MS 1337/3


Vol 14 - Vol 19.

pp. 399- p. 412. Fragment of the Book of Acaill, or Aicill, containing laws promulgated by King Cairbre Liffeachair (s. iii.), with additions by Cennfaelad (s. vii.). Daire Lubrán is where the Book of Aicill was composed, according to Cennfaelad. 8" x 6". O'C. 893. See TCD MS 1433, p. 21, and A.L.L, vol. iii.

pp. 413, p. 414. One folio mutilated at the margin. The first col. contains a copy of an article found in the preceding tract (p. 401), but the arrangement and readings are different. The second col. has various short notes.

p. 415. Fragment of a glossary, beginning: Cuisle .i. crann ciuil cuadhan .i. gearan. Letters C, D, E, N, R, S, U, T, D. O'C. 963.

p. 416. Fragment of glossary, beginning: Alachta .i. torrach ae .i. eladha no caingen no dliged. Letters A, H, C. O'C. 969.

p. 416a. A narrow slip, unnumbered. On recto: Crichairecht ó Maine. The bounds of Hy Many, printed in O'Donovan's Hy Many, 4. Below some verses, illegible, and an anecdote about a seer (fáith) of Connacht and his foster mother, also illegible.

p. 417. On the virtues of Aqua Vitae. Ed. In Studia Hibernica, pp 60-61 from a different manuscript but with use of this one.

p. 417b (in faint ink). A mMuire ni raib gol. 6 stanzas.

p. 417b. In margin, in a square [Fland O Cuinnlis]: Ri og na bí cain na cert. 5 stanzas?

p. 417b. Aislingi at connarc Baithine. How B. saw in a vision a chair of gold, one of silver, one of glass; and Columcille's interpretation.

p. 418. Various observations. Rígh tosaigh na haimsire móra máerda minfhrecra. Righ deirid na haimsire becgha doilgi. . . Lower down: Clerigh tosaigh aimsire i culchib cróaob, etc. (written by some "laudator temporis acti"). Line 22. Account of the descendants of Fiachra mac Echach Muigmedóin. Near the foot of the page, a poem on Echtga (Slieve Aughty), beginning: Oibinn, oibinn, Echtgi ard. Ed. Gwynn: Metr. Dinds., iii. 304 (from two other copies).

p. 418, (on right). Poem: Misi sair co hua Suanaig. 11 (?) stanzas. (18 lines of MS.).

p. 418. Dondcuan mc baird na mblonac inrucen (?) ollam o maine (7 lines). About a stone on which whoever danced should be free of disease in his feet.

p. 419. Small fragment of the 'Crith Gablach,' for which see p. 1. This begins with: Ceiteora = p. 1, col. 2, line 10. Line 19: Finit dona boairib, after which: [C]orus flatha, as in p. 3, col. 1, ending with giallnai. Nearly = foot of that col. The whole page = A.L.L, iv. 318. 11 to 320x - O'C. 973-976- [O'C. reads: Corus, but the initial was never written, and p. 3 has forus, the f, however, being clearly supplied later. O'C. is probably right.]

p. 420 (at the top). Earnail imchomairc andso .i. ocht randa na hindsci, etc. Text begins: Atait da earnail ar imchomarc ernail .i. rand. Grammatical, of questions between Priscian and Donat.

p. 422, 1. 10. A series of glosses, beginning: Adhmad .i. foglaim. ut est, etc.O'C. 977.

pp. 423- 436. Treatise on Law, imperfect at beginning and end. 10" x 7". O'C. 980. At the top of p. 423, Edw. Lhwyd has written his name with 'Constat fol.95,' and a memorandum in Welsh: "Kais y dalennae ereill gwedi i kam-osod ynrhyw van aralh," i.e. ''The other leaves have been misplaced in another place."

pp. 437- 439. Two fragments of Law tracts. O'C. 1050. At the top of 437 in Lhwyd's hand ' Ct fol. 95,' with a money account continued on the next page.

pp. 440- 450 (s. xvi- date 1560 in lower margin of p. 450). Fragment of a Law tract, containing ancient maxims and phrases, with gloss and commentary. O'C. 1064. On p. 440 Lhwyd has written '9 constat. 8 ff.'

Different hand: pp. 440- 455 form the 8 ff: see. note on p. 454. Scribe's notes: p. 443. Nomaide lu[g] nas[a] ann 7 is beo lium Martain iarla connacht &c. p. 447. Sho (?) duit a Dabii, &c. 'O Doran' noted by RI Best.

p. 450. IN dia dhais tar eis láe na haile fuite aniu, &c. The place 'Parc Dam' twice, p. 443 foot, p. 450 foot.

p. 451. Law tract: Falfir chrean. See TCD MS 1433, p. 17b.

p. 455 (verso of last folio of the preceding) in a later hand. A decision given by the O'Dorans in a dispute about the mearings of certain lands in Leinster between Gerald, son of Cathal Carrach, and Brian, son of Muircheartagh, and Donogh Mac Criomthein. The names of the witnesses are given, and the date 1561. Below this is an account of the boundary stones erected, and the mearings marked out. O'C. 1142.

pp. 456, 457. Fragment on Law.

p. 457, col. 2. Short fragment of the Five Paths of Judgment (see p. 489 ). O'C. 1150. 1337/1 ends here.

pp. 458- 466. Fragment of a tract on the law of wounding persons who are under the protection of sanctuary. 7" x 5". O'C. 1152. The first page, which is illegible, is not numbered in the pagination. At the bottom of p. 459 is a memorandum by Edw. Lhwyd, recording that he bought this book (viz. that containing pp. 458-517) from Cornan O'Cuirnin, Co. Sligo, a.d. 1700. 463a = Laws iii 406, 22; 408, 3.

pp. 467, 468. Glosses on a number of poems belonging to the Metrical Dindsenchas, beginning: Temuir a uerbo greco temairia .i. quod a laidin inter pretatur coinspicio huius opidi quod temoriam uocamus. O'C. 1175. See Prof. K. Meyer: Zeits., vii (p. 142, line 10: for 407 read 467). See below, p. 533.

pp. 469- 492. The Paths of Judgment. On the mode of instituting and proceeding with a suit; of judges and advocates. O'C. 1182. See TCD MS 1289. At foot of p. 488: sin a Taidg cuna ó Gilla na Noem duid. At foot of p.489: sin duit a Giolla mic aaedgain (?) o Tadg finit finit.

A quatrain from the margin of p. 478 is published by Prof. K. Meyer: Zeits., ii.. p. 225.

p. 493. Heptads, the ancient text in large characters, with interlinear gloss, followed by commentary, O'C. 1229. A.L.I. V. 178, 186.

At 498 a slip of vellum is inserted, beginning: Ingen na flatha tucad don ceile. O'C. 1239.

After 500 is a slip containing a few notes not connected with the text. O'C. 1245, 1246.

p. 501. Of securities, pledges, etc. O'C. 1247.

p. 507. Begins another Law tract, treating of fines for insult, violation, or personal injury to kings, bishops, nobles. O'C. 1260. On 515.5 is the name of the owner, Cornan O'Curnin, A.D. 1672.

pp. 516- 518. Two leaves of a Law tract, the last page (not reckoned in the pagination) not legible. A smaller leaf, now numbered p. 518 ¾ is inserted. O'C. 1271.

pp. 519, 519 bis. Glossed extracts from the Uraicept na nEces.

pp. 520- 528. Extracts from the Tripartite Life of St. Patrick, with frequent interlinear glosses. Published by Stokes, 'Archiv,' iii., p. 8. At the beginning of the volume are four paper folios, containing a transcript of these glosses in a letter addressed to Dr. John O'Donovan.

p. 528ff. Glosses from Togail Bruidne Dá Derga, beg: bui righ amra [.i. uasal] airedha for Eirinn .i. Eochaidh Feighlioch a ainm. Those of any value are quoted by Stokes in his edition: Rev. Celt, xxii : cf. Meyer, ut supra. Several of the glosses on pp. 533, 534, on poems belonging to the Metrical Dindsenchas duplicate; similar glosses on p. 467.

p. 533, line 14. Glosses on poem belonging to the Metrical Dindsenchas, beginning: Temair a uerbo greco temoria quod latine interpretatur conspicio: see p. 467.

p. 538. Two leaves containing fragment of glosses on the Tain Bó Cuailnge. O'C. 1293. At the top of p. 538 is written 'clerich 13.' At foot: 'Noiti gaicles,' &c. Printed ZCP. ix. 167.

p. 539, col. 1, 23. Glossed extracts (?) beginning 'Arg rin goit.'

p. 539, col. 2, to end p. 541. Glosses partly based on Tecosca Cormaic.

p. 542 is the verso of what was formerly the cover of the collection 543- 564. 7.5" x 5.5" (about s. xiv). This page contains part of the introduction to the "Dialogue of the Two Sages" with a text differing from that which begins on p. 543. On p. 543 is the number 14.

p. 542, col. 2, line 3. Techta canan cáich. In the upper margin is: laneneclann don eclais ina manach cid saermanach cid daermanach 7 ni fhuil laneneclann, etc.

pp. 543- 555, col. 1. Dialogue of the Two Sages, with copious interlinear gloss.

pp. 555 (col. i), 556. Three stories of the Mongan cycle, viz. Compert Mongain, and Scél Mongain, both edited and translated by Prof. K. Meyer in the Appendix to the "Voyage of Bran," vol. i, p. 42 and p. 52. The third story, 555, col. 2, is the colloquy of Colum Cille and the youth of Carn Eolaing, said by some to be Mongan. This is edited and translated by Prof. Meyer: Zeits., ii, p. 313. See TCD MS 1319, 178.

p. 556, col. 2. A very short summary of the tale, Togail Bruidne Dá Derga, headed "Indcipit do bruidin hi Dearga". Twenty-three lines only.

This is followed by a story about a pious bishop in Germany named Albertus, who forced the Host to tell him how he could best serve God.

p. 558- 9. Tract on death, v Eriu x. 165.

p. 559. The poem beginning: Tre focal tagráit filid. See BB. 331 35. ACL iii 293.

p. 560. Poem beginning: Dub gilla dub arm naise,with interlinear gloss. This is called the Shield poem of Dallan Forgaill. Publ. in the Trans, of the Ossianic Soc, vol. v., pp. 258- 262. The copy in the Book of Leinster (TCD MS 1339, 193b), differs greatly.

p. 563. Poem beginning: Is truag in ceis a mbiaam. Printed ZCP. ix. 167.

p. 564. Three quatrains: 'Mac duine,' 'Nopsenaid,' 'Ri némhe.' Then a poem, ' Nena filed feghthar lind' (7 stanzas). After 'Nena?' on the alphabet, 7 stanzas, is poem: Is dlíd don ollam, 5 stanzas (read: Is ed dlegar). Publ. K. Meyer: Zeits., vii, p. 298. At foot a quatrain on p. 564, 'Dreisfid in bith ' (printed in ZCP. ix. 167. The two folios that follow are not numbered; the second formed (with p. 542 ) the cover of the collection. O'Reilly says they originally contained pedigrees of some family, adding that the first and last pages are illegible. These really seem never to have been written on, and the pedigree referred to, which is on the second page, consists of only eight steps, and does not seem to have ever extended further. But on these two inner pages paper has been at one time pasted, which contained neat writing, now illegible.

pp. 565-660 is a collection, the folios of which are separately numbered (the third, however, being passed over), and at the top of p. 565 is a memorandum, in Welsh, by Edw. Lhwyd, stating that he purchased this from Eoin Agniu, of Larne, county Antrim, in the year 1700. There is also the number 15. It is about 6.5" x 5", and written about s. xiv.

pp. 565- 596. The Cóir Anmann. Etymology of the names of noted persons in Ireland. Published Irische Texte, iii.

p. 567 contains an account of the names of Eoghan Mór. Publ. by O'Curry in the Introduction to the 'Battle of Magh Leana,' 1855.

p. 596. Etymological glosses on Samhain, Beltaine, and other words from 'Tochmarc Emire.'

p. 596, col. 2. Glossed passages from the 'Cath Catharda,' the Irish version of part of Lucan's Pharsalia. See TCD MS 1298, 376.

p. 601. Glosses from ' Brislech Mór Maige Murthemne.' See Thurneysen, Gotting's Abhandl : n.f. xiv. 3, pp. 13-19. See TCD MS 1296, 303. Begins: Rofhoghluinnsett na mic druigecht & coimhlecht (.i. cocudh).

p. 603. Glosses from 'Cophar in dá muccida.' O'C. 1307. Publ. Windisch, Irische Texte, iii, p. 276.

p. 603, col. 2. Glosses from 'Táin Bó Flidais.' O'C. 1307. Printed Ir. Texte, ii. 2, p. 255.

p. 604, col. 1. Glosses from 'Táin Bó Fraich.' O'C. 1309.

p. 604, col. 2. Glosses from 'Gineman Conchubhair.' O'C. 1311.

p. 605, col. 1. Glosses from 'Táin Bó Regamoin.' O'C. 1312. Printed Ir. Texte, ii. 2, p. 256.

p. 605. Glosses from ' Tochmarc Etáine.' O'C. 1312. Printed ZCP., v. 523.

p. 607, col. 1. Glosses from 'Fled Bricne.' O'C. 1319.

p. 608.5. A small slip containing a few glosses.

p. 609. Glosses from 'Cath Crinda.' The account of this battle between Cormac macAirt and the Ulstermen is in the Book of Lismore.

p. 609, line 10. Glosses from the Metrical Dinnsenchas, beginning with Carn huí Néit: see Gwynn, Metr. Ds., iii, p. 216.

p. 610. Glossed extracts from 'Coire Erma.'

p. 610, col. 2. Glossary to the 'Amhra Coluim Cille.'

p. 616, col. 2. Glossary on the Felire of Oengus. Printed in Stokes' 'Three Irish Glossaries.'

pp. 623 (col. 1), 626 (col. 3, line 5). An alphabetical glossary, beginning: "Adhart quasi adharth adhain bhais . . . ." ("from the Duil Dromma Ceta," K.M.). ed. Ériu XIII, 61-87.

p. 626, col. 3, line 6. Glosses not alphabetically arranged, beginning: Cuspa .i. bróga.

On the preceding glosses and glossaries, see Prof. K. Meyer: " Archiv," iii, p. 133 ( p. 138 ?), to whom most of the identifications are due.

p. 628, col. 2. Fragmentary Law Notes, beginning: Sellach dosli lan fhiau (fiachu). O'C. 1387. Some of the notes are brief explanations of Law phrases.

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