Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in Mount Melleray Abbey Co. Waterford

MS 2


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18th cent. Paper. 15 × 9.5 cm. Pp. [ii] + 354, scribal pagination 1-331 (repeating 125 and 233 [233 and 233a below]) now continued in pencil to end; for missing pages see below. Scribe: Michael O Call[...] (see Introduction, n. 6), 1733 (p. 331).

Bound in half leather, now very worn. Blind tooling, with traces of gold-tooling; and `MANUSCRIPT' on spine. Initials `PM' scratched on leather on front cover. Three endpapers front and back. First front endpaper partially attached to inside front cover. Gathered in eights: iv wants 8 (stub survives between pp. 60 and 61), vii wants 2 (stub survives between pp. 80 and 81), xi wants 8 (stub survives between pp. 153 and 154), xx wants 8 (between pp. 294 and 295), xxiii wants 6 and 7 (between pp. 332 and 333), xxv wants 8 (after p. 356); loss of text in xxiii where defective; v (pp. 61-2) a singleton; xxi (pp. 295-306) a six; xxiv (pp. 335-42) a four. Ruled in dry point, margins occasionally ruled in pencil; 18-24 lines; running titles; catchwords. Margins cropped with occasional loss of pagination and running title.

Notes and jottings: (a) first front endpaper, verso, transversely, line 1. `Bridget Kennedy of Ardfinan.' (b) first front endpaper, verso, transversely, lines 2-4. `Birmingham / Command your mind from play / contentme[...]' (cropped). (c) first front endpaper, verso, transversely, between lines 2 and 3. `Ellon[...]' (cropped). (d) second front endpaper, recto. `Riostard O Cinneide / Aith Cliath.' (e) second front endpaper, recto, transversely. `Michael.' (f) second front endpaper, verso, transversely. `James O Donnell

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of Killcommon.' (g) third front endpaper, recto, transversely. `Leabhar Eadhmon Mr Edmond O'. (h) third front endpaper, recto, inverted. `The Spiritual Mirror / Dear Friend.' (i) [i]. `An Scathan Spriodal[ta] / The Gift of the Revd Mr John Purfield Vicar of Duleek may God Grant him peace and all th[e] faithfull and me Grace to follow the Instructions of this Book / Amen / Chr Tieling / Bellewstown January 1st 1795.' (j) [ii]. `Mainistir arna déanamh re naobh Pádraig aig Loch Dearg d'órd St Augustin 153 / Vinsentius mar údar ar seo 152' (references to pages in text). (k) 1.5. `Scath.' (l) first back endpaper, verso. `of Londonderry / Phill[...]' (stained). (m) first back endpaper, verso, inverted. `Suim.' (n) second back endpaper, recto, inverted. `Now [...]' (stained). (o) second back endpaper, verso, transversely. `T T.' (p) third back endpaper, recto, transversely. Is milis comhrad an fhir 1 q., foll. by couplet beg. If you be poor be sure [no freedom] make. (q) third back endpaper, recto, transversely, line 5. `I am now / T [...].' Jotting (j) possibly scribal.


[i-ii]. See above.

1. 'AN SCATHAN SPIORADALTA / toiseach ar chrioch na beatha daondha / An chead chomhradh.' Beg. A dhiosgiobhail ghradhaigh ansna laitaibh do cuaidh tharain do cuirios chugham ceiste roeifeachtach. `An dara comhradh' (35.3); `An treas comhradh' (58.7); `An ceithriomh comhradh' (77.9); `An cuigadh comhradh' (112.z); `An seasamh comhradh' (144.5); `An seachtmhadh comhradh' (172.3); `An tochtmhadh comhradh' (196.15); `An 9mh. comhradh' (220.15); `An Xamh comhradh' (233a.2); `An taonadh comhradh X' (250.11); `An dara comhradh X' (260.z); `An 3amh comhradh X' (281.6); `An 4amh comhradh X' (306.12); `An 5amh comhradh X' (317.2). Ends (p. 331) mar sgriobhthar a moran desiomplaraibh 7 go spesialta mar adeir Vincensius De Valensa. `Finis / ar na sgrioba le Michael O Call[...] an 23 lá [daois an Tigearna cancelled] do mhi December 1733.' Further colophons: `aic sin deireadh leis aní ceadna' (172.2); `Críochnaighim an so an seachtamh comhradh' (196.13); `Agus aic sin deireadh ris an 9mh comhradh' (233.z); `7 aic sin crioch na heiseirghe 7 na comharthaigh céadna' (260.x); `7 aic sin briathra Ricardus go soice sin. Criochnaighiom an 2m comradh dég' (281.4). P. 332 blank. Foll. (p. 333) by: `An Clar' (acephalous, see above)

[p. 15]

beg. `[Comhrádh 2.]6 go dé an ní é an bás? 47', ending p. 351. `Finis.' Pp. 352-6 blank.