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MS A 6

Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in University College Dublin

A 6


15th or 16th cent. Vellum. 26 × 19.5 cms. Ff. 16 in two gatherings, 1-10, 11-16. Foliated 1-14, the first and last folios being left unnumbered. Double columns except on verso of first folio; average of 34 11. to page. Some pages water-stained and faded letters re-inked in places by a later hand. Ed. K. Jackson, Cath Maighe Léna (MMIS IX, 1938), with description of this MS on pp. ix-x. The recto of the first folio is abraded and much defaced, and is now blank except for the title 'Cath Mhuighe Leamhna', and below, 'De Bello' and the numbers '8', 'No 13' and 'No. 5'; also labelled with press-marks A. VI and G. VI. There may have been other matter. The verso is covered with writing which is much faded and mostly illegible: 1. 3 . . . mar sin ag lenmuin . . ., 1. 4 . . . dodrindius. Docuas in orrachu. ..,1, 5, . . dobe crich mo comhairle dul aris di . . . . Foll. in two different hands by: 'Do dheachaidh morshlogh Cinéil Eogain le Nial Glúndubh do thabhairt catha do Lochlannaibh et iar marbadh Neill do ansad drong do Chineul Eoguin accrich Breagh gur siolsad ann conadh uata Cinéal nDaird(. . .) ibFine Ghall [2nd hand:] ~ as de sin atá Clann Dairini a ttús sa liuur si'. Other notes and scribblings occur on ff. 1 r, 3 r, 4 r, 4 v, 9 v, 10 r, 11 v, some of them being additions to text; see also below, 14 v.


1 r . [Cath MAighe Léana.] Beg. Imtusa Cloindi Dairine 7 doinne Dergthened. Ends f. 14 r with poem, Sgela let a Deirg Damsa. 22 q. (Jackson, 11. 2033-2120).

14 v and the recto of the last leaf contain miscellaneous scribblings in Irish, some in verse: (a) . . . sinte re gallaibh. clacuill Rose is clacull Anna. 5 11, ending minic docuir[e]dh scá agort. (b) Do raidh (?) Elina ni aitnighim. 2 qq. [=L. M'Kenna, Dán Dé (Dublin [1922]) no. III qq. 27-8]. (c) Philipus ~ Maria dei gratia rex ~ regina Anglie'. (d) Ni mise ni ne amhain. 1 q. (e) in two columns, both apparently in the same hand. The 2nd col. contains a poem of 7 qq., now heavily cancelled; the first is a note condemning the composer of the poem. Beg. 'Mac de sa chorp na chreuch duibh / olc [. . ]taire accus iocoir . . .'. 12 11. (f) Ise sin modaltansa. 1 q. [recto of last folio:] (g) 'Iste est liber Patriti (?) Muro . . . (?) si dubitaset quis de eo', (h) Eiridh a Cnocabhair Macha. 7 coruide nacata. 7 qq. (i) 'Sin duit Tordeillaidh I Re[. . .]11 / ~ da meath an . . .'. (j) Mise (?) uaid go hamhbealach (?). 1 q. Foll. by 'Sin duit a Graine ní Glacain o Giolla gan liotair O Lachtnan'. (k) Laoghaire (?) laogh. liach agrad. 3 qq. Q. 2 is a variant of that printed by R. Thurneysen, Irische Texte III (1891) 100 §177. (1) Terentius Relly [or K—?] est onerus ['possessorhuius' sup.] . . .'. Same name occurs twice (inverted) at f. 14 r i. Items (c) (d) (g) (h) (j) (k) in blue ink.