Additions to the collection of Irish manuscripts at Mount Melleray abbey

Éigse 30 (1997 [1998]) 92-108

MS 12


[p. 101]

19th cent. Paper. 15.5 × 18.5 cm. Pp. 66, now numbered in pencil, pp. 61-3 with scribal pagination 13-15 (see below). Scribe: John

[p. 102]

Morrissey (Seadhan Ó Mrioseadh/Ó Muireasidh ) (front cover, pp. 14, 15, 35, 60), Muintseabhaic (Mhuine-an-tS[ouc?], Munatouke) [Co. Waterford] (front cover, pp. 14, 15, 60), 1874 (p. 35).

Copy-book (`National School Copy Book / Sixteen sheets Quarto - Price One Penny. / These books while in use are not to be taken out of the School-Room, except on a Saturday, and are then to be returned on the following Monday. / Manufactured for Her Majesty's Stationary Office, By Frederick Pilkington, 89, Middle Abbey-street, Dublin, Bookbinder to the Queen'). `This Manuscript Contains [? old] / Prophesies, one in particular / by Mac Auliff chiefe of Duh[allow] / Tairngaire Mhic Amhlaoimh triath Duithche Eall[ai]dh / The prophesy of Mac Auliff chief of Duhallow / Seadhan Ó M[u]ireasidh Mhuine-an-tS[ouc?]' front cover. Paper wrappers. Single gathering of thirty-two, wanting 1 and 32 (no apparent loss of text); pp. 61-6 loose extraneous leaves, taken from another manuscript in order to complete text here. Covers loose. Ruled in pencil; 13-18 lines.

Notes and jottings: (a) Front cover. `Thomas Morrissey Munatouke in the Parish of [Mo]dliego [sic] in the County Waterford if this Copy [paper cancelled] Book be lost or stole I pray the finder will send it home to Thomas Morrissey of Munatouke.' (b) Front cover. `Richard Morrisey.' (c) Front cover, transversely. `Andrew Morrissey Munatouke 21 May / he [. . . (?) write] the same [. . .].' (d) Inside front cover, pencil. `Feby 7 - 1876 - Augt 5' with calculations of days absent, and wages [?]. (e) 1.1-2, interlinear, pencil. `the.' (f) 29.5, pencil. `Mary.' (g) 55, lower margin, pencil. `Thomas Morrissey Monotouke / No more at Present.' (h) 60.7, pencil. `Mrs Anne.' (i) 60, lower margin, inverted, pencil. `Ardee.' (j) Inside back cover, inverted, pencil. Financial calculations. (k) Back cover, inverted. `Thomas Morrissey / Munatouke / Ballinamult / County Waterford / Ireland.' (l) Back cover, inverted. `T[. . .] / Maurres [? Connery] / C.' (m) Back cover, inverted. Calculations.


1. Transcript (mainly `Tairngire Mhic Amhlaoimh', beg. (p. 4) An chead áen, lucht léighin gan daingion air bith) of part of Nicholas O'Kearney, The prophecies of SS. Columbkille, Maeltamlacht, Ultan . . . (Dublin and London, 1856) in following order: 176-87, 193-201, 188-92, 202-5, with (pp. 42-60, 64-5) selection of annotational material from 36-91. (Scribal signatures: `John Morrissey Munatouke' (pp. 14, 60, lower margins),

[p. 103]

`Seadhan O Mrioseadh Muintseabhaic' (p. 15, lower margin), `November 10th 1874 / John Morrissey' (p. 35.y-z).)

61. `Memorare, The prayer of Saint Bernard.' Beg. Remember, o most pious virgin Mary! Ends with page now and at the hour of death. Amen. Amen.

62. `A prayer against the the [sic] Cholera or other Sickness / It was revealed to a venerable priest at Rome, that whoever would repeat this prayer with devotion would escape the cholera or other Sickness.' Beg. O Jesus divine Redeemer! be merciful to us. Ends with page have mercy on us, we beseech you, Amen. Amen. Amen. Foll. (p. 63) by: `Do teasbanag do shagart naomhtha aig an Róimh an té dhéarfach an phaidir so le caoinduthracht no debhótion go nimeóch se saor ó'n cholera agus ó tinnis 'gus aicídídh eile'. Beg. O Iosa fhuasguilóir naomhtha bídh trócuireach orruin. Ends with page dein trocuire orruin guidhmíd tu. Amen. Amen.

64-5. See p. 1. P. 66 blank