23 D 43


Vellum. Last quarter of the 15th century. Ff. 74. No scribal signatures. Two main scribes: Scribe A (ff. 1-24, and Second Series ix-xxix); Scribe B (Primary Series ff. xxvi-52); with four assistant scribes and an interpolator. Described, edited and translated by Henning Larsen, An Old Icelandic medical miscellany (Oslo 1931).

Primary Series
i r. Charms and conjurations to cure fevers or stop haemorrages. Ends f. iv r 1.
iv r 1. On the depth of the sea. Ends f. iv r 4.
iv r 5. Book of simples. Ends f. 41 r 1.
41 r 2. Antidotarium. Ends f. 53 r.
53 v. Lapidary. Breaks off with page.

Secondary Series
ix r. Leechbook. Breaks off f. xii v; resumes f. xiv r; ends f. xxvii v 4.
xxvii v 5. Cook-book. Breaks off f. xxix v, and resumes without loss f. xiii r; ends f. xiii v.