Each manuscript page is photographed using a 5/4 format viewing camera with a Phase One P45 digital back. Both camera and manuscript are positioned on a specially adapted book-cradle.

Manuscripts are scanned at a resolution of 600dpi. The digital images are generated in TIFF file format to give the highest quality image. These images can vary in size depending on the physical size of the manuscript page, frequently generating files in excess of 100Mb.

Photoshop is the graphics software program used to process all images after they have been photographed. This software is used to crop the image to an optimum canvas size and superimposes a text header and footer to distinguish each page. A ruler is also placed alongside each image to indicate scale. Each manuscript image is watermarked with a unique identifying number. Digital enhancement does not form part of the remit of the project.

Three file formats are produced, TIFF, JPEG and GIF.

Each processed image in its TIFF format is saved onto hard drive, resulting in a complete digital archive for each scanned manuscript. A number of copies of these tapes are then made and stored in different locations for security purposes.

Copyright 2008 John O'Brien