Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Royal Irish Academy

A iv 3

Bardic Poetry.

17th cent. Paper. 6 1/10 x 7 7/10 Pp. 618-878 (of which some are missing, leaving 236 pages in all). The scribe is the same throughout, though a slight change in style and ink is observable after p. 814. He has nowhere signed or given a date. The accuracy of his texts and the character of his handwriting suggest that he wrote before the end of the 17th cent. Many of the texts transcribed by him (e.g., verses, on p. 776, referring to the disappearance of the O’Neills and O'Donnells; the poems from the Contention on pp. 802- 807) show that he wrote after the opening years of the 17th century. To judge from the page-numbers, 617 pages are missing at the beginning. The verso of p. 809 was numbered 840, in error for 810, by the original numerator: the continuation of this error is observable as far as the chasm after p. 822 (originally 852). There is also a correct numbering of these pages in pencil: the pencil numbering is that here followed, the original numbering being given in brackets after it. From p. 860 to p. 873, a very early numbering in an ink of the same colour as that of the text is observable (as well as the regular numbering, which is in a darker ink, and a repetition in pencil of the regular numbering) : this very early numbering, which runs from 101 to 115, is here given in brackets after the regular numbering. Pp. 628-638 and 877-878 are badly mutilated. Many other pages are slightly mutilated or faded. Mutilated pages have been mended with transparent paper, which itself has sometimes obscured words which might otherwise have been legible. Unnumbered blank leaves have been inserted during binding in certain places throughout the ms. Chasms occur at the beginning, and before pp. 637 (?) and 751, and at the end. Unimportant extraneous scribblings occur on pp. 672, 697. The ms. is bound in half-leather, lettered on the back “ Stowe MS. A. IV. 3.” On the first page of the text is written "No. 49." in a 19th (?) century hand. (Stowe Ir. MSS, 61. Stowe and Ashburnham collections.)


618. (i) Last quatrain of a poem which began with the word (last line cráobha d’fheilm. a n-am agha). (ii) Brían Dorcha Ó hUiginn. Síol féile fuil Díarmada. 39 qq. For a Brian Mac Díarmada, "oidhri Rúaidhrí" (q. 8).

621. “Aodh Ollbharr Ó Carthaigh .i. Ollamh Crúachan.” Atá sonn sochar na ríogh. 17 qq. See 340, 34 i.

623. Tadhg Dall [Ó hUiginn]. Pardhus Fódla Fir Mhanach. 51 qq. For Brian Mhág Uidhir.

628. Muireadhach Albanach [Ó Dálaigh]. Sáor do leannan, a Leamhain. 13 qq. (mutilated at end). See 3, 15a.

629. Tadhg mac Dáire [Mhic Bhruaideadha]. A mhacaoímh sh(e)nas mo sheirc. 13 qq. (some faded or mutilated). To a patron who was cold towards the poet.

630 - 631. Only a few inches of the inner margins remain.

632. Tadhg (. . .) [i.e., Tadhg Dali Ó hUiginn]. Léigfiod Á odh d’fear (. . .). The inner margins only of pp. 632- 633 remain, with fragments of some lines of this poem, of which another copy has been catalogued 2, 102.

633 m. Here began a poem of which the first letter was E(see end). Only fragments of the lines remain in the inner margins of the badly mutilated pages, 633-635. Either p. 636 is wanting, or the number 636 was omitted in numbering the pages. On p. 637 are the last four quatrains of the poem proper, ending with the line díbir úain an ainbhfine. Then follows a quatrain for Brían Ó Bríain and an additional concluding quatrain addressed to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The person addressed in the poem is called “Teabóid” (p. 634, 1. 21, p. 637, 1. 7), son of “Uáitér” (p. 637, 1. 7), son of "Émonn" (p. 637, 1. 1). He was probably therefore a Munster Burke (see scribal note at end of this entry, and cf. 490, 48). His mother’s name was Sadhbh (p. 637, 1. 3). The poem is followed by the scribal note : Dearmat (aindlighthioch anoirchius)fó dear a dhúinn an dán so labhras d’fior do Leith Mogha do sgríobhadh a n-eitirmheadhón na gcairmion as goire dhó dá gach. leith, neoch labhras d’Áodh Mhág Uidhir do réir na n-ughdur a Iáittior leath [sic]. ut est. Eochaidh Ó hEódhusa 7 alii.

637 m. Eochaidh Ó hEódhusa (?) (see preceding scribal note). Fada ré horchoid Éire. 87 qq. (of which six are mutilated). See 2, 27.

645. Tadhg Dall [Ó hUiginn]. ísligh do mheanma, a Mhaoílir. 43 qq. For Maoílir [Búre], son of Uáitér.

648. Tadhg Mór Ó hUiginn. Slán fád fholcadh, a Fhionnghuala. 40½ qq. For Fionnghuala, daughter of Maghnus [Ó Conchobhair].

652. Gofraidh Fionn Ó Dálaigh. Mór ar bfearg riot, a rí Saxon [Edward III]. 60 qq. For the [2nd] earl of Desmond, Muiris, son of [Muiris], son of Tomas Mac Gearailt.

657. Idem. A chnuic thoir ré taoíbh Ealla. 37 qq. On the death of Féilimidh, son of Diarmuid, son of Domhnall [MacCarthy?].

660. Idem. Beir eólas dúinn, a Dhomhnaill. 63 qq. (ending with q. 66 of the printed ed., Ir. Monthly, 1919, p. 341). See 5, 241.

665. Idem. Iongaibh thú orm, a Íarla. 56 qq. + 2 qq. For Gearóid Mac Gearailt, 4th Earl of Desmond, and his wife Eilionór [née Butler].

671. Idem. A chlairsioch Chnuic Í Chosgair. 22 qq. On the harp of Diarmaid (Mág Eochagáin?) of Cnoc Í Chosgair [barony of Moycashel, Co. Westmeath].

673. Idem. A Cholmáin mhóir mhic Léinin. 16 qq. To “Colmán mac Léinín” (“Colmán Cluana hAirde”), patron saint of the O’Daly poets.

674. Eoghan mac Gofraidh Fhinn [Í Dhálaigh]. Maith an locht airdrigh óigi. 37 qq. See 2, 177.

678. Gofraidh Fionn [Ó Dalaigh]. A chros thall ar an ttolaigh. 39 qq. To a cross over the tomb of the poet’s son Eóghan.

681 m. Teallach coisriogtha clann Bhríain. 31 qq. See 2, 147.

684. Maoileachloinn na nUirsgél [Ó hUiginn]. Meisdi mh' inmhi mh’fad ó Shaidbh. 36 qq. + 2 qq. + 1 q.+2 qq. For Sadhbh, daughter of Conchobhar Ó Bríain, with extra verses: (1) for a “Bháitéar mac Risdeard”; (2) for a “mac Domhnaill”; (3) a prayer mentioning the Cross and St. Patrick.

688 m. Idem. Ní deireadh d’anbhúain Éirionn. 38 qq. For Aodh Buidhe, mac Briain Bhallaigh í Néill.

691 m. Donn mac an Chnáid. Ní leis féin a bfaghann Áodh. 41 qq. (of which 36, and 38-41, are concluding quatrains). For the same.

695. Dubhthach Mac Eochadha. A theachtuiri téid bhuthuaidh. 26 qq. For the same.

697 m. Maol Muire mac Mathg[h]amhna Í Uiginn [Archbishop of Tuam]. A fhir théid go fíadh bfuinidh. 29 qq. To a friend going from Rome to Ireland.

700. Giolla Brighdi Ó hEódhasa. Truagh an t-amharcsa, a Eire. 17 qq. On leaving Ireland.

701 m. Fearghal Óg Mac an Bhaird. Beandacht síar úaim go hÉirinn. 25 qq. See 2, 198.

704. Dom[h]nall mac Giolla na Naomh mic M[h]aoileachloinn na n-Uirsgél [Í Uiginn]. Uaignioch sin, a Cheinn Choradh. 57 qq. See 2, 104.

709. Giolla Brig[h]di Mac Con Midhi. longnadh mh’ aisling i nEamhain. 46 qq. See 2, 146.

713. Tad[h]g Óg [Ó hUiginn]. Fada ó Ulltaibh a n-oidhre. 43 qq. For Conchobhar mac Diarmada mic Conchobhair Í Chonchobhair Chiarraighe.

717. Idem. Toghaidh Día neach ’na naoídhin. 47 qq. For Uáitéar mac Tomáis mheic Éamoinn, head of the MacWilliam Burkes.

722. Idem. Fuilngidh bhar lén, a Leath Coinn. 40 qq. See 2, 139.

726. Muireadhach Albanach [Ó Dálaigh]. Tabhraidh chugam cruit mo ríogh, 10½ qq., breaking off imperfect owing to loss of pages. On the harp of Donnchadh [Cairbreach] Ó Briain.

727 - 750. These 24 pages are lost, and have been replaced in binding by 12 blank leaves.

751. [. . . Mac Bruaideadha?]. Last 26 quatrains of a poem which began Mol (see end, p. 753). The beginning is lost owing to a chasm in the ms. The last line (p. 753) is nach bíodh d’fileadhaibh umhol. The poem is addressed to Aodh mac Maghnais Í Dhomhnaill, whom the poet believes to have wronged him. The poet compares himself to the Munster poet Urard Mac Coise, who once considered himself wronged by Domhnall mac Muircheartaigh mhic Néill of the Cinéal Eóghain (see Anecdota II, 42). The poet was fostered with the O’Donnells. He had some connection with the O’Briens. [Cf. 488, 180, and Irish Monthly, 1921, p. 67?].

753 m. Domhnall mac Dáire [Mhic Bhruaideadha]. Ní dúal cairde ar creich ngeimhil. 47 qq. For Páidricín, mac Tomáis, mhic Éamuinn Mhic Mhuiris of Lixnaw.

757 m. A leabhráin ainmnighthior d’Áodh. 15 qq. (preceded by a crossed out heading). On a book sent to Aodh Ó Domhnaill. [This poem is ascribed to Eóghan Ruadh Mac an Bhaird in the Bk. of the O’Conor Don.]

759. Fearghal Óg Mac an Bhaird. Mithidh sin, a mhaca Míleadh. 50 qq.

764. Tosach feile fairsingi. 39 qq. See 3, 136.

767. Cormac Ó hUiginn. Síon choitchionn cumha Ghaoígheal. 47 qq. See 2, 2.

772. Mairg úaislighius an éicsi. 37 qq. On the nobility of the race of “Íor,” of whom are the “Í Eathach” [Magennises, etc.: cf. next item].

775. Gofraidh Mhac an Bhaird. Meisi ar th’fáosaimh, a Airt Rúaidh. 24 qq. + 3 qq. For Art, mac Aoídh, mhic Dhomnaill Mhéig Aonghusa, and for [his wife?] Sorcha, inghean Áodha Í Néill.

778. Laoísioch Mac an Bhaird. A fhir ghlacas a ghalldacht. 11 qq. On a lover of English ways.

779. Idem. Mo chean duitsi, a tholach thall. 9 qq. On the cutting of an historic thorn-bush.

780. Domhnall Chnuic an Bhile. Mór loitid lucht an ionnlaigh, 57 qq. See 3, 32.

785 m. Anois do tuicfidhe Tadhg. 40 qq. See 2, 137.

789 m. Maol Muiri mac Iollainn Í M.[h]aoíl Chonuire. Úaitne an einigh i nOil Finn. 37 qq. Lament for Uillíam Ó Flannagáin.

792 m, Mac Cearbhaill Bhuidhe [Í Dhálaigh?]. Beag nar bháith Á odh oighidh Coinn. 33 qq. (incomplete?). Lament for Aodh mac Eóghain Í Chonchobhair, killed on a raid into Bréifne.

796. Brian mac Eóghain Í Dhomhnalláin. Leig thort do thuirsi, a Shíle. 45 qq. See 2, 170.

799 i. Sgían mo charad ar mo chliú. 8 qq. On a dagger given the poet by Donnchadh Cairbreach [Ó Bríain].

800 m. Coisgidh don áos ealadhna. 20 qq. Against certain revilers of the learned.

802 - 807. Three poems from the Contention of the Bards : (1) (802m.) Báothghalach Mac Áodhagáin. Mairg darab féicheamh fear gaoíl. 13 qq. (2) (804) "Freagra Thaidhg mhic D [h] áire [Mhic Bhruaideadha]. " A duine labhras an laoídh. 24 qq. (3) (806 m.) Báothghalach [Mac Áodhagáin]. Fuirigh rém thagrasa, a Thaidhg. 20 qq.

808. Ionmhain an feart i bfuil Brían. 15 qq. See 3, 82.

809 m. Bérad breath na himriosna. 24 syllabic stanzas, of from 6 to 14 lines each. Judgement in the poetic controversy between [Díarmaid] Ó Bríain and Tadhg Óg Ó hUiginn concerning the Shannon.

815 (845). Cuimhnigh, a Mháire an connradh do cheanglabhair (altered from cheanglamair). 13½ droighneach stanzas. See 744, 54a.

815 (846). Deacair dul a ndíoghruis gráidh. 17 qq. + 1 q. For Conall Ó Briain and [his wife?] Caitléin inghean Shémais, the extra quatrain being for two Aodhs.

818 (848). Seán Mór Ó Clumháin. In deimhin anos teacht an tairrngire. 14 droighneach stanzas. For Tadhg, mac Ruaidhrí, mhic Cathail Uí Chonchobhuir (called Ó Broin in st. 9).

820 (850). Bí ad mhosgladh, a mheic Aonghais. 34 qq. For Sémas mac Aonghuis Mhic Dhomhnaill of Íle.

859 (margins here obscured by mending). The last 27 quatrains of a poem which is acephalous owing to a chasm in the ms. The repetition at the end, unfortunately obscured by mending, shows that it began c(.), which perhaps represents Ceann or Comha ad cheann. The last line is láid, a Aonghais, comha ad cheann. It is addressed to Aonghas Mac Domhnaill of Íle.

861 m. Giolla Brighde [Mac Con Midhe]. Teasda eochair ghlais Ghaoídheal. 21 qq. On the death of Gormlaith, inghean Domhnaill Uí Dhomhnaill, at the age of five.

863 (104) m. Muireadhach Albanach [Ó Dálaigh]. Mairg thréigius inn, a Amhlaoímh. 21 qq. A laoídh (mentioning, ‘Leamhain’ in Scotland) urging “Amhlaoímh” to reward him suitably for an earlier dúain mholta.

865 (106) m. Idem. Tabhrum an Cháisg ar Chathal. 25 qq.

868 (109) (margins here obscured by mending). S(ui)rghioch Crúacha ré clú Taidhg. For Tadhg, mac Taidhg, mhic Cathail [Uí Conchobhair?].

871 (112). Fada leigthior Eamhain a n-áontomha. 4 droiqhneach stanzas. Fragment only. The bottom of p. 871, all of p. 872, and half of p. 873, are blank.

873 (114) m. Mairg íarras iomlaoíd cáinti. 20 qq. See 3, 116a.

875 (116?) m. Mosgladh gach bróin a mbás Fharblaidhi. 10 droighneach stanzas. On the death of a dog.

876 m. Fearghal Óg Mac An Bhaird. Tri corona a ccairt Shémais. The first 6 qq. on p. 876, followed on the mutilated half-pages 877-878 by 8 other full quatrains and 4 mutilated quatrains. See 744, 41a.