Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Trinity College Dublin

MS 1337/2


Vol 9 - Vol 13.

p. 196. The beginning of the romantic tale of the Feis Tighe Conáin (17th century hand?). See TCD MS 1355. Publ. Oss. Soc. ii.

pp. 197- 202. A tract written in the Ogham Consaine. Rendered by O'C. 356. At the foot of the first page is a line in the Ogam Craoibh. ff. 3, 6.5" x 4.5".

pp. 203- 206. A Law tract: cuir na memus acht mas fuaidre uil ann. ff. 2. 6.5" x 4.5". O'C 364.

pp. 207- 209. Extracts from the "bretha neme" with explanations and comments, headed "Incipit don brethaib nimi deiganach fech". O'C. 370.

p. 207, col. 2, is headed: ambuno so sa brethe nimhe deiginach.

p. 208. col. 1. Frestal uithir ina methaig brogais co boin. Text with gloss and comment. O'C. 373.

p. 209, col. 1. Gloss, beginning: ni tuluigh fri tuirigin tuigítither .i. etc. 16 lines. The rest of the page blank. O'C. 376.

Between pp. 208 and 209 a small scrap is inserted, beginning: Foras nach dilsi dobeir dune. O'C. 375.

pp. 210- 213. Poem beginning: Aithne damh homa re haei, with interlinear gloss. See TCD MS 1328, p. 52, and 1391, II. 1.

pp. 214- p. 256 (the No. 244 is repeated in error). Law Tracts, s. xiv (?), with some glosses. 8" x 5.5".

p. 214. Corus fine feneachus. Family and tribe laws concerning the disposal of property, etc. O'C. 377.

p. 229- 237: the margins are filled with a number of glosses, with quotations.

pp. 238. Tract beginning: Mac Dé nimdu dichell. O'C. 442.

pp. 245- 252, line 9. Glosses on some work on Law. Imperfect at the beginning. O'C. 463.

p. 249 (lower margin). Begins: Ranna mna cethra eturra 7rl .i. teora ranna, etc. O'C. 480.

pp. 252, line 10. On the constitution of the farmer classes.

For 252- 256 see on p. 1.

p. 255 (lower margin). A long, legal extract, beginning: Madh geill flatha notbiatha. In aimsir in biata no in-geallta ro elaidh in cintach. O'C 500.

pp. 257- 260. 7" X 5". Glosses on Law terms, beginning: Cerc cit leir topuir. O'C. 505.

pp. 261- 264, col. 1. 7.5"x6". On securities and guarantees. O'C. 518.

pp. 264, col. 2, 265. Of the seven classes of landlords who are not entitled to all the privileges of their class. O'C. 531.

p. 265, line 16 from foot, in a different hand, a fragment of legal commentaries, beginning: Mairidh in colunn annsin 7 tainic do rédi niris? At end: misi Donnchadh 7 nóin ithi L. Brigde ann.

p. 265 (top margin): olc sin a Taidhg mic Finn.

p. 266. Of precedency to the chieftainship. O'C. 537.

p. 267 b (end of col.). Is truag in sgeal dime horta Concobhair .i. tingin do mucha. 7 ata ni is mesa lium nasin .i. linn Caitlin a roisdi do dul facaill uile 7 ni gan abhar (RI Best reads 'da dul fa chaill').

pp. 269- 284. Fragment of Law tract. 4.5" x 4". Begins: Cindas retheas smacht. O'C. 552.

p. 273. f.i.n.i.d.

p. 274, line 1. Cid fodera gunad cudruma.. p. 275, f.i.n.i.d. O'C 556.

p. 276, line 1. Is cudruma ata dilsi na choibchi o indligtheach . . . O'C. 558-

p. 278, line 3. f.i.n.i.d.

p. 278, line 4. Caidi in fath as a tabar .uii. cuinala .i. coirpdiri in duine is urradh itir. O'C. 560.

p. 281. Conna tascnai ua dar a mac. O'C. 564.

p. 282, line 16. Ara ite a tri asrenaiter i cairde guth .i. etc. O'C. 566.

After 282 is a defect.

p. 283, line 4. Atait .m. aen serepaill i cairdi .i. m. hearnaile i nicar aen scripall i cairde. O'C. 567.

pp. 284 (number repeated)- 303. A Law tract containing explanations of Law terms and phrases, written on pieces of vellum of various sizes, some very small. Begins: Ni tulaigh fri tuirign: see p. 209.

pp. 284- 303: A short glossary, partly effaced at the beginning. O'C. 569.

Between pp. 285 and 286 are two small slips, the contents of which, says O'C, appear to belong to this Tract. See O'C 613.

p. 289, line 15. Legal matter: Faill do caemtechtaib cin imcoimet. O'C. 584.

p. 290. Law: Airg 7 fir 7 mna. O'C. 587.

p. 291. Law of fines for killing, wounding, etc. O'C. 591.

p. 294 (top margin): Gach uair is .9. ranna imeagh .4. ranna ar innile lain, etc. O'C. 596: see A.L.L, iii. 338.

p. 305. Corus Iubaile. Laws of prescription, lapse, etc. O'C. 633. See p. 641.

pp. 312- 325. A small booklet, 3" x 2" to 3", containing laws. Begins: IS e imorro fiach laig 7 lachta na bliadna sin .i. etc. O'C. 649. Ends: ceithre ba 7 .u. ba 7 .ui. ba logh tire cumaile dona tri hanethaimh. O'C. 663.

p. 322. Begins with a broken chapter. The first sentence is: Duine do chennoig ferann.

p. 326. Coimgi laime 7 beil 7 tenga .i. etc. O'C. 664: see p. 217, col. 2, line 4.

p. 328 b. Bid laeg o erruch tria samrud 7rl. O'C. 670.

p. 329 (3 cols.). Tunathaidhe .i. tonntaide. tond .i. marbadh donither a taide & deismirecht ar ani as tond ut est teora tonna gaisi 7rl.

pp. 329- 330. Some texts expanded are in Latin.

pp. 331- 352. Law tract on prescription, distress, etc. O'C. 678 (paper except last leaf).

p. 350. Ni teit sinnser ria n-osar (interlinear gloss). O'C. 732.

Bottom of p. 352: Sin o Uilliam mac Donnchadha as baltr as éisse .i. Donnchadh mac Conchubhair, etc.

p. 353. Fragment on exemptions from arrests and suits, with interlinear gloss. O'C. 737.

pp. 355- 357. Poem on Law terms by Giolla na Naomh (MacEgan) (see p. 157 ), beginning: Toiched bratha coitchinncha. O'C. 742.

p. 358. Introduction to the Seanchus Mór, which begins on the next page and ends p. 398, on which Edw. Lhwyd has written 'Constat fol. 218.' 7" x 5". O'C. 796. At the top of p. 358 is; In dei nomine. Amen. In tiasgso (sic O'C.) don aincesach, 7 is ecuil lium da cuired na Saxanaig da druim a scribthame. RI Best adds 'At p.372b Slan n-aitire cairde, ed Thurneysen, Bürgschaft p. 32'; p. 380 'scribe Condla' m. i a tigh Uiliam ? mac MacMairchchinn mise And?i. In A.L.I, iii., p. 80, the editors say that the brief gloss on p. 382 (O'C. 835) most probably belongs to the lost portion of the Senchus Mór.

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