MS, many in Colgan's hand; see also ff. 4 b, 48 v, below.


1 r. Defaced and largely illegible. Ends Is he nó chanad amhlaid. Verso continues the second preface, printed by Stokes, op. cit., from Laud 610, with the words so cen boi ic disirt Oenghuso. The text varies from that of Laud 610, and ends like Rawl. B 512, with quatrain beg. Taidet remain slighidh saethraigh. (Stokes, p. 14 i).

2 a. Prologue. Beg. Sen a Crist mo labra. 85 qq. Stokes, 17-31; cf. D. Greene and F. O'Connor, A golden treasury of lrish poetry (London etc. 1967) no. 10.

4 b (in later hand). Athruig gléas a Giolla Íosa. 7 qq.

4 b m (late hand). Cuadhus la co Cluain Plucain. 2 qq. Rest of column and all of verso blank.

5 . [Félire.] Beg. Januarius. Re sil Dalach daine. Ends (f. 48 d i )with colophon: 'Misi Ruaidhri hua Luinin .i. mac Matha mic Piaruis [. . .] hui Luinin do sgribh infeiliresi do mhac Magnusa Maguidhir .i. do Chathal occ mac Cathail mic Cathail mic Giolla Patraic .i. do bhiatach in tShean-aigh'. Below, two lines have been erased and written over in later ink: Diomaoin do dh[uin]e ar dhomhan. 1 q. Cf. Dánfhocail (1921) no. 139 q. 2. Underneath this quatrain is a line inverted: Diomsach sin a duine boicht.

49 r. Aibind suidhe sunn amne. 13 qq. Cf. Stokes, xxiv-xxvi. The words 'An foghnamh' are written on the upper margin above the poem. Some writing and scribbling on rest of recto; verso blackened and worn as if exposed for a time.