Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Mount Melleray Abbey Co. Waterford

MS 3


[p. 15]

18th cent. Paper. 31.5 × 19.5 cm. Pp. 158, scribal pagination 14-198 (skipping 107); for missing pages see below. Scribe: Eamon Cochlainn (Edmond Coughlan (Coughlin)), 1789 (pp. 24, 60, 114, 115, 190).

Binding does not survive; gatherings side-stitched with twine. Collation only partially determinable due to poor condition of manuscript; pp. 1-13 missing; pp. 14-19 three leaves without conjugates; pp. 20-29 a four with an additional leaf (pp. 26-7); 30-37 a four; pp. 38-41 two singletons; pp. 42-65 a twelve wanting 1-3 (pp. 42-7) and 9 (pp. 58-9) with loss of text; pp. 66-87 indeterminable (pp. 80-87 missing with loss of text); pp. 88-103 an eight wanting 1-5 (pp. 88-97) with loss of text; pp. 104-164 a thirty; pp. 165-86 indeterminable; pp. 187-98 a six; gathering(s) missing after p. 198. Margins ruled in dry point; 34-40 lines; two columns pp. 197-8; catchwords; running titles; ornamented initials occasionally. Top edges badly frayed, pp. 14-38, 175-98, with consequent loss of text. Heavy staining pp. 99-100, 152-7, 168-73.

Notes and jottings: (a) 14.5-10. Interlinear scribbling. (b) 51, upper margin. Calculation. (c) 60, inner margin. `James' (repeated outer margin), with repetition of words from text. (d) 60, lower margin. `James O Leary' with repetition of words from text. (e) 114, following colophon. `1889 / 1789.' (f) 116, upper margin. `Edmond Coug[hlan].' (g) 121, inner margin. `Seamus neamhurchoideach Ua Laoghaire / Seamus neamhurchodeach O Laoghaire / by me James O Leary.' (h) 122, upper margin. `Edmond Coughlans book' (cropped). (i) 142, lower margin, inverted. Calculation. (j) 143, lower margin, inverted. `and and.' (k) 195.28-9, interlinear. `James Clune July 22th [sic] 1821 William Clune.' (l) 198.3. `a great mistake is to write words the second time tho I did.' Jotting (l) scribal; (b), (f) and (h) possibly scribal.


14. [Foras Feasa ar Éirinn.] Liber Primus beg. acephalous Seacht locha do bhrúcht a nEirinn a naimsir Phárthalain

[p. 16]

(corresponds to ITS IV (1901) 162.97). Ends (p. 114) gor hadhlaiceadh a Roilg na Ríogh a cCruachuinn é iar ccathamh 23 bliadhna a bhflaithios Éireann do. `Eamon, Cochlainn, an Tighearna [sic] M.DCCLXXXIX.' (Scribal signatures: p. 24.27, `Wrote by Edmond Coughlin'; p. 60.13 `Edmond Coughlin'.) Liber Secundus headed (p. 115): `Forus Feasa ar Erinn l[i]ber [blank] Edmond Coughlin'. Beg. Ag so síos do ríogaibh Éireann et dá ndálaibh deis chreidimh. Ends (p. 195) 7 iomad do shleachtaibh uaisle eile Seannghall táinig ó taoiseachaibh eile et ó triathaibh dioph et nách luaidhfiom annso. `Finis Libui [sic] Secundi.' (Scribal signature, p. 190, upper margin: `Edmond'.) Foll. (p. 195.29) by genealogies; introduction, beg. Adeirid cuid dona seachnachaibh [sic] go bfuilid 12 chinéal saorchlainn nó dfíoruaisle a nEirinn do Dhaoidhiolaibh [sic]. Foll. (p. 196.x) by: `Craobhsgaoileadh sleachta Eibhir Fhinn annso...'; `Craov chovneasa agus craovsgaoileav Ua Neachach Múman ann so do rér an Leabhar Muimnig' (198 a 31); breaks off (p. 198 b) in section on `Geinealach Uí Mhathghamhna Fhinn'. Lacunae in text, noted above, correspond to ITS VIII (1908) 54.841-78.1212, 120.1873-130.2040, 246.3829-342.5338.