O'Conor Papers, Clonalis House

Vellum. 104–107 mm X 139–144 mm. Writing on both sides. Formerly folded once. Much stained: particularly illegible in lower left-hand corner, and almost entirely on verso. 18 lines. Transcript by James Hardiman published with translation in Blake, ‘Two Irish Brehon Scripts’. Transcript below by Pádraig Ó Macháin incorporates readings from Hardiman and from Gearóid Mac Niocaill (‘Cáipéisí Dlí i nGaeilge 1493-1621’ PhD UCD, 1962); translation by Mac Niocaill (ibid.) reproduced by kind permission of Laoise Bean Mhic Niocaill.

Analysis of writing on verso using a hyperspectral scanner (thanks to Paddy Shiel and Dr John Keating, Department of Computer Science, NUI Maynooth) revealed a fragment of text: ‘.uii. bliadna agus cetre fith[chid]’, which would suggest that the text on the recto dates to 1587.


Ase ábhur Na sgribhionne seo .i. ceithre ba ionnlaog do bhí
aic siudhbain ingean meic gilla chumhain air chartdun
luach na muic ó slicht an aba meic eimaoinn agus do
bí saerughudh in feraoinn go síoraidh air thsliocht
an aba agus air a gclaoinn ina diaidh agus tuc siudhban [? a]
thenat fein do uilleag og mac reimainn meic uilleag ann sa
chartdun sin agus da eighre ina diaidh no go fuasgl
aidh [a above] slicht e agus tuc uilleag og ceithre ba ionnlaogh
do siudhbain da chuit diolis fein air in ferann agus ní fuil a
chartdun luach na muice ach tri ba don geall sin agus
tha in bo eile ann sa ferann is gaeire do mur atha chioll
cathil agus do fág si le udhachta go fuair si fein in geall sin
[. . .agus is iad] so na fiadhain do bí do laithir na thiuma
[. . .] agus uilliam og mac maoíl aire
[. . .] og mac remainn meic fiacha agus donnchadh mac
[. . .] misi a uilliam mac aodhagain qui sgribh
[. . . . do thoil] in da rann. in thochtma la .x. do [. . .]
[. . . ]


Jesus. The subject of this writing is four in-calf cows that Siubhán daughter of Giolla Cumhain claimed from the cartron of Luach na Muice from the posterity of the abbot son of Éamonn; and the posterity of the abbot and their sons after were liable for the redemption of the land in perpetuity; and Siubhán gave her own place on that cartron to Uilleag Óg son of Réamonn son of Uilleag and to his heir after him until his posterity should redeem it. And Uilleag Óg gave four in-calf cows to Siubhán against his own personal share of the land. And there are only three cows of that surety incident on the cartron of Luach na Muice, and the remaining cow is due from the land nearest it, i.e. Cill Chathail; and she deposed in her will that she had received back that security [. . .] these are the witnesses present at [the making of ] that testament [. . .] son of Muiris, and Uilliam Óg son of Maoilir [and . . .] Óg son of Réamonn son of Fiacha and Donnchadh son of [. . .] I am Uilliam Mac Aodhagáin who wrote [this] by order of both parties the eighteenth day of [. . .].